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Linguistics English


How is our language influenced by the social contexts ? Give two examples.

Question from "Sociolinguistics"
Linguistics Grammar


What do verbs signify?

Linguistics Phonology


linguistic question

ana says: q occurs after back vowels k appears elsewherebo says it other way around k afterwhy are they wrong use specific examples (the ipa forms of language x) to support your claim?what is the... more


Need help with question

What factors have contributed to the development of languages, such as English?
Linguistics French


How would you translate this to English?

La société la plus choisie s’y trouvait réunie. I think La société choisie= company but how does plus work here.Thank you.
Linguistics Speech Acts


To what extent do you think that is important to show positive face in the classroom or language education in general? Explain with at least two examples

This question is based on George Yule's book Pragmatics that he talked about positive and negative face in the chapter Speech Acts and Events... more


Which type of diffusion has had the biggest impact on the spread of English across the globe ? (think colonization and internet usage)

-Maladaptive Diffusion-Hierarchical Diffusion-Relocation Diffusion-Stimulus Diffusion-Contagious Diffusion
Linguistics Grammar Grammar Syntax


Identify every phrase in the sentence and give its lexical category and its syntactic function in the following sentence:

There are already signs that his supporters intend to exploit it again during this campaign cycle.
Linguistics Latin


Need help confirming Latin translation

Hello,I'm writing a story and I would like to use Latin terminology for a collective society, but I'm not entirely certain if adding three different words together changes the meaning. So, for... more
Linguistics English Help Act English


I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation:Albert: “Why have you been giving me the cold shoulder all week?” Edison: “You noticed already? Wow, you’re a real Einstein tonight.” Albert: “Alright I’m done cozying up to... more
Linguistics English Help Act English


I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation Kayla: Can you believe the blanket we got over the lawn yesterday!Taylor: Yeah it was crazy I thought we were going to be flies in a spider’s web!Kayla: Me too! Plus it was... more
Linguistics Spanish


When do you use saber versus conocer in Spanish?

This question can confuse many Spanish learners because both of these verbs translate as "to know." These two verbs cannot be used interchangeably, however! They correspond with specific situations... more


What is morphology?

This can be a new concept for students because it has applications in other fields, such as biology, but a specific use in the field of linguistics.


What is the difference between phones and phonemes, and how are they related?

The concepts of phones and phonemes is often difficult for students to make, particularly because they are described the same way and are related because they are both language sounds.
Linguistics Tree Diagram


Tree Diagram from compound words

Make tree diagram from each of compound words in two ways to show that you understand the ambiguity involved: a. New York Taxi Driver b. Californian History Teacher


What is "universal semantic constraint" in the field of linguistics?



Moroccan dialect

How does Moroccan dialect differ from other Arabic dialects ?


How is language related to social and economic inequality? And how is this inequality related to how languages flourish, change, or die out?

Can you give examples of how some endangered languages have been revived?


What are some types of CDA?

Kindly name and discuss five types of discourses available in the field of CDA for the researchers to do critical discourse analysis.


How easy is to learn Portuguese if you know Spanish?

Differences between the two languages and their False Friends.
Linguistics Art Language Ideology


Term to describe the fact of using art to push ideology?

Hi everyone,I was wondering if there is a term to describe/qualify the fact of using art (literature, cinema…) and/or a specific medium to push ideology? For example, someone who would defend the... more


Where is the birthplace of the Urdu language?



Which word is the odd one out: First- Second- Third- Forth- Fifth- Sixth- Seventh?

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