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Vocabulary activity

Exercise 1. Complete the sentence in a way that shows you understand the meaning of the italicized vocabulary words. The artist was believed to be under the auspices of the wealthy Lopez family... more


How much will it cost for only 1 banana?

Bunch of bananas .69 cents a pound, how much will it cost for only 1 banana?


How can I get better at spelling?

Vocabulary Grammar Writing Spelling


What resource book can you use to choose a better word in place of a regular more commonly used word?

A dictionary is used to find the definition or meaning of a word, I want to know what I can use to find a bigger word in place of another. So instead of saying," I ran to the store", I want to know... more
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How much do accent reduction lessons costs?



Does your child need to focus on vocabulary acquisition?



I hate cleaning my room. But when my mother asked me to clean it, I acquiesced her request. What does “acquiesce” mean?

Using the context clues in the sentence, tell what "acquiesce" means and how you came to that conclusion.


I am inundated with homework! I have an essay to write, twenty math problems, and an outline for a science fair project to do. What does “inundated” mean?

Tell what the word, "inundated," means. Tell how you figured it out by looking at the sentences.


Looking at the confusing puzzle, it left me feeling discombobulated. What does "discombobulated" mean?

Look for key words in the sentence to help you figure out the meaning of "discombobulated." Tell how you figured out the meaning.
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What is the difference among "have been", "having been", and "have been doing"? What is the difference between "have been doing" and "have been here"?

My logic for how I understand/define “having been” is to use ” have been” in a sentence first, like this: ”...you have been doing that for a while (or all this time)” and ”...you have been here for... more
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What is the difference between “being” and “having been”?

My mom has asked me quite often: What is the difference between “being” and “having been”? She still struggles with the difference between the two phrases. Although I’m aware of how they are... more


What is the correct meaning of the word shrewd?

Although he suffered some major defeats, Napoleon was a shrewd and effective leader.
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fallacy of false division and false composition

Hello!Could you guys please give me examples of fallacy of false division and false composition. I am still not able to grab my mind around it, so could y’all give me an example of both. Thanks!
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Inductive Reasoning

Could you please help me and define these terms that are used in critical thinking and writing. I am not sure what they exactly are and how they should be used in writing Pattern  Causes Statistics... more


. 4 times the difference of 5 and a number t

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Give me examples of "Opinions"

Could you please help me and give me examples of each of what's listed!I am trying to understand the difference. The judgment that seems probable to the speaker The belief held with confidence... more
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Assumptions examples

Could you guys help and give me some examples of unconscious assumptions, working assumptions, warranted assumptions, hidden assumptions, and value or belief assumptions??I am not sure the... more


please help me write a story that including these words, it can be any type of story:

Prodigy Swamped Atrocious Stupendous Sluggish Pandemic BonafideDrowsiness Choir Introvert Cherish Ewok BrogiusPinnacle Upbraid


Forced Payment info

According to your site, talking is free, but I can't ask a follow up question without adding payment information, and that makes me very uncomfortable. How do I know you won't charge me as soon as... more


What do you understand by effective questioning skills? Why they are important to learn?

Asking the right question is a skill as well as an art. However, majority of people are unable to ask the right question at the right time, hence they end up short of valuable information or data.... more
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Good working vocabulary

Why is a good to have a good working vocabulary at your disposal?

Bought Vs. Brought - What's the Difference?

Which of these sentences are correct? (Hint: Ask- Can I bring it? Can I buy it?)I bought a cup of coffee from Starbucks.We bought our homework to class.She brought a present to the party.They... more


Create a paragraph using these words

Malcontent (n. or adj.) Benefactor (n.)  Malfeasance (n.) Benevolent (adj.) Abysmal (adj.) Beneficial (adj.) Malicious (adj.) Bon vivant (n.)  

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