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Airport offers 2 shuttles that run on different schedule.if both shuttles leave at 4.00 wht time will they be back together.P.S schedule is A:every 9 minutes B:every 6 minute

(a) At Davidson's Bike Rentals, it costs $24 to rent a bike for 5 hours. How many hours of bike use does a customer get per dollar? (b) Jenny bought 15 pounds of flour for $8. How many pounds...

you made 146 flowers at the beginning of the the day. 12 customers came in to purchase flowers, they each purchased the same amount of flowers. How many flowers did each customer purchase? how much...

A ball is kicked at 50 deg. from the horizontal at a velocity of 10 m/s. If the wind is blowing at 5 m/s at 10 deg. from the horizontal, how fast and in what direction will the ball be traveling...

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