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Latin roots of "anarchy" as self-rule

I thinkI remember my history professor saying something about how anarchy actually did not mean lawlessness, but really meant rule of the self. I'm looking for more specific translation context to... more
Latin Inscription


Inscription/list of people; Hic vixit, Hic vixerunt

I want to inscribe a list of people, who have lived in a house, on a stone, and I would like to have the title in Latin. Should I write "Hic vixit" or Hic vixerunt", or something else?
Latin Language


Looking for an accurate translation of an English phrase to Latin

I am looking for a better or more accurate translation of the following phrases:”happiness at the expense of no one””happiness at no one’s expense””at no man’s expense””happiness at no harm to... more
Latin Books Library


'Ex Libris' usage

I'm putting 'Ex Libris' bookplates in all of my books, but want to order the bookplates by type. So far I have:'Ex Libris Astronomicis' (from the astronomy books of)'Ex Libris Computatris' (from... more
Latin Language


Spanish sounds like Italian, Portugués, French...

Have you ever heard languages like, portugués, French, or even Italian? Do they sound similar to Spanish? They sure do. Many words and phases are similar to Spanish but why do all these language... more


According to the sentence what will the family be given?

Tuae familiae pro opera in terra pecuniam dabo


Could someone translate into Latin the phrase, "No choice for the chosen"

The phrase is meant to mean that the ones chosen for a certain task don't have a choice about complying. Thank you!
Latin Psychology


What does Id literally mean translated from Latin to English?



What is the difference between i.e. and e.g.?

When should I use the abbreviation i.e. versus when should I use e.g.?


Please Translate this Latin Sentence!

Tuus filius erit tutus, et Aeneae* imperuim perpetuum donabo.”__________ son __________ safe and __________ __________ to Aeneas.So far I have Your son is safe and Aeneas... to Aeneas... that's it... more


Is "et al." used as a singular or plural subject?

When referring to multiple authors by using the name of the first author and *"et al."*, is it correct to grammatically treat this as one person or multiple persons? > Gamma et al. **are**... more


Which are the most common Latin words/phrases used in spoken English?

Please, specify American/British Engilsh! I think these below are very common but I have no idea if they are commonly used in spoken English. ad hoc per se a priori de facto ergo et... more


History of the non-rule that proscribes ending a sentence with a preposition?

Famously, if not accurately, Winston Churchill is supposed to have responding to an editor who had "fixed" a sentence ending with a preposition by writing, "This is the sort of thing up with which... more


The Latin root word dict is related to


Discuss in detail: Concepts of Mos maiorum (“the concept of the ancestor”s), pietas & lares familiaris (household gods).

Discuss in detail: Concepts of Mos maiorum (“the concept of the ancestor”s), pietas & lares familiaris (household gods).


Why did Salvius kill the guards after they saved his life?



Latin inflection:?

I don't know if anyone here is able to speak (or write) the "dead language" Latin. But maybe you can even help me without knowing this language ... **I have a database of words (including nouns... more


What is the direct Latin translation for “remember the moment”?



Is it still worthwhile to learn Latin? Why, or why not?



Why are Greek and Latin words important?



When did Latin stop being the language of higher education?

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