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Unclear translation; need help?

A while ago I asked the Galleria Borghese if I was allowed to film there, and they sent me this:> Gentilissimo, le comunico che sarà possibile scattare fotografie> durante la sua visita in... more
Translation Vocabulary Italian Adverbs


Solo vs soltanto vs solamente?

I was trying to find out how to translate the word "only" and found three separate words. Could someone help me understand when each of these is used and what the differences are between them?... more
Translation Italian


How can I translate "kidding" to Italian?

In English, we use the word "kidding" in expressions such as I'm kidding, just kidding, you must be kidding me... to express that we are teasing one another for fun. How can I convey this meaning... more
Translation Grammar Italian


I've been awake for 5 days?

I want to say in Italian:I've been awake for 5 days.My attempt:Sono cinque giorni che sono sveglio.Is this translation correct?Thank you.
Translation Italian


Is there an Italian word for "stalker"?

I read a conversation between two friends of mine on instagram DM and I can't help but wonder how would Italians say what they (my friends) have said in Italian. Here is what they were talking... more


What is the word for a book lover?

In English, a person who loves books is known as a bibliophile. The only translation that I can find for this word in Italian is bibliofilo which is deeply disappointing, given that the language is... more
Translation Italian Phrase Request


How can I say "Good luck!" in Italian?

There are many situations in which we would wish someone "Good luck!", for instance when someone is embarking in something difficult or dangerous. How can we express a similar thing in Italian?
Translation Latin Italian


Can a text in Latin be understood by an educated Italian who never had any formal teaching of that language?

Of all Latin derived languages, I presume Italian is the closest to Latin. This is just an assumption which I presume is correct. For this reason, I've always wondered whether an average educated... more
Translation Italian Formal


Is it appropriate to end an official letter with "Cordiali saluti"?


Meaning of a sentence with chiastic structure?

Can you please translate the sentence below:> non rimpiango le persone che ho perso col tempo, ma rimpiango il tempo che ho perso con certe persone
Translation Italian Phrase Request


How can I translate the expression "Got it!" in Italian?

How can I say "Got it!" in Italian? Google Translate gives "Fatto!" and "Ce l'ho!", but I think these are not correct answers.

Redundancy of the genetic code?

One particular codon codes only for one amino acid, but an amino acid can be coded for by several different codons. Now according to the genetic code, the codon `UUU` codes for the amino acid... more
Translation Grammar Italian


Why translate cities and person names?

I come from a language that preserves the original names of cities and especially personality names, so I was very surprised to find in Italian translation of this particular substantive types. I... more
Translation Italian


How can I say "really!?" in Italian?

>– I'm in love! >– Really!?What is a good match in Italian for the word "really"? Here the word does not carry any doubt, just excitement.
Translation Italian


Come si dice "to try" in italiano? Provare, cercare, o qualcos'altro?

Google Translate dice che "to try" è "provare", ma credo che questo è "to try" come "I'd like to try the gelato". Vorrei capire come si dice "to try" come "I tried to hit the ball" o qualcosa... more


I have no idea in Italian?

How can I say "I have no idea" in Italian in a very emphatic way? I think I have sometimes heard or read some idiomatic expressions, such as "non ne ho la più pallida idea", but I don't remember them. more
Translation Italian Phrase Request


Traduzione della frase inglese "To make a big deal (out of something)"?

Buongiorno,Ho cercato "to make a big deal" nel dizionario e ho trovato: > **To make a big deal out of something:**> fare un sacco di storie per qualcosaSecondo me questa traduzione non... more
Translation Italian Phrase Request


Expression/phrase for "I'm working on it"?

Is there an expression that means "I'm working on it", translated inexpertly by me as "Sto lavorando su di esso", that stands in generality? Or do you alter the statement to match the object that... more
Translation French


Is this text written correctly and is understandable and not google-translatey? FRENCH SOS

Les langues des Island et Norvège étaient restées très similaires jusqu'à environ 1300,puis ils sont devenus ce qu'ils appellent maintenant le vieux islandais et la vieille NorvégienneLa langue... more


The quotient of a number and 5 increased by 4 is 16

Needs to be in only algebraic solutions.
Translation Latin


Can someone translate life is what you make it in Latin please

 I need this translated for a tatoo 
Translation Language French Translate


French translation check (asap)

I was just wondering if the translation between French and English is accurate. On google translate they are correct but it would be great if a French teacher or native speaker could double check... more


the graph of f(x)= x^2+3 is translated to produce the graph of g(x)+ (x+2)^2+3. in which direction was the graph of f translated

this is just asking about translations


How do I write four times a number minus 5 is the same as twice the number plus 3

How do I translate then solve
Translation Math Geometry Equation


What transformation is represented by the rule (x, y)→(x, y+3)

What transformation is represented by the rule (x, y)→(x, y+3) ?translation 3 units downtranslation 3 units lefttranslation 3 units righttranslation 3 units up

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