math question! please help!!

Suppose you bought 8 mangoes and four apples for $20 and 3 mangoes and 6 apples for $16.50. What is a system of equations that represents the situation? how much does each mango and each apple cost?


Math question! need help!

a shopper purchased 7 t shirts and 5 pairs of pants for $200. the next day, he purchased 5 t-shirts and one pair of pants for $112. what is a system of equations that represents the soulution? How... more

dy/dx, y=(5lnx)/(1+2^x)


The molecular formula for the amino acid lysine is C6H14N2O2.

The molecular formula for the amino acid lysine is C6H14N2O2. What would be the molecular formula for a polypeptide consisting of five lysine molecules?

Help with precalculus equation.

Can someone please help me with solving this equation?The function f(x)=2x^2+16x+3 has a minimum of ______?


Percents (math- word problem)

julian is painting chevron stripes oh his bedroom wall that is 10ft by 12 ft. He will cover 25% of the wall in yellow paint. What is the area of the wall that will be yellow?

Write and equation (any form) for the quadratic graphed below

When I answered the 2/3 tries I am able to do I got f(x)=-1(x-2)^2+3 and the second time i got y=-1x^2+4x-1 and how i got it was -1(x-2) (x-2)+3 i distributed so i got -1(x^2-2x-2x+4)+3 then i... more

Assume that there are 6 unfilled roles: 1 male and 5 female. There are 2 men and 8 women, including Ann, auditioning for a part in the play.

(1) How many different casts are there? (2) How many of these casts include Ann? 


What is the multiplicative inverse of 2x?

I am trying to find the multiplicative inverse, the proof that shows that their product is 1, and using the inverse to write the corresponding expression below in standard form for 2x. Please help.

Put the equation that is in general form:

Y=x^2+18x+77 into standard form: Y=(x-h)^2+kWhen I put my answers in for the first time I put y=(x+9)^2+4 how i did it was 18/2 which i got 9 and multiplied nine by itself and got 81 so i plugged... more


Finding resultant direction

An airplane is traveling 583 m/s at 68.1° degrees north of west when a wind starts to blow. The velocity of the wind is 110 m/s and it is blowing toward 19.0° east of north. What is the resultant... more

Chemistry Stoichiometry

2Al+6HBr=2AlBr3+3If 8 moles of HBr react, how many grams of Al reacted?


The LCM of 6^4 , 8^2 and k is 12^4 where k is a positive integer. Find the smallest value of k.

My answer is 1Please do explain with a solutionThank You!


math question on black board

A northbound train and a southbound train meet each other on parallel tracks heading in opposite directions. The northbound train travels 8 miles per hour faster than the southbound train. After... more

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