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If I am using "it" to refer to a direct object pronoun, which would I use to replace "la mantequilla"?

I'm confused if I would use the word lo, la, los, or las. Which is it?


How do I know when to use the present subjunctive?

Could you type in the correct substitution for the sentence. Ellos compraron la comida para mí. Ellos me ___ compraron.

Can you please help me Im not very familiar with Indirect/Direct object pronouns.
Spanish Ap Spanish


Gabriel Mistral - Piececitos

¡Hola!¿Qué tipo de poema es Piececitos de Gabriel Mistral?E.g: Soneto, terceto, etc.
Spanish Vocabulary


Vocabulario del parque

¿ Qué hay en un parque infantil?


What is your favorite word in Spanish?

Spanish has many unique and fun words to say and pronounce, it is difficult to choose just one favorite!


What is Vosotros?

The pronoun Vosotros is commonly added to conjugation charts even though it is rarely used in Latin American Spanish.


How do you answer the statement "Mucho Gusto."

This phrase is a commonly used greeting upon meeting somone new! It is important to know how to answer it correctly, and avoid using mistakes in a response.


Verbos Reflexivos

¿Qué haces por la mañana antes de salir a la escuela o trabajo?
Spanish Business


Español y negocios

Cómo puedo aprender español para mejorar mi negocio?


Present Tense Regular Verbs

¿Qué comen tu y tus amigos en la cafetería de tu escuela? (pizza y hamburguesas) ¿Qué bebes cuando estás en un café? (limonada) ¿Qué escribren los alumnos en las clase de español?... more
Spanish Language Writing


How to write an article in Spanish well?

An article in Spanish must be understandable by the audience of any country. It is a single language with many characteristics but well written no matter what country your audience reads it.

The Two Verbs Ser and Estar?

What is the difference between ser and estar? How do I know when to use the appropriate verb since they have the same meaning, to be.


When should I use subjunctive mode in Spanish?

There are three verb modes used in Spanish, regardless of verb tense.These three modes are: Indicative: use to express facts that are certain. Subjunctive: used to express how a person feels about... more


Wyzant Does Not Allow Me To Apply for Qualified Jobs

To Whom It May Concern,My name is Donovan M. I am approved by Wyzant to teach online as well as by traveling. I am approved in Spanish, Geography, U.S. History, TOEFL, and Algebra 1.I recently... more


Present Subjunctive

Present Subjunctive Help!!!!Es importante que tú _____________ (ESCUCHAR) muy bien.Es importante que tú _____________ (ESTUDIAR) mucho porque te puede ayudar en el futuro.Es importante que tú me... more


the correct form of the present subjunctive

I need help with the the correct form of the present subjunctiveMe sorprende que todos Uds. no ___________ (RECICLAR) todos los días.¡Ojalá que mi familia __________ (RECOGER) la basura que está en... more


el presente de subjuntivo

correct form of the present subjunctive?Me sorprende que todos Uds. no ___________ (RECICLAR) todos los días.¡Ojalá que mi familia __________ (RECOGER) la basura que está en el piso!Me molesta que... more
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