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the restriction enzyme bamhi cuts the sequence 5 GGATCC-3'. The enzyme Mbol cuts the sequence 5'-GATC-3'.

the restriction enzyme bamhi cuts the sequence 5 GGATCC-3'. The enzyme Mbol cuts the sequence 5'-GATC-3'. which enzyme has more sites in a typical viral double stranded DNA? which will... more
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 Discuss 3 influences in Genetic and Biochemistry in relation to Molecular Biology.

explain the relation of genetic and Biochemistry in Molecular Biology.
Molecular Biology Biology


What would be the consequence of a cell being unable to replicate its DNA?

a) The cell would not be able to undergo cell division as it normally wouldb) The cell would be unable to make proteins based on the information in DNAc) The cell would not form a nucleus, because... more
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Genetics question: A 26-year-old woman of Norwegian descent seeks genetic counseling. Her brother died at age eight of documented cystic fibrosis.

A 26-year-old woman of Norwegian descent seeks genetic counseling. Her brother died at age eight of documented cystic fibrosis. Both of their parents are deceased. The woman undergoes DNA testing... more
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Molecular Biology, Telomeres and Tumors

Early in development, most human cells turn off expression of an essential component of telomerase, the enzyme responsible for addition of telomere repeat sequences (5’-TTAGGG) to the ends of... more
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. Using basic techniques of molecular biology, design an experiment justifying each method adopted to ascertain the genotoxicity of Arsenic in the population across Gujarat.

A recent news report has shown that in Gujarat, there is a high exposure to Arsenic, especially in regions like Kutch. Using basic techniques of molecular biology, design an experiment justifying... more
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Intracellular signaling pathways that are participating in protein sorting and membrane traffic

Hi!I am studying biotechnology. Now I'm doing a course of Molecular biology of the Cell, and one of my tasks is to write an essay about "Intracellular signaling pathways". This essay topic is very... more
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Can PCR tubes be made of different materials than plastic?

Does it matter if I replace the PCR tube (usually made of plastic) with another material like aluminum, glass, or something similar?


Bacterial cell lysis - what solution to use?

I am trying to determine how quickly detergents act on bacterial cells (cell lysis). I would like to compare some detergents at difference concentrations for bacteriolytic activity. I don’t care... more


How can E. coli affect C. elegans expression?

Plasmids can be transferred to *E. coli*. These transformed *E. coli* can be fed to *C. elegans* to silence its gene expression by RNAi. How can *E.coli* release RNAi to *C. elegans*? Even if we... more


Why do neurones use chemical signalling at synaptic junctions?

When a neurone fires, it sends an electrical signal that jumps down the axon via the nodes of Ranvier very rapidly. At a synaptic junction, chemical Brownian diffusion signalling with receptor... more
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Why did Fair Meiosis evolve?

How and why did Fair Meiosis evolve? I can hardly think that it provided a fitness advantage to the individual carrying the mutation. Why would it? Or did it evolve through lineage selection? Or... more
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Do lysosomes play any role in cell division?

My biology textbook includes a point that lysosomes stimulates cell division without further elaborating. But studying it, I felt eerie about this function of lysosome. Then, I checked on the... more
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Do two compatible tRNA codons bond together?

Can two tRNA with complementary anti-codons link together? For instance UUU with AAA. If not, why not?


Do chaperone proteins misfold?

If molecular chaperone proteins assist in the folding process of other proteins and misfolded proteins, can chaperone themselves misfold since they are also proteins? What would happen if... more


Why should phospholipid non-polar tails be "protected" in the membrane bilayer?

>lipids are arranged within the membrane with polar head towards the outer side and non polar tails towards inner side, this ensures that the non polar tail is protected from aqueous... more
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How much does the Hayflick limit/telomere length vary across taxa and within humans?

Since they seem to be quite connected, I'm curious if anyone knows of research comparing the Hayflick limit (and presumably by extension telomere length) between different taxa. I've heard the... more
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Can mutation rate be increased for instance by mutagenesis targeting the DNA polymerase?

I am studying a non-cultivable bacterium living in an insect host, and I would like to generate some random mutants of this bacteria while preserving the insect. I am wondering if one way to do so... more
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What is an aromatic cage and what does it do?

Epigenetics, 2. ed, Chapter 3.6:> Similarly, methylated lysine residues embedded in histone tails can be> read by “aromatic cages” present in chromodomains, or similar domains> (e.g., MBT,... more
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Is there a reliable source for storage and stability of reducing agents like DTT?

Reading the literature on DTT, one is confronted with a confusing mass of papers; some claim that a 1M solution in water is stable, other papers say it is not. I use the reaction with DTNB to show... more
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What stops messenger RNA from binding to itself?

Since mRNA is single-stranded, and (mostly) floats freely within the cytosol, what stops it from folding onto itself (like DNA) and preventing transcription?


What exactly happens if during translation, an amino acid is not present?

Lets say that the cell wants to make a particular protein. Transcription of the appropriate gene is done and the mRNA is made. mRNA attaches to the ribosome and the translation is initiated in a... more
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Why does high pH result in the denaturation of DNA?

In the Southern blot method, for example, a solution of NaOH is used to denature the DNA in the sample. I find this counterintuitive since I expected that $\ ext{Na}^+$ cations would neutralize... more

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