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What are the most useful phrasal verbs to learn?

How does Spanish change across Central America?

Spanish is one language, but some words change from one country to the next. How do you say girl/boy, party, cool in each country?

How can I improve my vocabulary?

I notice that on the ACT, I am missing some Reading and English problems because I don't know the meaning of a word. How can I improve?

the mean of a sentence in English

hi everyone . i have problem to understand a sentence which i bold it in the following text, i'm appreciate help me to catch the mean : ( its about a family who running a park business )WOMAN : So... more

problem of understnading two sentence in english

hi guys . i have problem to understand the mean of these two sentence which i bold it : 1- Good afternoon everyone. Well, with some of you about to go out on field work it's timely that in this... more


mean of a sentence

hi , i have problem to understanding this sentence which i bold it : (thanks for help)After the fire it had become apparent just how much remained of the structure with its splendidly decorated... more


the mean of a word

hi . i need to know whats the mean of "return" in these two sentence (its about fares of train) :1 : Book at least 2 weeks ahead and travel between Edinburgh or Glasgow and London for the... more


Blocks to reading and writing

I have a freshman in high school whose writing and reading abilities may be classified as on a third grade level. The child is bright but when approached about their skills and abilities they... more


Can someone please help write a story using these words

Interloper___- An intruder 2.Inadvertent- Done accidentally3.Proclivity_ One’s interests or talents4.Vitriolic- Hateful5..Tenuous-precarious6. Commensurate- Equal to…7.Pejorative-Meant to... more


Can you put these words in a short story?

deterrent implication inequity infirmity infringe innovation revitalize sparse subjective succinct


Explain how you could determine whether 21/3/120/12 and 7/9 have the same decimal equivalent. Use vocabulary words in your explanation.

It's basically having to explain if those two fractions that have the same decimal equivalent.


What is the meaning of heaviest to lightest


How do I increase my vocabulary?

Increasing vocabulary is one of the easiest and best ways to improve your reading comprehension and writing. When you increase vocabulary, you differentiate the way you write sentences, foster... more


Can someone help me write a short answer story with these words?

physical changechemical changedistillationsolutionhomogenous mixtureTyndall effectcolloidheterogenous mixturesubstancemixture


Can someone write a story using these words?

1.lark2.junction3.sinister4.assurance5.monotony6.nondescript7.phosphorescent8.surveillance 9.wane10.gall


If I am assigned a set of vocabulary words and told to write a story, how should I go about it?

If I am assigned a set of vocabulary words- especially bigger or very unfamiliar words and told to write a story, how should I go about it?


What is the right word for this?

So let's say there's an argument about whether or not punching a dog is okay and I wish to participate in the argument from a stand point where I only believe it's acceptable in certain situations.... more


Do the idioms break the cycle and end the cycle mean the same thing?

Are the phrases break the cycle and end the cycle interchangeable? Could I replace the phrase end the cycle with break the cycle in a paper or vice versa? Or is there a fundamental difference... more


How are the words there, their, and they're used properly?

Many children, and adults, fail to remember when to use each one. There are, however, ways to remember that I cover to keep children informed on how to learn each difference, and remember it.


Can anyone help me in writing paragraph using these words

Any paragraph using this words :conmander muddlerelinquishopinionatedbreach brigandspredisposed


Help me write a story using the words...

Arrogant, adversary, callous, perplex, advocate, eccentric


Can someone help me write a brief story using these word

Profiteering treasonloyalists cannonade column regimentguerillasmugglingrebelsecrecy repealpreamblearchive disguise


create a paragraph using these words

JocularMercurialinevitable Pessimistic Jocularhypocritical Daft Virtuoso aloof apathetic belligerent Flusteredfrugal
1 3 4 5 6 7 8

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