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Do publishers really need to translate between UK and US English?

Is there really a need for a book to be translated from UK to US English? I'm nearing completion on my own great work, and just want to know if it is truly worth doing a British and an American... more
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Is there a hemisphere-neutral way of specifying a season?

I want to refer to the timeframe of Summer 2019 in the Northern hemisphere. However, the writing is intended for a global audience, and when it is Summer in the Northern hemisphere it will be... more


Can we just send the same two recommendation letters to every colleges? And will I be able to look at what was written in each recommendation letter?

I'm a French student planning to go study in the United States.Most colleges in the United States seem to ask for two recommendation letters from our professors.Can we just send the same two... more
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UK vs. US editions of fiction?

I am reading a novel the copy of which was bought and published in the US, but the novel was written and copyrighted by a British author and first published in the UK.\\*Apart from the apparent... more

How does a person become stateless?

Despite international conventions with provisions against statelessness, how does a person lose their only citizenship, or be born without citizenship, today in this day? Is it possible? What are... more
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30 day tourist in France getting visa

Hi! So i was wondering, im suprising my lover with a trip to france soon. My general plan is to get a French tourist visa [which lets you stay for 6 months? yes or no?]  And have my boyfriend come... more


Can I apply for a scholarship as an international student?

I'm from Germany and I would like to study in the US. Am I eligible for your scholarshoips?

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