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Can a verb In a sentence have more than one syntax explanation?

For example, if "Pericula" is in a sentence can it be nominative nueter plural and accusative nueter plural or would you have to pick the best one that goes with the overall sentence ?


Translation of "sapientis baculum" and similar phrases

It's my understanding that "sapientis baculum" would be "wise man's staff"does order matter here for interpretation, such as "staff of the wise man" being "baculum sapientis"?How would similar... more


Enhlish to Latin translation

Can someone help translate the following phrase?"As I think, so I feel, so I act"


rewild your mind

How do I say 'rewild your mind' in Latin please?


Decline and translate the following noun in the following format:

Singular               PluralNom. _____          Nom. _____Gen. _____           Gen. _____Dat. _____            Dat. _____Acc. _____            Acc. _____Abl. _____            Abl. _____amicus,... more


Decline and translate the following noun in the following format:

Singular               PluralNom. _____          Nom. _____Gen. _____           Gen. _____Dat. _____            Dat. _____Acc. _____            Acc. _____Abl. _____            Abl. _____puer, pueri, m more


Compare and Contrast the following case endings for First and Second Declensions. What are the similarities?

Genitive PluralAccusative SingularAccusative PluralAblative Singular
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I would like a translation of "Set Yourself On Fire" to Latin

This is for a mock heraldic emblem. The entire phrase is "If there is nothing to burn/Set yourself on fire".For final portion, I came to like "IPSI IN IGNIBUS INCENDITE "? That is emphatic pronoun... more


“Nothing Before Coffee” in Latin

I’m working on some humorous heraldry for fun, but I want to get this part right. The saying “Nothing Before Coffee” translates on Google as “Nihil Ante Capulus.” Is this anywhere near correct?


Latin translation of specific statement.

Hello Brainiacs, I am trying to get an accurate Latin translation that is linguistically pleasing of a phrase that would have the following intended meaning. In long form I am making a motto for a... more

How do Latin nouns work?

Latin Translation


Latin translation: strength and love

Is there a Latin scholar who would kindly translate the phrases below?”strength and love””find love””everything from love”


Inflection of the latin word "spectrum" for describing multiple objects

Could "spectris" be a correct way for describing objects as spectral? The noun I'd like to use it with is an object in plural form. Example: "Militum spectris" = Spectral soldiers?


Requesting Latin translation for "garden in a house/home."

Hi, I'm working on a hypothetical project in Chicago, a city that has the motto "Urbs in Horto" or "City in a Garden." My project is to put a "garden" into an iconic house. The garden wants to be... more


what is and number of the word Roma



Spectatne deae dum Arachnē picturas format

Black Lives Matter in Latin

Hi there - My Daughter in Law is a Latin teacher. I'd like to surprise her with something that says "Black Lives Matter" in Latin for her classroom. But, I hear Google translate is not the best way... more
Latin Linguistics


Need help confirming Latin translation

Hello,I'm writing a story and I would like to use Latin terminology for a collective society, but I'm not entirely certain if adding three different words together changes the meaning. So, for... more


Why do you think that this significant proportion of the undocumented population that is not Latin American is generally ignored by the media and politicians?

Latin Americans make up 75 percent of all undocumented immigrants to the U.S. The other 25 percent of undocumented immigrants hail primarily from Asia. Why do you think that this significant... more


Latin translation of "Do not hesitate", "do not falter"?

Hello, I am writing a short story and am wary of trusting google translate with my needs. I am attempting to translate "Do not hesitate, Do not falter" into a latin phrase. I realize "carpe diem"... more


How to say Cheers to Jesus in latin

I have a group of friends that have a tradition of toasting each other then ending the toast with "Cheers to Jesus". Since that has become a bit of a trademark of the group, they want to learn how... more


Translate this passage from Julius Caesar's "Commentarii de Bello Gallico"

12. Flumen est Arar, quod per fines Haeduorum et Sequanorum in Rhodanum influit, incredibili lenitate, ita ut oculis in utram partem fluat iudicari non possit. Id Helvetii ratibus ac lintribus... more


Latin roots of "anarchy" as self-rule

I thinkI remember my history professor saying something about how anarchy actually did not mean lawlessness, but really meant rule of the self. I'm looking for more specific translation context to... more
Latin Inscription


Inscription/list of people; Hic vixit, Hic vixerunt

I want to inscribe a list of people, who have lived in a house, on a stone, and I would like to have the title in Latin. Should I write "Hic vixit" or Hic vixerunt", or something else?
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Looking for an accurate translation of an English phrase to Latin

I am looking for a better or more accurate translation of the following phrases:”happiness at the expense of no one””happiness at no one’s expense””at no man’s expense””happiness at no harm to... more

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