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What are central and peripheral adjectives?

What are they and maybe examples?
Language English Grammar


What's the form and function of?

As the title says, what's the form and function of "for a walk" and "with a statue" in the following sentence? [John went for a walk to the park (with a statue.]
Language English Grammar


Is it a verb or adv. phrase?

In a sentence like [She carefully read the book] is "carefully" part of the VP or is it an ADV.PH?
Language French


What does Oh! Vous vous avancez beaucoup! mean?

Oh ! Vous vous avancez beaucoup !You advanced a great deal?


essay help in english language and linguistics.

i need a little help on an essay which i have to do for my class speech on Thursday. Topic : Social Media has improved human education.i need key points that can be included in it, whilst... more
Language French


What is the meaning ah ! vous êtes si changé ! ?

ah ! vous êtes si changé ! You have changed?

I have to fill in the blanks with the correct compound preposition. I am very confused and do not understand.

al | all' | alle | dalla | nel | nei | nellaCiao amico mio!Ecco la vita di uno studente _____università! Le mie lezioni cominciano _____ otto di mattina e finiscono _____ pomeriggio (afternoon).... more


I have to fill in the blanks with the correct compound preposition from the word bank. We just learned this lesson out of our book and I am very confused.

al | all' | alle | dalla | nel | nei | nellaCiao amico mio!Ecco la vita di uno studente all’università! Le mie lezioni cominciano _______ otto di mattina e... more
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Phrases, Dependent Clauses, Independent Clauses

The tall and majestic statueSelect one:a. Phraseb. Dependent clausec. Independent clause


What are the best ways to learn a foreign language?

What activities can I do to learn English quickly while having fun?


Do you think French Language is difficult to learn?



Should only one language be spoken at home?


How effective is the use of the intertext ‘scarlet letter’? (explain the relevance of mentioning it)

It sometimes said that we live in a permissive era but the truth is that for many people the permanent memory of the Web means there are no opportunities to escape a scarlet letter in your digital... more
Language English Grammar


What's an explanation of these textual segments? Examples?

Logical sequence relationsPhenomenon-reason. Phenomenon-example. Cause-consequence.Instrument-achievement.Temporal sequence.
Language Math


Horizontal, vertical, and what.

Relating to euclidean geometry there's a word for referring to y plain, horizontal. A word for referring to values along z plain, vertical. But what's the word for the x plane? I considered using... more
Language Math


Horizontal, vertical, and what?

So there's a word for the x axis, horizontal. A word for y axis, vertical. But what's the word for z axis? I considered usining internal but then there's also external. Internal and external are... more
Language Credentials


What do you know that would get me to choose you as a tutor?

What do you do differently that leads me to pick you as my language tutor?
Language Spanish


Please Help and thank you in advance. Please help me

Lee el siguiente texto y luegorealizala actividadt H Al-Andalus y su inerencia Al-Andalus (o Andalucfa) es el nombre que dieron los moros al territorio que... more

Learning a new language -> improving mother language?

Hi!Does this quote make sense:"A man who does not know a foreign language is ignorant of his own." Johann Goethe (1749-1832)How does learning a new language make us more aware of our mother language?


Why learning Spanish is important?

Cultural references, more opportunities, confidence, embrace your intelligence...


I need help I don't understand! please help

At first, the clubs were frightening,swinging away from my hands in strange patterns—red—yellow—blue—chaotic, unpredictable,colliding like doomed galaxiesin midair.Best to jump back, to let go.I... more


How do Latin nouns work?

Language German


Urgent German help

C. Haben oder sein? Ergänzen Sie. (das Telefon klingelt) Hallo? Ja, hallo Petra, hier ist Sonja. Warum__   ihr denn nicht zum Jazzercise gekommen? Ach, Sonja, entschuldige bitte. Max und... more


I need help! please can someone help me out this is due tomorrow please !

“Continually, a bell rings in my heart.I was supposed to go somewhere, to some other place,Tense from the long waitWhere do you go, will you take me“With you, on your horses, down the river, with... more
Language English Grammar


How many syllables are in the pronunciation of "G.S.W.?"

I hear cops use the term "GSW" to abbreviate "gunshot wound," but when spoken it's not actually shorter than just saying "gunshot wound." In my mind, "GSW" (spoken "gee - es - duh - bull - you") is... more

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