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Relationship between "detrimental" and "effective"?

A sample IELTS question in the reading section concerns a passage about how dentistry has improved over the last few centuries. The passage includes:> "...for most of the 18th and the beginning... more


Word for a small taste of drink?

My Italian family members will use a word that sounds like "spudatza" to refer to a small taste of a drink."Would you like to try this wine?""Just a spudatza"What word is this?


Meaning of 'gobbo' / 'gobbi'?

The dictionary says 'gobbo' (noun) means a hunchback.I was watching this video of Mourinho after the Juve game:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z5Qm9CIYHkA comment underneath says:> Godo come un... more
Word Meaning Italian Difference Idioms


“Avere senso” vs “fare senso”?

My girlfriend is Italian and I've been learning Italian for some time now. I've always used "Fa senso" and she never corrected me. Recently I befriended a girl and when she heard me saying "fa... more


Vocabolo italiano per "trading"?

Qualcuno sa dirmi una parola italiana per "trading", inteso come compravendita/scambio di strumenti finanziari.Per esempio, in espressioni come *trading platform*, *trading commissions*, e cos via.... more
Word Meaning Italian Translation


What is a "utenza fissa"?

While filling out an address form, I came across the field "Utenza fissa". I checked dictionaries and online translators. The result was not very satisfying:I found the following meanings for... more


Sapere vs conoscere in "I know a language"?

What is the difference between "So l'italiano" and "Conosco l'italiano"? I've seen both used in sentences.
Word Meaning Italian Verbs


Cosa significa "infrociarsi"?

Nel romanzo *Il fu Mattia Pascal* di Luigi Pirandello ho letto:> Appena arrivato, si toglieva dal taschino del panciotto un vecchio cipollone di rame, e lo appendeva a muro con tutta la... more


Is "almost" the equivalent word for "quasi"?

I almost quit my job (It implies that I didn't). *Ho quasi lasciato il mio lavoro.*Does it mean exactly the same thing, implying that I still have my job?
Word Meaning Italian Verbs


Cosa significa "disassare"?

Cosa significa "disassare"?Nel romanzo *Rossovermiglio* di Benedetta Cibrario ho letto: Certi la chiamano Torre della Vedetta, benché da lassùin cima non si veda quasi nulla per via di una... more
Word Meaning Italian Verbs


Cosa vuol dire "springare" in questo contesto?

Nel romanzo *Una questione privata*, di Beppe Fenoglio, ho letto:> Milton **springò** con le dita e fece cadere il sandwich nel contenitore.Potreste spiegarmi cosa vuol dire... more


What does "sballati" mean?

In conversation with Italian (specifically Sicilian) friends, a word has come up which we are struggling to reach a shared understanding of.The Italian word is *"sballati"* and, when fed through... more
Word Meaning Italian Word Usage


Mi/ti/ecc. garba si usa spesso come sinonimo di "mi/ti/ecc. piace"?

Di recente mi sono imbattuto nella frase "[questa cosa] mi garba di più". Era la prima volta che vedevo il verbo "garbare"; sembra significare su per giù lo stesso che "piacere". Questo verbo si... more
Word Meaning Grammar Italian Word Usage


Which one is correct: "ti raccomando" vs "mi raccomando"?

I know that both `"ti raccomando"` and `"mi raccomando"` are used with the sense of `"I recommend you"`, but to me, coming from outside, the use of the "mi" form seems illogical and should be... more
Word Meaning Italian Word Usage


Using vicino or vicina?

Can someone explain if there is a difference in meaning or usage between vicino and vicina. As far as I can tell, they seem to be interchangeable, yet I've seen both used.
Word Meaning Italian Translation Idioms


What does "le barchette di carta" mean?

Is there a specific idiomatic meaning for "barchette di carta" (in English). I'm trying to translate the following sentence but it refuses to make sense.> "Montale 'fanciullo invecchiato' vede... more


Additional meanings of 'se'?

The sentence "*Scusa se non mi sono fatta più sentire*" means, as I understand it: "*Sorry if I didn't get in touch with you anymore*". Or is there a better translation? Anyway, what seems strange... more
Word Meaning Italian Word Usage


What is the difference between “ti amo” and “ti voglio bene”?

Can we use “*ti amo*” for expressing love between siblings?And we use “*ti voglio bene*” for expressing love between two passionate lovers?


How to disambiguate the meaning of "ricaricare" when talking about mobile phones?

It seems to me that in Italian the word for "carrying out a mobile phone top-up" (UK) or "carrying out a mobile phone refill" (US), i.e., adding credit to a mobile phone's network operator account,... more

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