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English Comparison Italian Translation Verbs


Italian verb for "to hash" in computer?

I'm looking for a single verb that translates *to hash* in the context of computers. Eg.> Passwords in the database are **hashed** with SHA256that translated is something like> Le password... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Word Usage


I usually wear casual clothes. Which verb (indossare/vestire/portare/mettere) is correct to use in this sentence and in which case is each used?

Which verb is usually used to say: "I usually wear casual clothes."? I've learnt 4: "indossare", "vestire", "portare" e "mettere", and what are the differences among them?
English Comparison Italian Translation Word Usage


Is "almost" the equivalent word for "quasi"?

I almost quit my job (It implies that I didn't). *Ho quasi lasciato il mio lavoro.*Does it mean exactly the same thing, implying that I still have my job?
English Comparison Italian Verbs


What form should be used when showing messages to a user on a computer screen in Italian?

Often times, computer programs in English tend to give feedback on what they are and aren't doing in an impersonal form:* Cannot locate the internet server or proxy server* Unable to unlink old... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Word Meaning


What does "sballati" mean?

In conversation with Italian (specifically Sicilian) friends, a word has come up which we are struggling to reach a shared understanding of.The Italian word is *"sballati"* and, when fed through... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Idioms


Wither on the vine?

The English idiomatic phrase *to wither on the vine* is used in the context of something or someone who is neglected or ignored. Can anyone please suggest an equivalent idiomatic expression in... more
English Comparison Italian Translation


Long overdue in Italian?

How does one say that something is **long overdue** in Italian? For instance, is it correct to say something like "Fa molto tempo che sia in attesa"?
English Comparison Grammar Italian Translation


How can I translate "we are hundreds of kilometers apart"?

I am trying to say >I miss my mother everyday because we are hundreds of kilometres apart and I only get to talk to her on the internet.Can I say this?>Manco molto mia madre perché stiamo a... more
English Comparison Italian Translation


What is the translation of V/vi in the Mozart's canon V'amo di core?

The text of Mozart's canon V'amo di core is> V’amo di core teneramente, si, si!> Io non vi posso altro amare no, no!> Uh, che dolore, uh che tormento, uh, uh! Clearly the "V" and the "vi"... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Word Usage


What is an appropriate translation for "Remove Follower"?

The translation I have been given for "Remove Follower" is "Follower remoto". This doesn't seem correct to me. This is the title on a button that removes or deletes a "Follower" (subscriber) from... more
English Comparison Grammar Italian


Does Italian language have 'phrasal verbs'?

Phrasal verbs: > A phrasal verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that modifies or changes the meaning; 'give up' is a phrasal verb that means 'stop doing' something, which is very... more
English Comparison Grammar Italian


Use of the indefinite article in Italian vs. English?

In English, we would say:> I am a boy.> We are boys.using the indefinite article in the singular case.Is this the case with Italian as well? In other words, would you translate the above... more
English Comparison Italian Punctuation Usage


Using a comma before 'ma'?

English uses a comma before _but_ if, and only if, it introduces an independent sentence. Is it the same in Italian?> - Essere sinceri è importante ma non troppo.> - Andrei in vacanza il... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Idioms


Is there an idiomatic term for Shopaholic?

I write a diary entry in Italian each day to practice my vocabulary and sentence structure. Currently, my theme is 'Chi sono?' so I am looking for words that describe me. Today, I want to write... more
English Comparison Italian Usage Infinitive


Does Italian always use the infinitive where English uses the gerund?

A phrase like "**asking** questions is a sign of a curious mind" is translated in Italian as _**fare** domande è segno di una mente curiosa_; the difference is clearly that English uses the gerund... more
English Comparison Italian Tenses Usage


How should I translate the Present Perfect used in English?

Suppose I want to translate an English sentence like "I have walked in the park for a year." The first though I had was translating the sentence as follows.> Ho camminato nel parco per un... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Phrase Request


Ironic constructions in Italian?

As part of my masters in linguistics, I am taking a course on the subject of irony. We were given examples of sentences that are most likely ironic, as the English sentence "he is not exceptionally... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Idioms


What is the best English traslation of 'dai che ce dai'?

What is the best English translation of dai che ce dai?Here is the situation in which I encountered the expression. One of my Italian friends was trying to send a sport climbing route which turned... more
English Comparison Grammar Italian


Different usages of Italian compared to different usages of English?

According to StoneyB, a highly esteemed user on EL&U, almost a grammarian I would say, > English embraces a wide variety of dialects: the English written by financial planners differs... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Idioms


What is the word for a book lover?

In English, a person who loves books is known as a bibliophile. The only translation that I can find for this word in Italian is bibliofilo which is deeply disappointing, given that the language is... more
English Comparison Grammar Italian Negation


Why is the double negation not an issue in the Italian language?

Why is the double negation not an issue in the Italian language?I ask because I heard that in English you cannot say "non guardo mai la televisione", but you have to say "I never watch at... more
English Comparison Italian Translation Meaning


Meaning of a sentence with chiastic structure?

Can you please translate the sentence below:> non rimpiango le persone che ho perso col tempo, ma rimpiango il tempo che ho perso con certe persone

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