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Vocabulary English


Is this the correct usage of the word delicious? If so, why is that the case?

A balloon in our house is hanging at a perfect height to be hit around. As a result, I remarked that the balloon was at "a delicious height" is this the correct usage of the word? If so, why?
Vocabulary Grammar


What is the difference between there, their, and they're?

These are often used incorrectly. What is the correct use of each?
Vocabulary Esl/esol College Essay


What is meant by academic vocabulary?

What is academic vocabulary?


What is the best way a parent can use You Tube to teach vocabulary?

There are a lot of videos in You Tube to teach vocabulary. But, what is the best way to use these videos?
Vocabulary Elementary (k 6th)


What is the best way for students to develop vocabulary?

What can students do to improve vocabulary?
Vocabulary Grammar


Deceptively used correctly or wrong

Please Help. My girlfriend is mad at me.The other day I went outside to take out the trash and although it was sunny outside a cool breeze blew through the air and made me chilly. Although it... more
Vocabulary Language Grammar


Becoming conversational in Spanish

How long will it take for me to become conversational in Spanish?
Vocabulary Writing


I need to write a story using the words below:

Vocabulary English Means


how to use "means"

if you know English and if at all I want to communicate with you mean I should also know English
Vocabulary Sat Reading


What is the difference between assemble and dissemble?

These are both verbs - but they mean very different things.
Vocabulary English Grammar


Can you help me make a belief story. Using these words.

1. castigate – verb reprimand (someone) severely.2. cathartic – cleansing; allowing a release of tension or emotion3. caustic – burning; characterized by a bitter wit4. cauterize – to burn tissue5.... more
Vocabulary Test Preparation


Choose the word that best completes this sentence.

He made the ____ decision to gauge his mother's mood before asking her for financial assistance.A) pompousB) sagacious C) imprudentD) ambivalent
Vocabulary English Grammar


Can you help me write a brief story (well-developed paragraph)

CORROBORATE (v): to confirm or give support toCULPABLE (adj): deserving blameMURKY (adj): dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mistTRUISM (n): a statement that is obviously true and says... more
Vocabulary English Language


Where do I start when trying to write an essay?

Vocabulary English Grammar


Can you help me Write a brief story (well-developed paragraph)

1. UNADORNED (adj): plain, undecorated2. UNDERSCORE (v): to emphasize or give additional weight to3. UNILATERAL (adj) relating to, occurring on, or involving one side only4. UNPRECEDENTED (adj):... more
Vocabulary Esl/esol


Go vs. Come - How do I know which to use?

When should I say go? When should I say come? What's the difference?
Vocabulary Homework Help


I need help writing a story with these 20 words

Ancillary enclave macrocosm forte icon bowdlerise cozen gratiscondescend interstice virtuosoquizzicalpaeanmounterbank rapacitypragmatic therapeuticpersiflageplethoraschism
Vocabulary English Grammar


can you help me make a belief story. Using these words.

1.melodramatic2.onset3.plausible 4.reluctantly 5.static


What is an example of something that is autonomous?

Autonomy literally means having the freedom to govern one's own ideas. This can be applied to both animate and inanimate objects.For example, sometimes people can feel that they lack autonomy... more
Vocabulary Story Words


write a story with given words

please help me write a story that including these words, it can be any type of... more


Can anyone help me? please

Help me write a short story using these words approximately, consistent, cope, evaluate, phrase, plea, practical, random significant, sole


Can anyone help me write a story for these words order,invertal,frail,conscious,yank,blind,lapse posthaste,sniff,tribute scrape,tip,water,please,ego,tone,slump,fritter,against,engrorge

Order, interval, frail, conscious, yank, blind, lapse, post haste, sniff, tribute, scrape, tip, waver, proof, ego, tone, slump, fritter, against, engorge
Vocabulary Grammar Spanish


How do I use the word "ahorita" in Spanish?

Most Spanish learners know that adding "-ito" or "-ita" to a word, makes it seem smaller (pequeño vs pequeñito; hermano vs hermanito). So, if "ahora" means "now," what does "ahorita" mean?
Vocabulary Early Modern World


Write a story with these words

gargantuan, mogul, diplomatic, creole, conscientious, syncretistic, reconnaissance, gregarious, quixotic, fastidious, expound, sectarian, vernacular, emporium, autocratic , sanctimonious,... more


Can you plz write me a vocab story

Begrude monstrsties homely robust parcel literally counterclaim scrupalous incredulous calloused
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