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Which word is misspelled?

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fallacy of false division and false composition

Hello!Could you guys please give me examples of fallacy of false division and false composition. I am still not able to grab my mind around it, so could y’all give me an example of both. Thanks!
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I don't understand i need help ? can you explain what i'm suppose to do

At first, the clubs were frightening,swinging away from my hands in strange patterns—red—yellow—blue—chaotic, unpredictable,colliding like doomed galaxiesin midair.Best to jump back, to let go.I... more
Proofreading English Vocabulary Grammar


Inductive Reasoning

Could you please help me and define these terms that are used in critical thinking and writing. I am not sure what they exactly are and how they should be used in writing Pattern  Causes Statistics... more
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Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Hi I have a midterm on the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter, I need someone to proof read it. It’s due Friday, assignment is for critical thinking English.
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Assumptions Examples

Hello!Could you guys help and give me some examples of unconscious assumptions, working assumptions, warranted assumptions, hidden assumptions, and value or belief assumptions??I am not sure the... more
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How do I learn the difference between a verb and adverb? Help!


How do I ensure my college application sets me apart? What do I need to do to be the strongest college applicant possible?

For students looking for help distinguishing themselves in the college application process, including the Common App, personal statements, supplemental essays, etc.
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What is the best way to teach (and learn) writing? Is Common Core's approach correct?

Writing skills seem to have deteriorated to the point of mass incoherence, if not illiteracy. Are schools using the correct methods? Do we know even what the "correct" method is, or how writing... more


What is a dangling modifier and how do I fix it?

When I write, I know it's a good idea to change my sentence structure throughout an essay. However, this means I can make more mistakes like misplaced modifiers.Here's one I wrote: Having sent... more
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What is an Abstract?

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What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

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Why should one read aloud when proofreading?


Reactivating account

How do I reactivate my account as a Wyzant Tutor?Loretta Huddleston
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English essay can anyone help me out please

I'm trying to do a 800 word essay on "Don’t Let Stereotype Wrap Your Judgement” by Robert HelibornerI did my outline but I feel like I didn't get this right like my body paragraphs is off.here's my... more
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"we earnestly look forward to hearing from you" Is this an okay phrase to use?

I am thinking about ending a hand-written letter with a phrase "Thank you so much again for reading this letter, and we earnestly look forward to hearing from you." I added the word "earnestly"... more


What makes a sentence a run-on? Can reading the sentence aloud help?

My friend said that she has to take a breath in the middle of a long sentence and that makes it a run-on. Is that correct? How do I know if it is a run-on sentence?
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What is a homophone?

What is a homophone, and can you give an example of one?
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Does this sentence make sense? Specifically after the comma in the second sentence.

Bryan Stevenson was in law school, lost. Lost because he did not find a meaning in his education with law, unfulfilled with the required monotonous courses.


Determine the major supporting details of this paragraph

Advertising is part of the free market system and has several benefits. First, by encouraging competition, it fosters economic growth. New products are developed and offered, stimulating the... more


What are some tips for effective proofreading?



What are the standard proofreading symbols?



Where did the word 'Preventative' come from?



What distinguishes SCI editing from conventional proofreading/editing?



What is kinetic proofreading and how does it work?

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