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I need a answer check.

I just want to know if my answer is correct I believe the answer is C The figure shown represents a structural portion of the Eiffel Tower. Can the triangles be proven... more

Homework help please

What additional information is needed to determine that ΔABC ≅ ΔEDC using the HL method of congruence? A)  ≅ B)  ∠ACB ≅ ∠ECD C)  No additional information is needed. D)  ≅

Geometry homework help please

The figure shown represents a structural portion of the Eiffel Tower. Can the triangles be proven congruent? A)  Yes, ΔONM ≅ ΔPON by SSS. B)  Yes, ΔNOM ≅ ΔPON by AAS. C)  Yes, ΔMNO ≅... more

Geometry Homework help please

A series of rigid motions maps ΔNEM onto ΔCDE. Based on this information, which of the following is a true statement? A)  There isn't enough information to make a statement about ΔNEM and... more


someone please help with this question . I’ve been struggling with it

A soccer player is 30 feet from the goal line . He shoots the ball directly at the goal . The goal is 8 feet tall . What is the maximum angle of elevation at which player can shoot the ball and... more

Help with this question!

What is an example of a polynomial you could add to h(x) to generate a polynomial with a degree of 5?h(x) = -3x^6 + 2x^4 - 3x^2

Adding/ Subtracting Polynomials

Use the following polynomials to determine the sum or difference:f(x) = 3x^2 g(x) = 5x^4 - 2x^3 h(x) = -3x^6 + 2x^4 - 3x^21) f(x) + g(x): 2) g(x) + h(x): 3) h(x) - g(x):

Math question geometry

A sector of circle C has a radius of shown below has a radius of 6 cm and Central angle that measures 80° which expression calculate the area of this sector in square centimeters?

Geometry Homework help

Find the scale factor of dilation if PQ is dilated to P′Q′ such that  = 18 and = 6. A)  12 B)  1∕3 C)  3 D)  24

Geometry Homework help

Triangle ABC has vertices A (0, 2), B (5, 4), and C (5, 0). Triangle A′B′C′ has corresponding vertices A′ (–5, –1), B′ (0, 1), and C′ (0, –3). Which of the following describes a translation that... more

Geometry Homework help

Quadrilaterals WXYZ and W″X″Y″Z″ are similar. Identify the type of reflection performed and the scale factor. A)  To obtain quadrilateral W″X″Y″Z″, quadrilateral WXYZ is reflected across the... more

geometry homework

Point (–1, –3) is mapped onto ________ when rotated 180° counterclockwise about the origin. Question 16 options: A)  (3, –1) B)  (–1, 3) C)  (1, 3) D)  (1, –3)

Geometry Help Please

Quadrilateral QRST, with vertices Q (1, 2), R (3, 4), S (5, 6), and T (2, 7), is dilated by a factor of 2 with the center of dilation at the origin. What are the coordinates of quadrilateral... more

Geometry Please Help

Applying the translation (x, y) → (x – 3, y + 7) maps the point (–4, 7) onto the point ________. A)  (–7, 14) B)  (7, –14) C)  (14, –7) D)  (14, 7)

Polynomial Behavior

1) A polynomial starts with the term -3x^8. Tell me about each of these characteristics: degree: # of local maxima/minima possible: end behavior: # of zeros possible:

Geometry Homework

The probability of flipping a fair coin and heads landing face up is 0.5. The probability of rolling a fair 6 sided number cube and an odd number landing face up is 0.5. What is the probability of... more

Geometry Homework

In a standard deck of cards, what is the probability of picking a red card or a face card, when choosing at random? A. 4/13 B. 8/13C. 9/13D. 7/13
1 3 4 5 6 7 294

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