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who had a trouble time attaining the american dream and why

my english class is doing this on the american dream


Which two characters has more control over their fate?

This is the full question:Each of the two stories selected for this week involve a character who faces destruction. Choose different characters from the two different stories; which of those two... more


How do i get in touch with my tutor Ashley H.

How do i get in touch with my tutor Ashley H.



1) The company has a clearly laid out hierarchy. All major decisions go through the president, who controls the entire operation, but most daily decisions go to the board. Beneath the board members... more



Let’s have some fun today and create a picture caption. Check out the pictures in the prompt and consider what might be happening. Write a caption for the picture in the form of dialogue, a title,... more


How do I write an IB English A Lang & Lit HL Literary Commentary?

Hi there! Could you give me an outline? Thanks! :)


WhAt was the atmosphere in Washington DC in 1865


How to do well in IB English HL?

I struggle with English literature a lot, I wonder how do I improve?


Use in sentence

Use proton in a short sentence


How do you use the words 'For Which' in an English sentence?

I am trying to learn about on which, at which, on which, etc"But I'm stuck with "for which" mostly  A. The shaded region to the right of the break-even point represents quantities for which the... more


Cultural Literature - Study Island

adapted from The Cabuliwallahby Rabindranath Tagore     He put his hand inside his big loose robe, and brought out a small and dirty piece of paper. With great care he unfolded this, and smoothed... more


One less than the product of 8 and Mabel’s age

use the variable m to represent Mabel’s age


Please answer my question described below.

What is it called when you take a word and make other words using each letter of that word as the first letter of another word either to help you remember it or to give it new meaning even if it... more


What is the prepositional phrase? "Without sugar, the blueberries were too sour for the dinner guest.

Also what is the object of the preposition and the word it modifies?


Interpersonal relationships

Write a 500 word paper that includes the following. --Describe in detail a time when you observed someone responding in an ineffective manner.--Describe the speaker's reaction to the in effective... more


English/tech communication

Locate the transcript of a speech, either online or through your local library. There are an abundance of different speeches available for you to use during this discussion. One example is to look... more


Tikki Tikki Tavi

1) Describe an instance where one of the characters has an “epiphany” in Rikki Tikki Tavi


English assignment

I have to do my assignment for English about cyber bullying we have to choose an article about cyber bullying so I pick this... more


Thesis Examples

I need help forming a thesis for a literature paper on Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”.
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