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I need help making my question more specific

Question: How do teachers feel being forced back into school? This is a bit broad. How can I make it more specific?


Need help learning English

I can help with pronunciation, grammar, writing, spelling and much more. I have been working with Chinese students who are leaning English for 7 years. I enjoy working with students and watching... more

Need help with learning English as a second language?

I can help your student ages two to adult. I am currently working with families and students in China teaching basic English up to learning to have the correct pronunciation of letters to writing... more
Grammar Linguistics


What do verbs signify?


Give me examples of "Opinions"

Could you please help me and give me examples of each of what's listed!I am trying to understand the difference. The judgment that seems probable to the speaker The belief held with confidence... more


Assumptions examples

Could you guys help and give me some examples of unconscious assumptions, working assumptions, warranted assumptions, hidden assumptions, and value or belief assumptions??I am not sure the... more
Grammar Math English Reading


Math/ELA Tutor!

Hello everyone, I am a certified teacher of five years and am looking to help more students with reading, writing, and math. My focus is elementary and middle school. If you have a child that needs... more
Grammar English


Is ruined a gerund, inifintive, or participle?

Is ruined a gerund, inifintive, or participle?
Grammar Lsat Sat Prep


What type of study schedule can you provide?

Grammar Writing


punctuation for postpositive descriptive adjectives

Does the following sentence work as-is, or should the comma be either a colon or a dash, or should I just avoid this sentence structure?"My colleagues appreciate that I am a team player, flexible... more


Which one is true?

Where did you work before you worked here? OrWhere did you work before you work here?


Which one is true?

Where did you work before you worked here? OrWhere did you work before you work here?


Verb Agreement in Sentences with Possessive Nouns

Does the verb need to agree with the possessive noun or the noun that is being possessed? Example:"The leaves' color changes in the fall." or "The leaves' color change in the fall."


please help me write a story that including these words, it can be any type of story:

Prodigy Swamped Atrocious Stupendous Sluggish Pandemic BonafideDrowsiness Choir Introvert Cherish Ewok BrogiusPinnacle Upbraid


When do you use had in a sentence?

When do use had in sentence?

What is a comma splice, and how do I fix it?

A comma splice occurs when a writer connects two independent clauses (complete sentences) with just a comma. Here is an example: I went to the store, there was a long line.There are three basic... more


What is the difference between us and we as pronouns in a sentence?

Is : Us and my grandmother went shopping correct use of a pronoun?


Is "creating a piercing shockwave" a gerund phrase in the sentence "Air pressure is deflected at light speed, creating a piercing shockwave."

I'm trying to understand and break this sentence down, and this is what I have so far."Air pressure" (subject) "[is]" (implied linking verb) "deflected" (main verb) at light speed" (prepositional... more


Is that hash house



What is a participle?

How can I recognize one? How do I punctuate one?


Anything or Something

what is the difference between asking 'anything else' and asking 'something else'?

Which syntax techniques does this sentence use?

Which syntax techniques does this sentence use? The only one I am sure of is chiasmus, and I think the only other possible ones are parallelism, antithesis, and juxtaposition. Which ones, if any,... more

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