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Which of the following could happen if human DNA were methylated?

A. DNA binding proteins, which could not bind to DNA when it was not methylated, are now able to bind B. Histone proteins, which package DNA, are no longer able to bind to DNA once it becomes... more
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Cell cycle selection?

Is it possible to select from colonies only cells which are at a certain stage in the cell cycle? E.g. if I was trying to analyse expression of a number of genes during different stages of the cell... more


What exactly happens if during translation, an amino acid is not present?

Lets say that the cell wants to make a particular protein. Transcription of the appropriate gene is done and the mRNA is made. mRNA attaches to the ribosome and the translation is initiated in a... more
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Are there known downsides to removing UV mutation hotspots to prevent some skin cancers (Genetic sunblock)?

Khavari et al. recently demonstrated that a significant fraction of one of the major forms of skin cancer (cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas) are associated with a mutated KNSTRN gene (a protein... more


Why is mRNA needed in the Protein translation?

The original question was to predict the basic requirements for information storage. Then the discussion moved to why is it necessary to include mRNA in the protein translation process. Why can't... more
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Is there a term for when a detrimental gene can be positively selected for because of linkage to a very fit gene?

Let's say that some piece of DNA would be subject to extreme negative selection if it were independently inherited, but it is very closely linked to an extraordinarily fit gene, and so the complex... more
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What is the origin of "melting" in molecular genetics?

I'm reading some papers about prokaryotic transcription mechanisms, and I've come across a term I haven't heard before: *DNA melting* or *promoter melting*. After reading a bit, it's pretty clear... more
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Constant or variable number of chiasmata during recombination?

During recombination, is the number of chiasmata consistent for each gamete and are the chiasmata regions consistent within a single organism?
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What is the difference between the mitotic spindle and microtubules?

In mitosis, I understand that the centromeres line up on the spindle. I also know that the centrioles form microtubles between the centromeres during mitosis in the metaphase. But, are microtubles... more
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How was gene therapy able to cure diseases through the transformation of actively dividing cells?

I thought that gene therapy, when performed on target cells that regenerate themselves constantly, can be effective for a limited time only. I.e., the effect gradually wears off after a while,... more
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Out of the Cell: toward the ribosome

Which is the cellular organelle that has two parts: Big and Small?


What came first? The DNA or the DNA polymerases?

I know this sounds a lot like chicken and egg question and while the latter has an answer, I am intrigued about the former.A modified form of the question would be, in the course of abiogenesis,... more
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Are there known downsides to removing UV mutation hotspots to prevent some skin cancers (Genetic sunblock)?

Khavari et al. recently demonstrated that a significant fraction of one of the major forms of skin cancer (cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas) are associated with a mutated KNSTRN gene (a protein... more
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Does the genome make sense without knowledge of the ovum?

Much of the literature for laypeople seems to consider (and to spreadthe idea) that an animal (or a plant, I guess) is characterised by itsgenome. I do not know whether the same goes for more... more
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What's the aim of genetically modifying of foods/organisms?

On news, articles etc. experts talking about **Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms** often mentions about their disadvantages like, - their potential to harm human health - allergies may... more
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What is the difference between "cistron" and "gene"?

I'm asking after reading the cognate wikipedia.en article on "cistron". I am still not sure about the difference between the two terms. To me it seems valid to picture a "cistron" as the genome... more
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Can human mRNA be translated in vitro by prokaryotes?

As the genetic code is universal, can mRNA from a human cell be correctly translated by a prokaryote in a in vitro translation system?
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Are mutations a source of genetic variation?

Here is a question from the book *SAT II Success Biology E/M* (where the SAT is the exam taken by the American high school students): > Which of the following statements is true about... more


What is the functional and structural distinction between core (H2A, H2B, H3,H4) and linker(H1/H5) histones?

Many explanations of histone biochemistry isn't quite elucidating for the undergraduate student. How does histone structure (dimers, octomers) relate to their specific functions as core or linker... more
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Redundancy of the genetic code?

One particular codon codes only for one amino acid, but an amino acid can be coded for by several different codons. Now according to the genetic code, the codon `UUU` codes for the amino acid... more
Molecular Genetics


Guanine and cytosine are what?

double ring structure
Molecular Genetics


Adennie, Thymine, and Uracil are classified as what?

single ring structure   

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