Math review 2023

Noah and Andre are 15 miles apart. If Noah rides his bike at a constant 4 mph and Andre rides at 2 mph How long does it take Noah and Andre to meet?


Math - Word Problem

The owner of a small business is having brochures printed. The design cost is $1500 and printingcosts $0.08 per brochure.a) Identify the fixed cost.b) Identify the variable cost.c) Write an... more


I need help with math

Four times the sum of a number and two increased by three is at least twenty-seven.

Math Question...

Sonya​, who is paid​ time-and-a-half for hours worked in excess of 40​ hours, had gross weekly wages of $783 for 52 hours worked. What is her regular hourly​ rate?


math question...

Going into the final​ exam, which will count as two​ tests, Isabella has test scores of 75, 82, 70, 61, and 96.  What score does Isabella need on the final in order to have an average score of​ 80?


math question please help

An eastbound train and a westbound train meet each other on parallel tracks heading in opposite directions. The eastbound train travels 12 miles per hour faster than the westbound train. After 2... more


math please help

A company produces very unusual CD's for which the variable cost is $ 12 per CD and the fixed costs are $ 45000. They will sell the CD's for $ 88 each. Let x be the number of CD's produced.Write... more


Spanish Help! Answering some questions. 3.1

Hi, I need help answering these questions below! The first 4 would need to be answered in Spanish; I have given some guidelines to my answers using bulleted points below each question! Nombra unos... more


eighth grade math

On a certain hot​ summer's day, 312 people used the public swimming pool. The daily prices are $1.50 for children and $2.25 for adults. The receipts for admission totaled $669.75. How many children... more


how to solve this math problem

A farmer recently sold a large plot of land. The sale decreased his total acreage by 12​%. Let v be the original acreage. Find two equivalent expressions that will give the new acreage. Use pencil... more


uniform motion math with solution please

if a train had traveled 5 miles an hour faster. it would have needed 1 1/2 hours less time to travel 150 miles. find the rate of the train.


Intermediate math

One number is 5 times a first number. A third number is 100 more than the first number. If the sum of the three numbers is 562, find the numbers.

Help with this problem.

To compute a student's Grade Point Average (GPA) for a term, the student's grades for each course are weighted by the number of credits for the course. Suppose a student had these grades:4.0 in a 5... more

Hello I was working on a question for my math class and I got stuck

A price (in dollars) and demand x for product are related by 2x^2 + 4xp + 50p^2  =  9800.If the price is increasing at a rate of 2 dollars per month when the price is 10 dollars, find the rate of... more

have a problem with this math question

One month Boris rented 5  movies and 6  video games for a total of $42 . The next month he rented 3  movies and 2  video games for a total of $16 . Find the rental cost for each movie and each... more

math calculus problem

If a ball is thrown straight up into the air with an initial velocity of 95 ft/s, its height in feet after seconds is given by y = 95t - 16t^2 . Find the average velocity for the time period... more


Math Questions! Help ASAP

Question 1:The average cost of a scientific calculator was $96.50 in 1970. The same type of calculator cost $22 in 2016. Assuming the exponential decay model applies, what will a similar calculator... more


Math Homework to do

Mia hired a moving company. The company charged $500 for its services, and Mia gives the movers a 16% percent tip. How much does Mia tip the movers?


Math work I need help with 😭

A frog jumps to times,how far does the jump? In meters


How do you get yourself to like and actually be good at math, as someone who excells in creative subjects,but is horrible at maths

I try, I try SO hard, but I still hate math, and am bad at it. I stare at questions for AGES, trying so hard to understand it whilst my peers are breezing through the entire sheet. My (asian)... more


help with this math

During one period, a bakery rejected 372 items as unfit for sale. In the following period, the bakery rejected only 323 items, a decrease in unfit bakery items. What was the percent decrease?

help me pls on this math

Ms. Meyer evenly spreads 2.04 grams of peanut butter and 4 times as much jelly on a sandwich. She cuts the sandwich into 3 equal parts. How much jelly does each part have?

Math word problem

Two cyclists start at the same point and travel in opposite directions. One cyclist travels 10 km/h faster than the other. If the two cyclists are 150 kilometers apart after 5 hours, what is the... more

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