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Grammar English


Identifying the error

According to the answer key, underlined words have the error. Change the error to correct the grammar. If some of the answer key is wrong, explain1. One of the crucial isues taken on at the... more
Grammar English


Find the error and correct it.

1. A supervisor should pay more attention to their employees' welfare than to their performance. 2. The President, as well as the Cabinet member, refuse to endorse the bill.3. One of the crucial... more
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What is the subjunctive in English?

The subjunctive in English is difficult to recognize because it does not have a distinct form like in other languages, such as Spanish.
Grammar Spanish



Which category of Spanish infinitives (AR, ER, or IR) tends to have the most irregular spellings--when compared to the stem of the infinitive verb?


What is the subjunctive mood?

The concept of the subjunctive is difficult in English because it is not have a distinctive form as it does in other languages, such as Spanish.


Analogies, Similes, Allegories, and Metaphors

These four literary devices are often mistaken for one another, and it can be easy to confuse any of these terms because they all generally draw comparisons to something. However, it's important to... more


What's the difference between "could of" and "could have"?

Grammar Question


How to use "What" in a sentence in Spanish



How to say "Who" in Spanish?"

Grammar Vocabulary


What is the difference between there, their, and they're?

These are often used incorrectly. What is the correct use of each?
Grammar Vocabulary


Deceptively used correctly or wrong

Please Help. My girlfriend is mad at me.The other day I went outside to take out the trash and although it was sunny outside a cool breeze blew through the air and made me chilly. Although it... more
Grammar English Language


What's the meaning of "flat landscape"? Is there any synonym for it?

For context: Today you will travel to a small hill surrounded by flat landscape.


Affect vs. effect

When does one use "affect" and when does one use "effect"?
Grammar Spanish


What's the different between Qué and Cuál?

For example, it is posible to say ¿Cuál es tu nombre? ¿cuál es la capital de España? but it is ungrammatical to say *¿qué es tu nombre? *¿qué es la capital de España?


How do you use a Semicolon?

The semicolon is probably the most confusing and misused punctuation mark in the English language, but hopefully, this answer should set the record straight on how to use it.
Grammar English Language


Why is it difficult to understand a foreign language when it is spoken?

Why is it that students can excell in grammar, reading and writing a foreign language (such as English) and then have such a hard time when they are trying to understand it spoken?
Grammar English Language


Is "are" a finite or nonfinite verb?


What's the verb of the relative clause? Is it finite or nonfinite?



Sentence analyse

Can you help me analyze the following sentence:Before the boat had been underway for ten minutes, I realized that Miss Bradley was a remarkable bore.It has to be this pattern Example When I came... more


Since the word 'fast' is both an adjective and an adverb, could I replace the word 'quickly' with 'fast' in a sentence?

Example:"Yes!" He said quickly.If I replaced the word quickly in this excerpt with 'fast', would that be fine? Is it gramatically correct to write 'He said fast.'? It sounds weird to me but I... more
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