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Sentence fragments

She died in 2002. She was thirty-three.In the previous example, is (She was thirty-three.) a sentence fragments? and is it correct to say it without adding (years old)?


Do we use single quotation after the transitive verbs "known as" and "named"? or do we use double quotations? or is it more natural without any quotation?

1- She married Adam Smith in 2002, after which she became known as 'Carla Maze Smith' or 'Carla Smith' for short.2- He even named one of the two caves the team had discovered 'X Caves' (the other... more
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Comma before and in this case?

Would you put a comma after spaghetti in this case? I love my mom's spaghetti and the turkey meatballs.Thanks,Eddie

My qualifications as a Five Year Tutor as Top Five Public University

Hello! My name is Gianna Colby and I am a student at the University of Florida! Nice to meet you all! I have taken almost every AP and AICE, so I can tutor in a lot of those subjects. I got a... more
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Title wording check

I would like to ask about the wording of my thesis title if it is correct or not:Is it:The assessment of climate change associated impacts orThe assessment of climate-change-associated impacts 


ignor the error of punctuation if any

Find out the whether there is any grammatical error in it.the error if any will be in one part of the sentence. mark that part as your answer. if there is no error,the answer is ' NO error ' I... more
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Need help for my essay

hi i am an international student but my english isn't that good and I need help for my essay. this is the topic that teacher want from me. Create a thesis statement using the formula Topic +... more


Why do adjectives sound wrong in certain orders?

Why does it sound correct to say "little old lady" but not "old little lady?" Or "great, green dragons" sounds correct while "green, great dragons" doesn't?


What is a dangling participle?

An adjective that is modifying/describing the wrong noun. Example: Walking through the kitchen, the smoke alarm was going off. (the smoke alarm was walking through the kitchen?)Better: Walking... more
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What have you been doing other than work or working?

Hi, there!I'm going to ask this question from a student of mine and it will be wonderful of you helping me out with this grammatical point!


Which wording is grammatically correct?

Which wording is grammatically correct, using ‘OF’ or ‘FOR’ in the following statement: Mystery Book CollectionDedicated in her memory and love ‘OF’ reading……..or………Mystery Book CollectionDedicated... more


What does "their own properties" refer to in the context?

Things come into being, exist and cease to exist, not each independent of all other things, but each in its relationship with other things. The very nature of a thing is modified and transformed... more


Is this word a verb or an adjective ?

He expanded Saudi Arabia to include all of the Hejaz.Is expanded here an adjective or a verb ?


Why is this often translated as man? Is hommes not plural?

le plus affable des hommes.I thought it meant :by the most affable of menbut many other translations saya most affable man1) How does one translate this? (Are both translations correct?)2) Why is... more
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What does 'a valu une réputation européenne, se repose de ses longues fatigues en taquinant le goujon et l’ablette" mean?

1)How to translate this phrase:a valu une réputation européenne, se repose de ses longues fatigues en taquinant le goujon et l’ablettehe earned a European reputation, have a rest long struggle in... more


Subject verb agreement

Which is correct..."Most of my teaching and research focus on this period."Or"Most of my teaching and research focuses on this period."


I know it’s incorrect, but I can’t say why…

Note the following sentence:”His comment could be misconstrued that the movie was boring.”My sense is that this sentence is incorrect. A correct sentence would be:”His comment could be misconstrued... more


Are there situations where a definite article is optional? How can I recognize such a situation?

In the sentence "Is the book heavy?" the definite article is required. In the sentence "If you have the time, look here." the definite article seems to be optional. Why is that? How would one know... more


When do I need to use affect or when do I use effect?

Affect is a verb and describes how one thing impacts another. For example: I was very affected by the President's speech.Effect is a noun which describes a change which is a result or consequence... more


Subject verb agreement

"Still, the saga has not put audiences off; nor have reviews decrying the film’s shallow characterisation and tendency to glide over social injustice."Why is it correct to use "nor have reviews",... more


Is this sentence ambiguous?

"They realized the clock had stopped before midnight. "Does it mean: The clock had stopped before midnight. After a while, they realized it. (before midnight describes the moment the clock... more


Quotation marks & commas for a hypothetical/ironic statement

I am an English speaker. Are the commas correct in the following example sentences? The text within the quotation marks are not actual quotes; however, the marks were added for emphasis, irony, or... more

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