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contagious disease?

Is HIV a risk in the salon? Why or why not


What is the primary purpose of regulatory agencies?

chemistry question

If the rate law for a hypothetical reaction is r = k[A]^2[B]^1, what is the order of reaction with respect to A?

Please help urgent

Which of the following is true? Check all that apply.1: is the enthalpy of reactants2: is the enthalpy of the activated complex3: is the activation energy4: is the enthalpy of the reactionNone of... more

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Which of the following statements concerning rate laws is true? A. All reactants must appear in the rate law B. The rate constant increases when the rate increases C. Products may appear in the... more

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A reaction is found to be second order with respect to reactant A. What would be the effect on the rate if the concentration of A were doubled?A. The rate would be doubleB. The rate would quadruple... more

Consider the following system with the following concentrations:

Consider the following system with the following concentrations::CO(g)+H2O(g)⇌CO2(g)+H2 K= 1.0 [CO2]= 0.2 M[H2]=2.0M[CO]=1.0M[H2O]=1.0MWhich of the following is true about this system?a)This... more

Trigonomety Questions (solving trig functions, finding area of shaded region)

Hi! I'm very confused on these questions. I've tried to do so myself but am struggling greatly. Would be very appreciated if someone could help me soon! I just really need help with finding the... more

How do you improve your writing based off of revisions you have been given?

I have a writing/essay test coming up and I wanted to practice for it. I wrote a practice essay and sent it to an friend who is an English teacher to revise it. I got the revisions back however how... more


Consider the hypothetical reaction A(g)+2B(g)⇌ C(g)

Consider the hypothetical reaction A(g)+2B(g)⇌ C(g)If the equilibrium concentration of A is 0.000045 mol/L, of B is 0.02 mol/L, and of C is 0.0094 mol/L, what is K for the... more


How much paper will she need?

Nguyen is decorating the room for her sister’s baby shower party. She is wrapping Vietnamese conical hats in baby prints tissue paper to decorate the tables and some shelves in the wall. Each hat... more


If a+b+c= 35 and b+c= 25 then c =?

find t3 , if t5 = 25 and t7 = 100.


I'm stuck on this question for biology

Develop an investigation and describe the data that will be collected to test how changes in an external environment can impact the internal conditions of a living system. Use background knowledge... more


what is the approximate solutions for 2x^2-8=18

1 3 4 5 6 7 8974

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