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Can you help me with this below?

1.  Amina a envie de manger __.  un croissant  un pain au chocolat  un sandwich 2.  __ et Sandrine vont au café.  Amina  David  Rachid 3.  Rachid a un examen __.  d'histoire  de sciences po  de... more


Impact of WW1 and WW2 on the French

I need help understanding the individual impacts of each war and total overall impact of the two wars combined for French citizens, their culture, and way of life.Merci beaucoup!


What does the expression "avoir un coup de foudre" mean ?

This is a lovely French expression to describe love at first sight !


French expressions.

How do you say in French: let's get back to the business at hand?


What is the equivalence of be+ing in French?


When should I pronounce the "e" in French?


Should I say "pain au chocolat" or "chocolate" in French?

A huge controversy around this pastry name in different regions of France!


How do you say in French: Sunday I am sleeping late


How do you say in French: whether you like it or not


How do you say in French: let's meet half-ways ?


How do you say in French : let's celebrate?


How do you say "it rings a bell" in French

How do you say "it rings a bell" in French


I need help rewriting in correct order?

Éric, tu as faim? Moi, je vais manger un sandwich au jambon. Et toi. Non, mais j'ai très soif. Un jus de pomme pour moi. 8, 25 € et je laisse aussi un pourboire. Ça coûte combien?


How to do well in IB French B?

I cannot understand a word from my teacher it is so frustrating.I have been using duolingo improve my vocab.I have been reading french books as recommended by my teacher.


Why we don't use "visiter + personne" in French ?


How to pronounce words in French?

Pronouncing words in French can be really difficult. Since I am bilingual, I can help you become a really great speaker. Being fluent in French is not enough, being able to say words that native... more


what is yasmine in french

i will like the correct answer


Translate this word into french nose


Why is tomorrow (lundi 2 septembre 2019) a big deal in France?

French culture, important events in French culture, education in France


how big did the french impact north america ?

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