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A delivery truck with its fuel and driver weighs 7500 pounds.

the truck is being loaded with boxes that weigh 26 pounds each. What is the expression for the total weight of the truck when it leaves the loading dock?

What is the difference between supply and quantity supplied?

How do you differentiate between supply changes and just changes in quantity sold?

Shirt Colors

A school choir needs to make T-shirts for its 75 members and has set aside some money in their budget to pay for them. The members of the choir decided to order from a printing company that charges... more

Eighth Grade Science

Heat energy, Q, is calculated by multiplying the mass of the object in grams, m, by the change of temperature, mΔT, and the specific heat, Cp, of the material.Q = mΔT(Cp) Calculate the heat lost... more

How to we find the number of solutions in a problem like x^2-3x+1=0?

I've seen many people say if its equal to 0 then it has one solution, if it is less than zero it has 2 imaginary solutions and if it is more that zero it has 2 real solutions, but how to we get to... more

Calculus NEed help please!

 Use your calculator to find the approximate volume in cubic units of the solid created when the region under the curve y = sin(x) on the interval [0, π] is rotated around the x-axis. (4... more

Calculus need help please!

The base of a solid in the region bounded by the graphs of y = e-x y = 0, and x = 0, and x = 1. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the x-axis are semicircles. What is the volume, in cubic... more

Calculus need help please!

 The base of a solid in the first quadrant of the xy plane is a right triangle bounded by the coordinate axes and the line x + y = 6. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the base are... more


Algebra Math Homework

The sum of a number increased by one and the number decreased by two.


1D Kinematics Physics Questions

1. Georgia jogs at a velocity of 4 m/s north for 20 seconds. What is her displacement?2. A plane travels at 500 km/hr west for 300 km. What is the plane’s displacement?3. A polar bear swims at an... more

geometry angles

if angle a is 4x and angle b is 5x and angle c is 6x what is x?


The length of a rectangular storage room is 6 feet more than the width. If the area of the room is 55 square​ feet, find the​ room's dimensions.

The length of a rectangular storage room is 6 feet more than the width. If the area of the room is 55 square​ feet, find the​ room's dimensions.

Write −3≤x<2 in interval notation

I dont even get it

The difference of 5 times a number and 6 is greater than the number

Carnival Tickets

A school is holding a carnival and hopes to raise $500. Child Tickets cost $3 and adult tickets cost $5. If the school sells  child tickets and  adult tickets, then the equation  expresses the fact... more


KinDin (roof question )

Two roofers are installing a new roof. Bob is sitting on the top of the roof that is angled at 23.4 degrees from the horizontal. Nate is sitting 3.8 m further down the roof. In order to get a box... more

Important!! Please help.

When would an author use 1st person point of view instead of 3rd person point of view?

department the run local

What is one department that is run by the local government

If this,than that

Equation  is a true equation for a particular value of . Explain why  is also true for the same value of . To solve the equation , Lin divides each side by , and Elena subtracts  from each... more
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