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What surprises you most about the English language ?

Differences between Chinese and English
Esl Grammar


Which form of the verb is used in the two sentences below?

Standard English has eight (8) parts of speech. The verb is one of them and it has five (5) different forms. In the two sentences below, write in the correct form: We are buying a dishwasher. ... more

English Grammar for ESL

Identify all of the constituent phrases and list them individually with their phrase types (NP, VP, PP, etc) Identify embedded phrases within phrases.  Jerry ran through the park.    Sarah dreaded... more


English Grammar TESOL

ΙIdentify the verb type for each sentence.   Jerry ran through the park.    Sarah dreaded the social gathering.  The panel declared the convict guilty.   From our perspective, the aid package is... more

english as second language

Explain why the words “drop in” in the sentence “Please drop in anytime.” can be considered a phrasal verb and “drop in” in the sentence “Drop the money in the bucket.” is not phrasal. Give at... more

Tesol English Learner

In the following sentences, which sentences (sometimes both) are acceptable,which are not, and why/why not3.The ring that Piers bought his wife is a fake.The ring Piers bought his wife is a fake.4.... more


How do I choose a tutor for my child?

Esl Grammar


English as Second Language

1.Nancy Pelosi just appointed Donald Trump “Dictator for Life.” 2. The baby slept soundly through the night. 3. Bob gave Doug a swift kick in the pants. 4. Sarah looks... more

english for esl's

Bubba shot the jukebox last nightIs this sentence identify the subjects (Sub), the simple predicates (V – verb only), the direct objects (DO), indirect objects (IO), subject complements (SC), and... more


What is the USCIS N-400?

Esl English


English for TESOL

Explain the difference in sentence structure between declarative sentences and questions. What are the simple rule(s) for making the transformation from a declarative sentence to a question? Your... more


Am I too old to apply for U.S. Citizenship?

How can I reduce my accent?


Why are violent words substituted for general words?


Why am I called an ESL student?

What should I look for when hiring an accent reduction coach?

American accent training


How much do accent reduction lessons costs?

Esl Esl/esol


How can I learn English quicker?



What's the best curriculum for ESL for adults?



What are the best methods of teaching online to ESL students, particularly those just acquiring English skills?

Strategies that you find useful and meaningful for these students

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