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Is a comma required after "night"?

"I also moved my bedtime of 1 AM back 15 minutes to help better prepare for bed each night, and although it seems like a small change, it actually helped significantly."Is a comma required between... more
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Is a comma required in this sentence before "and"?

My goal was to fix my sleep schedule by getting 7 hours of sleep each weeknight and I originally planned to do so by setting a fixed bedtime of 1 AM and planning to wake up by 8 AM each night,... more
Grammar English Writing


Is a comma required after the word "differently"?

It is known that governments and economics function uniquely across states and serve their populations differently, and that some are easier to maintain given the nature of their populations.Is a... more
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What's the best way to structure this sentence?

Is the intensity of our culture, or culture war, as some describe, similar to that of other countries? 1) What's the best way to structure this sentence as it is with commas?2) what's the best way... more

What is the correct pronunciations of "close" as a verb and an adjective and please provide examples of rhyming words

Does the word close sound most like nose or dose in the sentence below?"Tina tried to stand close to the fire to keep... more
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What are central and peripheral adjectives?

What are they and maybe examples?
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What's the form and function of?

As the title says, what's the form and function of "for a walk" and "with a statue" in the following sentence? [John went for a walk to the park (with a statue.]
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Is it a verb or adv. phrase?

In a sentence like [She carefully read the book] is "carefully" part of the VP or is it an ADV.PH?
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Need help translating short Kansai dialect commercial.

Please help me translate this commercial. I think I'm only off by 2 sentences.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyw2knTJ0ug&t=0m30sCM 2... more

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the given words. State whether they are being used as gerunds or participles.

1. She is happy with her daughter for selected for the job. (get)2. My mother insisted on my German classes in the evenings. (join)3. There is no chance of the film on time. (start)4. Can you... more

Rewrite the sentences using gerunds in place of infinitives. You may have to change some words.

1. The state encourages us to recyde. The store encourages reading.2. I like to jog, le's my hobby3. Some people prefer to get up early in the morning4. To find my car keys in this mess is a... more

Identify the gerunds and the present participles in these sentences.

1. Barking dogs seldom bite.2. I saw the thief running across the street,3. Collecting stamps is an interesting hobby.4. Flying kites is a fun activity associated with Makar Sankranti.5. Eating... more

E) Change the sentences to indirect speech.

1. ‘How I wish we could go for a vacation after the exams!' Mona said.2. ‘Alas! Nelson Mandela is no more,' my grandfather said sadly. 'He was our hero when we were young.'3. Rosa said, wiping her... more

D) Rewrite these sentences in indirect speech.

1. He said to Prashant, 'Please help Vivek with his work.'2. Michelle said to Luke, 'You should think of taking up music classes.'3. They said to him sternly, 'Don't lie about what you did.’4. Mr... more

Read these sentences and write if they refer to present or future actions.

1. The film starts at 8 p.m. tonight.                         2. Tara is having lunch with me in the afternoon.   3. Our school re-opens after vacations next week.4. We are visiting our cousins... more


Is the sentence " Join live class fastly " grammatically correct?

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Is it correct to say ... ?

We are writing to formally inform you of a huge salary difference between employees in your company. Some of your employees are barely making more than the minimum wage in Los Angeles. Workers... more

Underline the correct options to complete the sentences.

1. Are you going to/Will you answer the phone for me, please? I'm working.2. I hope Sachin will/is going to visit us soon.3. I shall/I'm going to help you with that in ten minutes.4. We will/are... more


How can I get better at spelling?

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What's the best way to reword/phrase the bolded part of the sentence for clarity?

I understand there were places where I could've worded or argued this better or included better evidence, but I just wanted to ask about my thesis specifically since it led to most of the other... more
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What's the best way to condense this sentence for clarity?

Bob takes more of a liberal approach on the matter and Amy takes more of a conservative approach on the matter.
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sentence makes sense?

Then unwittingly left the world behinddoes this sentence makes sense in terms of a natural death
Grammar Writing


which sentence sounds stronger or better

Then Left the world behind in graceThen gracefully left the world behind
Grammar German


A question about Wechselpräpositionen

I study german in entry level, My source is Spektrum A1+In lesson 7, there is a sentence i didn't understand, it says: Die Gäste fahren in Zügen So my question is: why "Zügen" is in dativ not... more

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