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How do you translate – "comme tout le monde, par ses photographies, dont aucune n’est pareille aux autres, mais dont chacune laisse l’impression d’une physionomie identique… qui est bien la vôtre." ?

– Oh ! comme tout le monde, par ses photographies, dont aucune n’est pareille aux autres, mais dont chacune laisse l’impression d’une physionomie identique… qui est bien la vôtre. ... more
Translation French Linguistics


What does "et qui pourrait déterminer à quel endroit du rond s’amorce le tracé du dessin ?" mean?

Mais la tour est ronde, et qui pourrait déterminer à quel endroit du rond s’amorce le tracé du dessin ? The tower is round, and ....
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hôtels de peintre meaning in English

hôtels de peintre a painter's hotel. What is a painter's hotel?
Translation English Japanese


How does translate in その冗談は普通の笑いになった English?

その冗談は普通の笑いになった。That joke became laughter?


¿Cómo se dice "Have a good day!" en español? Translation -How do you say, "Have a good day!" in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice "Have a good day!" en español? Pronunciation - /co/ /moh/ /seh/ /dee/ seh/ - /ehn/ /es/ /pahn/ /yohl/
Translation Grammar French Lingustics


How strong is the command Appelez les camarades.

Appelez les camarades. Is this command strict/strong or is it more of a request.Is this said by a commander to someone lower?
Translation Grammar French


What does Il est de fait que vous n’avez que le temps. mean?

How does this translate?Il est de fait que vous n’avez que le temps. It is a fact that you only have time???
Translation Language Latin


Can someone well versed in Latin translate the following story into English, please? The word bank is at the bottom. Capitalized words are names or places.

iam habēbat Salvius in Britanniā aulam, hortōs, lacum, vīllam. aula erat ēlegāns, hortī lacūsque amoenī. vīlla tamen eī nōn placēbat, quod servī erant molestī, lucrum minimum. Rūfillae quoque vīlla... more
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What's the spanish translation of "Assorted Sushi"?


Présente-toi en français !

Je t'écris un texte en anglais et tu essais de le traduire (sans logiciel...). Tu as le droit d'ajouter ou de retirer certaines phrases. Mon texte n'est là que pour donner des idées.Hello,My name... more
Translation Latin


Latin translation: strength and love

Is there a Latin scholar who would kindly translate the phrases below?”strength and love””find love””everything from love”
Translation English Latin


Requesting Latin translation for "garden in a house/home."

Hi, I'm working on a hypothetical project in Chicago, a city that has the motto "Urbs in Horto" or "City in a Garden." My project is to put a "garden" into an iconic house. The garden wants to be... more


Black Lives Matter in Latin

Hi there - My Daughter in Law is a Latin teacher. I'd like to surprise her with something that says "Black Lives Matter" in Latin for her classroom. But, I hear Google translate is not the best way... more
Translation Spanish Reflexive Verbs


How would you translate the following sentences in Spanish with these reflexive verbs?

Se dice que es mejor fallar que no intentar. Se me olvidó que hoy es el cumpleaños de mi tía. Se nos murió el paciente antes de que pudiéramos operarlo. En la mañana te duchas y luego te vistes.... more
Translation Rules Vertical Stretch


find the rule for g

Let the graph of g be a vertical stretch by a factor of 2 followed by a translation 3 units down of the graph f(x)=x2 Write a rule for g
Translation Language Language latin


Is this Latin phrase translated correctly?

I'm bilingual, and i'm currently learning Latin. I would like a tattoo of a phrase translated into latin. I'm aware google translate doesn't work properly for Latin translations but I managed to... more


Find the matrix that performs this translation.

This problem will walk through the process of rotating by 90 degrees counterclockwise around the point (3, 5). Our strategy for rotation around the point (3, 5) will be to begin with a vector whose... more
Translation Language Spanish Writing


How to write an article in Spanish well?

An article in Spanish must be understandable by the audience of any country. It is a single language with many characteristics but well written no matter what country your audience reads it.


Why was "Notre Dame de Paris" changed from "Notre Dame of Paris" to "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" when it was re-published in English?

In the foreword to my copy of *The Hunchback of Notre Dame*, Elizabeth Massie writes this:> Victor Hugo's early novel, *Notre Dame de Paris*, published in 1831 and set in medieval Paris of 1482,... more
Translation Language Writing


How are multilingual scenes handled when the story's main language is translated into that of its minor one?

Say you have an English book in which there is a particular dialogue where one of a handful of participating characters is speaking French. In this dialogue the fact that he's speaking French is a... more


Do two compatible tRNA codons bond together?

Can two tRNA with complementary anti-codons link together? For instance UUU with AAA. If not, why not?


Do publishers really need to translate between UK and US English?

Is there really a need for a book to be translated from UK to US English? I'm nearing completion on my own great work, and just want to know if it is truly worth doing a British and an American... more


Historical Fiction: using you and thou?

Generally speaking, English once used 'you' as the second person plural (equivalent to 'vous' and 'vós') and 'thou' as the second person singular (equivalent to 'tu'). When talking to a... more

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