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How to tell the difference between "ice" and "ice cream" when the word "Eis" is used?

Ice and "ice cream" both translate to "Eis" in German. Is the only way to differentiate between them by context?For instance, if you want to translate the sentences> "Does this store sell... more
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Difference between そうです、 ようです and らしいです.?

Here are the example sentences. デイビットは料理が上手そうです。 デイビットは料理が上手なようです。 デイビットは料理が上手らしいです。 Firstly, what does デイビット mean as based on reading alone its sounds like 'debit' to me which is a strange... more
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How do we say "right back at you"?

When someone is wishing us something, how do we say "right back at you"?Is "lo stesso vale per te" the right and only response?


Is there an idiomatic term for Shopaholic?

I write a diary entry in Italian each day to practice my vocabulary and sentence structure. Currently, my theme is 'Chi sono?' so I am looking for words that describe me. Today, I want to write... more
Translation Italian Sound


Onomatopoeia in Italian?

What's the Italian equivalent for words such as, "**crash**", "**bang**", "**snap**", "**woosh**", "**wallop**" etc? Are there any onomatopoeia references out there that consolidate these... more


Deciphering romanized Korean: "kama/kamuh toe olgami"?

In my martial arts book, "The Art of Kyuki-Do", it describes a particular maneuver (called in English, "middle section corkscrew trap, in to out") as variously "kama toe olgami" and "kamuh toe... more
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Translations for 척하면 척이다?

An intimate friend and native Korean speaker explained that I should have added a word in what I said to her, but she summarized with > 척하면 척이다 I think I get what she meant, but I began... more
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Elephant in the room. What is the Italian equivalent?

“Elephant in the room” or “Elephant in the living room” This idiom is used when we are referring to a big issue, an obvious truth, or an obvious problem that... more
Translation Italian Meaning


Translating “La vita è come una bicicletta con dieci rapporti... Tutti noi abbiamo rotelline che non usiamo mai”?

I don't understand the meaning of *rapporti* and *rotelline* here... clearly the second one is not tires.Can someone explain to me the specific meaning or translation of these two words?
Translation Italian Phrase Request


Expression/phrase for "more or less"?

I once asked how to say the equivalent of the English expression "more or less" to an Italian speaker (non-native) and they replied that it could most accurately be translated as: "Più meno"But I... more
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What is the purpose of the suffix "さ" on adjectives?

What is the purpose of the suffix "さ" on adjectives like 美しさ and 多さ? The former is the title of an essay by Banana Yoshimoto, so I don't have much context for it. The book editors translated it as... more


Come si dice "Shut up, and get in the cart" as a strict command with the "lei" form, not "tu"?

Come si dice "Shut up, and get in the cart" as a command with the *lei* form, not *tu*? I want to convey a strict command to GET IN THE CART, like a parent might do with emphasis, as a last resort,... more
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What does "le barchette di carta" mean?

Is there a specific idiomatic meaning for "barchette di carta" (in English). I'm trying to translate the following sentence but it refuses to make sense.> "Montale 'fanciullo invecchiato' vede... more
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What does "parmi" mean?

In a lot of Italian operas, I frequently hear the word "parmi". Either used in the middle of a sentence, or in the beginning of the final cabaletta in *L'Assedio di Corinto*.Yet, no translation... more
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How can I translate the expression "I don't care" into Italian?

In English we use the expression "I don't care" to express that we don't feel interest or concern about something. How can we say a similar expression in Italian? Google Translate gives "Non mi... more


fattha, qasra, damma in google arabic translate?

I am trying to learn Arabic using a combination of Arabic for Dummies (AFD) and Google Translate. AFD seems to use transliteration while Google uses actual script. However, there seem to be... more


Meaning of "Lars kam sich unendlich verlassen vor"?

I'm reading *Kleiner Eisbär, wohin fährst du?* von Hans de Beer but I'm puzzled by this sentence:> Lars kam sich unendlich verlassen vor.If *verlassen* is a reflexive verb as the word *sich*... more

Ironic constructions in Italian?

As part of my masters in linguistics, I am taking a course on the subject of irony. We were given examples of sentences that are most likely ironic, as the English sentence "he is not exceptionally... more


How would you translate the word "About" in a blog menu option?

I have to translate a site for a client and I came to the word "About". I could translate it as "Riguardo a", but is it the right translation in the context?


Describe that someone’s explanation matches your knowledge level?

In German, in the context of knowledge transfer from one person to another (or to a group) you can say > Du hast mich gut abgeholt. (literally translated *You picked me up well*) This... more


What is the best English traslation of 'dai che ce dai'?

What is the best English translation of dai che ce dai?Here is the situation in which I encountered the expression. One of my Italian friends was trying to send a sport climbing route which turned... more
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Is it correct and natural to translate: "journeys of the stars" -> "viaggi di stelle" "path of stars" -> "cammino delle stelle"?

And what if "Stars" is a group's name? Can "viaggi di stelle" also mean "Stars' journeys"?I am working on a title for an article I write. Thank you for your help.


Native English Translations that capture the intended emotion of "그래야 비로소"?

Please provide some translations (not literal) that capture the true spirit of > 그래야 비로소 [Google](https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/%EA%B7%B8%EB%9E%98%EC%95%BC%20%EB%B9%84%EB%A1%9C%EC%86%8C)... more


What's a word for a person who took a very rough story and made it into a book?

I have written a book.Well, actually, my mother-in-law told the story of her experiences as a German forced laborer in the Soviet Union after World War II. This was given in German and recorded... more


Simultaneous Bilingual Writing?

I have recently undertaken a personal project to translate my WIP novel into Japanese in parallel with writing it. I am managing both in LaTeX and editing them in vim, but the topic itself is too... more

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