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Approve a past class

Hi,Could you help me to approve one of the past lesson from Leslie? I couldn't find the approve button or something similar.I'm touching base regarding a lesson payment I requested but it is still... more

How do I write a thesis statement?

My teacher says I need to have a thesis statement in the introduction to my persuasive essay. How should I write that?
Writing Irony


Which statement can be an ironic theme of the story? For the necklace by Guy de maupassant

A. Although friends might be willing to share things, owing something to them can ruin the friendshipB. People concerned by appearance can be undone by appearanceC. If you try to climb the social... more

Film and Media Arts Challenge

Analyze Film and Media Arts' development and discover where Media Arts may go in the future. 


how memory techniques can help you learn English?

Prompt: Think about how memory techniques can help you learn English.Writing a paragraph with three technique you could use. Give an example how would you use for each technique.Pls help.Can you... more
Writing English Grammar


What is the best way to teach (and learn) writing? Is Common Core's approach correct?

Writing skills seem to have deteriorated to the point of mass incoherence, if not illiteracy. Are schools using the correct methods? Do we know even what the "correct" method is, or how writing... more
Writing Math Prealgebra


Can you write an equation with x and y?

What do you get for if y if you plug in 5 for x?
Writing Math Prealgebra


The formula for the permit of the rectangle is, p = 21 + 2w

Where p is the perimeter, I is the length of the rectangle, and w is the width of the rectangle.Rearrange the equation to solve for I (length), then use your equation to find the length of a... more
Writing English


Can you help me write a short narrative using these words?

Hello, I need help writing a short narrative using all eight of these words. It can be any form of the word. The word just needs to be used correctly and all words need to be used. Here are the... more
Writing English Reading


Aristotle's Poetics

How has Aristotle's term of imitation changed by the following quote? "For Tragedy is animitation, not of men, but of action and life, of happiness and misery. And life consists of action, and its... more


How do I write a personal statement?

Personal statements are often required on graduate school applications and doctoral applications. Even those who are proficient writers have a hard time writing about themselves.
Writing Music English


Help!!! It's for dance.

"Practice does not make perfect, only perfect Practice Makes perfect."Do you agree with this quote?Do you think you can apply it to all aspects of life?What does it say about mediocracy?Thank you... more


How do I write a personal statement essay for college?

What makes a good essay? What should I look for or keep in mind? How can I find a tutor for this?


To Kill a Mockingbird questions from chapter 15

1. Why does Jem scream when the phone rings?2. Why do the men ask if Tom Robinson is in jail?If you can, please write what page you got the answer from.Thank you!


How to Become a Sophisticated Writer

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to crisp, clear professional writing? Have you ever wondered what gives the best writers their extra appeal? Have you ever wondered how you can enhance... more
Writing Art English


Help!!! It's for Dance.

An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently. - Gavin... more
Writing English Reading


To Kill a Mockingbird questions

1. Why are the children so stunned by what Atticus says at the end of chapter 13? Why does Scout feel so hurt?2. Does Harper Lee do a good job of building tension and suspense around the Tom... more


I would like to pay $500 down on my account in advance

I tried calling but put on hold. My daughter Angelina Soderquist is getting tutoring from one of your tutors and I am Kristina Soderquist - mom to Angelina. I would like to pay $500 in advance... more
Writing English


Questions about To Kill a Mockingbird.

1. What is the primary reason Aunt Alexandra has come to stay with Atticus and the children?2. Why is Aunt Alexandra so home" in Maycomb? 3. Why do the people of the town respect her?


How many students/tutors can discuss...”If you make a hole in the universe you must replace it.”

”What is made with time, time respects.” “After awhile, you get the face you deserve,I think.” How many can write regarding these quotes?


Look through the window you can see the city lights at night. What change if any should be made to this sentence

Look through the window you can see the city lights at night. What change if any should be made
Writing English


You will virtually travel to Rio de Janeiro and create a pretend e-mail answering the following:

What's the region you went? What state you went to? What city? At which hotel you stayed? Tell me about the hotel. What tourist attractions you went to? How was it? How is the local people? How... more
Writing English Grammar


Can you help me write a brief story with these vocabulary words?

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