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Presentation French Writing Translation


Présente-toi en français !

Je t'écris un texte en anglais et tu essais de le traduire (sans logiciel...). Tu as le droit d'ajouter ou de retirer certaines phrases. Mon texte n'est là que pour donner des idées.Hello,My name... more
Presentation English Reading Theatre


How did Shakespeare's works impact modern literature?

I need to give a 3 minute presentation explaining how Shakespeare's works made an impact on literature, what he created/discovered and why his works have lived on. Any examples and quotes would be... more

How should I control my nervousness, so as not to disturb my presentation on the day of a conference?

My paper is successfully accepted in a very prestigious and reputable conference, to be presented orally in one of the presentation sessions. This is my first time that I am going to give such a... more

Useful strategies for answering "dumb" questions in a talk?

It has often been said that there is no such thing as a dumb question. And yet - perhaps due only to inattention, lack of sleep, or hunger - otherwise brilliant people sometimes manage to ask some... more


Video format with dynamic resolution?

Are there any video formats that change resolution per frame and with different resolutions at different parts of the screen?All videos I know today they have fixed resolution.For video blogs I... more


Can I present the results of a paper that is currently under review?

Among the presentations in a major conference, I attended one where the author cited a paper (of theirs) under review in another major conference. Not only cited it, but showed some of its... more


What is the significance of the overview slide in a presentation?

The first slide which follows the title page of my presentation is the overview slide. It has the title for each section to follow in the talk (thank you Latex!).My question is how much time is to... more


In teaching, what are the advantages of using slides over doing board work?

At my university, most lecturers and professors use slides in teaching. This is true for most engineering, mathematics and science courses. I am more comfortable with doing the board work and then... more


Goal for 20min. presentation at math conference?

I've been invited to give a 20 minute talk at a mathematics conference in a couple months. The audience members all work in my field, so they will be familiar with most of the terminology and... more


Should I add references to conference presentations?

I am preparing a CS conference presentation and wondering how can I handle the references. I am thinking about three different possibilities: 1. Ignore them! 2. Just list them at the end of the... more
Presentation Public Speaking


Why do national laboratory presentations contain so much info per slide?

I've seen many, many examples of scientific presentations from the National Laboratories in which virtually every slide is oversaturated with information. If this were an isolated event, I... more


How do I communicate my research with a general audience more effectively?

I really enjoyed my research but it happens that whenever I tell somebody about it, I have the impression I'm making it sound boring, unimportant and not exciting.Americans have a way of telling a... more
Presentation Public Speaking Slides


Why do most people think it's a bad idea to read from slides?

As many of you probably know, almost all advice regarding doing better academic talks includes universal advice to *not* put too many words in any one slide, and to *not* read straight from slides... more


How to deal with rude interruptions in a seminar?

The following situation has occurred several times with B (the same person, in the audience), A (a speaker, different from time to time), and C (the audience, mostly the same).* A is presenting... more


Giving a talk on a paper whose authorship is not finalized?

I will shortly be giving a seminar presentation on a research project that I worked on with collaborators X, Y and Z. We have not yet submitted our paper for publication, and one question we have... more

How to respond to “philosophical” questions that aim to undermine a position or derail a discussion?

A colleague of mine enjoys using philosophical questions to undermine ideas that are different to his own and to derail discussions that are not in his favour. At first I thought he was offering... more


Signed up for conference, having second thoughts?

My advisor suggested that I should sign up for a conference, which I did - I now have to give a 15 minute talk. However, the conference is taking place very far from me (+20 hour flight), and I am... more
Presentation Public Speaking Etiquette


How to engage in discussion after a presentation on an unfamiliar topic?

Sometimes I am in a conference presentation or seminar which there are only a handful of audiences, and after the presentation the atmosphere simply urges the audiences to ask questions or the... more


How to deal with presentation time running out in a scientific conference?

I understand that it is not a good idea to speak more after your time is out during a conference presentation. So we generally distribute our total times among each slide depending the contents and... more


When scheduling talks in a conference session, what is the etiquette, if any, regarding placement of multiple talks from the same research group?

I am the lead co-organizer of a symposium at a technical conference later this year. The abstract submissions are now closed, and I'm working on slotting the talks into sessions. With the number... more


How to greet the audience at the beginning of a PhD defense talk/presentation?

I'll be giving a 30-min public talk as a part of my PhD defense next month. It would be attended by the examination committee (consisting of my advisor and two examiners). I reckon that some... more


If you're given an hour, is it bad to finish a job talk in half an hour?

I am applying for postdoc this year. I was given standard one hour for my job talk. I prepared for a 45-50 minute talk and 10-15 minutes for Q & A. But probably I spoke bit too fast and also... more
Presentation Public Speaking


How to do a flawless and natural presentation?

I have been attending a number of academic / professional conferences recently and one thing that really awed me was the flawless and natural way in which the speakers presented on their... more


Talks vs. poster presentations: Which is better for advertising your research and building research networks?

I'm looking into applying to present at a conference for undergraduates in mathematics this summer. When I apply, I have to either apply to give a talk (~20 minutes) or present a poster.From what... more

Saying "good question" during a seminar talk?

During seminars and talks, some presenters hear a question and compliment it by saying "Good question." Could this possibly offend the asker? Could this be viewed as a tactic to pretend being... more

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