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What is the difference between idioms and metaphors?

A green thumb or pretty as a rose.


From an Expert to an Expert: What Is Your Favorite Spanish Idiom?!

Most teachers can agree that mastering idioms in a foreign language is an exciting challenge and true evidence of a great speaker. An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a... more
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In the phrase "man enough", is man an adjective?

I do realize that the phrase *"to be man enough"* is an idiom. But I wonder what is the grammatical/syntactic role that *man* plays in it. Is it an uncountable noun? An adjective? An adverb? Or... more


Meaning of "I'm kind of on a clock here"?

In the TV show *Friends*, there is the following conversation:> — Did you ask him? — No, I haven't had a chance yet. — I'm kind of on a clock here. — Oh, Fonzie. — You know who I always... more

Meaning of "Banksy’s your bag"?

In the article about [Dismaland](http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/08/dismaland/) there is a paragraph saying: > Inside the walls of a derelict seaside swimming resort in>... more


What is the meaning of "I believe you're up"?

My question is very simple. I just would like to know what do they mean by: "I believe you're up"I've heard this expression in a movie and here is the script:- I already met your dad. He loves me.-... more

How to understand "cat's evening wear"?

I really had a difficult time to understand this. It comes from a book I am reading, and it is used to describe a concept the author speaks highly of.Does it mean that something is very special? Or... more


Usage of 'on the brink of'?

(Talking about a chimp): "In human age, he would have been on the brink of puberty." I was told that this sentence is odd because 'be on the brink of' is usually used for something negative:... more
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Grammar parsing for "if need be"?

I have the following question. There is an idiom 'if need be'. The meaning is clear, but I can't comprehend it from a grammatical point of view. How should I parse it? 'if [smth] needs to be'? Why... more


'Honey'' Usage Question?

my friend (he's from Europe, white in his 20s) was in the U.S. a while ago and went to a diner a few times. A woman there (in her late 40s, most likely), kept calling him ''honey'' and ''sweetie''... more


Filler-words in spoken Italian?

In casual, spoken English, there are certain "filler-words" which are very common, but don't really add much to the actual meaning of the sentence. For example: "like, you know..., look....".The... more


“Avere senso” vs “fare senso”?

My girlfriend is Italian and I've been learning Italian for some time now. I've always used "Fa senso" and she never corrected me. Recently I befriended a girl and when she heard me saying "fa... more


What does if __name__ == "__main__": do?

What does the `if __name__ == "__main__":` do? # Threading example import time, thread def myfunction(string, sleeptime, lock, *args): while True: lock.acquire() ... more


Crow collects chunks of glass in a hollow tree?

So I'm reading "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami and I came across this passage this line :"Like the way a crow collects chunks of glass in a hollow tree."In context:---"Don't be silly," said... more


Unsolvable problem?

What is the correct construction of "unsolvable problem"? Is it "解{と}けられない問題{もんだい}"?**(Question 1)** > Plain(intransitive): 解{と}ける "To be solved". > Potential form(of intransitive): 解けられる... more

Wither on the vine?

The English idiomatic phrase *to wither on the vine* is used in the context of something or someone who is neglected or ignored. Can anyone please suggest an equivalent idiomatic expression in... more


My exam question?

I had an exam yesterday and this question was challenging for me>jack is not the kind of man____ work.>1. had avoided 1. avoiding 1. to avoid 1. avoids I answered 2 and someone said I was... more


Translating "How's the weather over there in January?"?

I am listening to Italian Language tapes that do not have any written material to go with them. As I have made progress, (I am on lesson 45) I am getting a little confused. I believe that there... more

Translation of the expression "by the way"?

How would you translate the expression "by the way" into Italian? I think it can be translated as "a proposito", but I don't know if there are other possible translations.
Idioms Italian Usage


Can "sciò" be used for person? If so, in which cases can it be considered acceptable?

I remember my grandmother saying _sciò_ to keep away an animal that was getting too close to something or somebody, whatever it was a cat, a chicken, or a dog.Can that exclamation be used also for... more

Is there an idiomatic term for Shopaholic?

I write a diary entry in Italian each day to practice my vocabulary and sentence structure. Currently, my theme is 'Chi sono?' so I am looking for words that describe me. Today, I want to write... more


Elephant in the room. What is the Italian equivalent?

“Elephant in the room” or “Elephant in the living room” This idiom is used when we are referring to a big issue, an obvious truth, or an obvious problem that... more


What does "le barchette di carta" mean?

Is there a specific idiomatic meaning for "barchette di carta" (in English). I'm trying to translate the following sentence but it refuses to make sense.> "Montale 'fanciullo invecchiato' vede... more

What is the best English traslation of 'dai che ce dai'?

What is the best English translation of dai che ce dai?Here is the situation in which I encountered the expression. One of my Italian friends was trying to send a sport climbing route which turned... more


Commonality of specific romantic phrases in Italian?

I was talking to my Italian professoressa and we were basically discussing how couples in Italy interact. Raised in Italy, she insisted that the phrase `Ti amo` is actually very uncommon in Italy... more

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