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French Literature Dangerous Liaisons Merteuil Valmont


How does the quote apply to Merteuil and Valmont

One definition of a libertine is, “a libertine is an atheist who plays the role of God.” In what ways might this definition be applied to Merteuil and Valmont in Laclos’ Les Liaisons dangereuses?... more
French Literature English Wording Choice Albert Camus


Why does Mersault say "Hello image!" to his girlfriend?

I have read the novel *A Happy Death* by Albert Camus. In this novel Mersault (the absurd hero) at one point says to his girlfriend, "Hello, image!". I am wondering why he calls his girlfriend... more
French Literature English Allusions Stendhal


Question about a Stendhal reference?

In Michael Herr's book about the Vietnam War, [*Dispatches*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dispatches_(book)), he describes Operation Pegasus—the relief of the besieged USMC garrison at Khe Sahn in... more


How much do the characters in Waiting for Godot actually know?

*Waiting for Godot* obviously never actually explicitly says who Godot is or exactly why the characters are waiting for him. How much do the characters know themselves? For example, do they even... more
French Literature English Translation Victor Hugo


Why was "Notre Dame de Paris" changed from "Notre Dame of Paris" to "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" when it was re-published in English?

In the foreword to my copy of *The Hunchback of Notre Dame*, Elizabeth Massie writes this:> Victor Hugo's early novel, *Notre Dame de Paris*, published in 1831 and set in medieval Paris of 1482,... more
French Literature English Poetry Charles Baudelaire


What does "And others, whose breasts love the feel of scapulars," mean in Baudelaire's "Damned Women"?

> Et d'autres, dont la gorge aime les scapulaires,> > Qui, recélant un fouet sous leurs longs vêtements,> > Mêlent, dans le bois sombre et les nuits solitaires,> > L'écume du... more


Why did the characters in "No Exit" agree to torment each other?

Once the characters in *No Exit* realized that they were placed there to torment each other, why didn't they refuse to do so? When Joseph says "eh bien, continuons" ("very well, let's get on with... more


In Baudelaire's "Chant d'automne", why isn't the hidden rhythm better known?

I noticed something remarkable about one of Baudelaire's poems that I can't find any mention of on the web. My question is whether anybody has noticed this before, and whether there's some reason... more
French Literature Literature Meaning Marcel Proust


What is "Protean Ubiquity" in Proust's "Swann's Way"?

I have started reading Proust's Swann's way. On page 66, after providing a very vivid description of aunt Leonie's house and its atmosphere, describes her state. She has gradually left the outside... more


Why is Rousseau saying that "[...] Russia was civilized too soon"?

In [*The Social Contract*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Social_Contract), Jean-Jacques Rousseau says > [...] Russia will never be really civilized, because it was civilized too soon What... more

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