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Genetics Biology


The results below were obtained in a three-point test cross. Determine the order of the genes on the chromosomes and the 3 different distances between them.

v w z 592v + + 61+ w + 12v + z 9+ + z 110+ + + 616+ w z 58v w + 105
Genetics Biology


Pure pea plants with purple flowers are mated with pure peas with white flowers. All of the F1 have purple flowers. The F1 are crossed and the flower-color of 628 offspring are analyzed.

What are the expected numbers of offspring of each type? Note: Round to the nearest whole number.Calculate the chi-square statistic (to 2 places after the decimal) for the cross in problem (1) if... more


Hemizygous and Heterozygous

What is the difference between hemizygous and heterozygous? When you cross a hemizygous set of alleles with a WT or Heterozygous, what is the % of each type of progeny?


Please help me with genetics question

In Labrador retrievers, coat color is controlled by two genes. One gene determines black (B_) or brown (bb) hair. However, if the second gene is homozygous recessive (ee), the coat color is... more


I have no idea how to solve this

Good evening everyone. I'm struggling with this task for my anatomy & physiology assignment, what i have to do is to transcribe the following DNA sequence into mRNA:  GGTCAATGCCATAAG , and... more


Gene expression

During gene expression, what must occur prior to a gene being expressed?
Genetics Math Science Biology


Senior High school Project ideas - Scientific

Hi! I’m doing a big project in Senior high school right now that plays a huge part in my graduation and would appreciate some help!I have to come up with an idea/subject that includes a good... more


Monozygotic Twins

Monozygotic twins are said to be identical, meaning both their genomes are exactly the same at birth. Over time however, their phenotypes can change as they age. What are two mechanisms that allow... more


Genetics Question

Two parents are planning on having a child. The mother has a full head of hair which is red (Hhbb) and the father is bald (hhBb). What is the likelihood the child will have a full head of blonde... more


Which of the following could happen if human DNA were methylated?

A. DNA binding proteins, which could not bind to DNA when it was not methylated, are now able to bind B. Histone proteins, which package DNA, are no longer able to bind to DNA once it becomes... more
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What are these pairs of chromosomes called?

People often refer to the human genome as being comprised of 23 pairs of chromosomes. What are these pairs called? How do these pairs relate in regard to size, genes, and alleles? Make sure to... more


Q:A regulatory sequence exists at 2111 – 2116. Write the sequence and describe its significance? Q:What is the purpose of the signal peptide in this gene?

Use the following link to answer the related questions: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/M13438.1


Genetic syndrome

Genetic diagnosis for cystic fibrosis


Cystic fibrosis

Genetic diabosis for cystic fibrosis
Genetics Probability


The math gene...

Imagine that fondness for mathematics has a genetic basis. Here we'll suppose that math fondness is recessive, but also highly beneficial. About 10% of the population are of math-genotype aa with... more


Pedigree question

What type of pedigree is it (autosomal dominant, x-linked dominant, autosomal recessive, or x-linked recessive)? Explain.


If a tan mouse lives in a hayfield, will it have the best chance of living and passing on its genes based on our experiment today?

 Field mice have either tan, black or white backs and are prey to hawks. We are learning about 'CRISPR' and genes


Calculating Penetrance

For one of my homework questions it states that the penetrance for cancer amongst males is 60% and 10 males in the family inherits the allele for cancer. How many of these 10 men are expected to... more
Genetics Biology


I just need help with the last part where it asks to "give an example of a cross" and to provide an explanation.

c.    What would happen if you crossed a heterozygous Parent 1 with a homozygous recessive Parent 2? Fill in the blanks below and do the Punnett square. Your key:       F = ____Smooth... more


Theoretic gentics

A person recieving a bone marrow transplant will have that DNA..the Donor's..What would happen if it were possible for the reciepient to have a child with the donor...giving birth to oneself..??

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