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Phrase Request Italian Translation Idioms


Wither on the vine?

The English idiomatic phrase *to wither on the vine* is used in the context of something or someone who is neglected or ignored. Can anyone please suggest an equivalent idiomatic expression in... more
Phrase Request Italian Translation Idioms


Translation of the expression "by the way"?

How would you translate the expression "by the way" into Italian? I think it can be translated as "a proposito", but I don't know if there are other possible translations.
Phrase Request Italian Translation


How would you translate "overkill" in Italian?

In a sentence like "This is an overkill solution", with the purpose of conveying the idea that the proposed solution does too much and should be discarded in favour of a simpler one.This is a list... more
Phrase Request Italian Translation


All I got was this lousy t-shirt-type slogan in Italian?

My partner has gone back to Italy to visit family for christmas - I'm flying out in a few days, and she asked me to buy for her sister a t-shirt that says "My sister goes to [university/city name]... more
Phrase Request Italian Translation


How can I say "How are you?" in Italian?

In English, it is usual to ask "How are you?" as a salutation. How can I say a similar thing in Italian?
Phrase Request Italian Translation


How do we say "right back at you"?

When someone is wishing us something, how do we say "right back at you"?Is "lo stesso vale per te" the right and only response?
Phrase Request Italian Translation


Expression/phrase for "more or less"?

I once asked how to say the equivalent of the English expression "more or less" to an Italian speaker (non-native) and they replied that it could most accurately be translated as: "Più meno"But I... more


Ironic constructions in Italian?

As part of my masters in linguistics, I am taking a course on the subject of irony. We were given examples of sentences that are most likely ironic, as the English sentence "he is not exceptionally... more
Phrase Request Vocabulary Korean


How to say "Do you know me"?

Hello everyone I new here in the language korean I would like know if this way is correct say "Do you know me " in korean I alway say this way "**no na ara**" `너, 나 알아?` someone that speak korean... more
Phrase Request Italian Translation


How can I say "Good luck!" in Italian?

There are many situations in which we would wish someone "Good luck!", for instance when someone is embarking in something difficult or dangerous. How can we express a similar thing in Italian?
Phrase Request Italian Translation


How can I translate the expression "Got it!" in Italian?

How can I say "Got it!" in Italian? Google Translate gives "Fatto!" and "Ce l'ho!", but I think these are not correct answers.
Phrase Request Grammar Italian Difference


ascoltare and "sentire" When do we use each?

When do we use "ascoltare" and when "sentire"? Are there specific phrases with each?
Phrase Request Italian Translation Idioms


I have no idea in Italian?

How can I say "I have no idea" in Italian in a very emphatic way? I think I have sometimes heard or read some idiomatic expressions, such as "non ne ho la più pallida idea", but I don't remember them. more
Phrase Request Italian Translation


Traduzione della frase inglese "To make a big deal (out of something)"?

Buongiorno,Ho cercato "to make a big deal" nel dizionario e ho trovato: > **To make a big deal out of something:**> fare un sacco di storie per qualcosaSecondo me questa traduzione non... more
Phrase Request Italian Translation


Expression/phrase for "I'm working on it"?

Is there an expression that means "I'm working on it", translated inexpertly by me as "Sto lavorando su di esso", that stands in generality? Or do you alter the statement to match the object that... more

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