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Translate Algebra


Five less than the product of a number and -8 is -77.



Algebraic expression

6 times x, divided by 9
Translate Prealgebra


. Then solve the equation

Translate the following sentence into an equation. Then solve the equation.Four times a​ number, added to 9​, is 37. Find the number.
Translate Language Latin


Please Translate this Latin Sentence!

Tuus filius erit tutus, et Aeneae* imperuim perpetuum donabo.”__________ son __________ safe and __________ __________ to Aeneas.So far I have Your son is safe and Aeneas... to Aeneas... that's it... more
Translate Japanese Tattoo


How to write “Do not overthink” or “Stop overthinking everything” in Japanese?

Hello, I want to get one of these phrases as a tattoo but I do not know japanese or know anyone who does so I’m hoping someone could help me out and translate both or one of these phrases. I would... more


French translation check (asap)

I was just wondering if the translation between French and English is accurate. On google translate they are correct but it would be great if a French teacher or native speaker could double check... more


whats 6less than a number

I have a few of these questions like.. 2 times the quotient of a number and two 4 times the difference of a number and 8


Twice the difference of a number 3 and is equal to 2 .

I really need help with this sentence that i cant solve.


translate quadrilateral ABCD 5 units to the right and 6 units down

A (-4,-1) B (-3,5) C (3,4) D (2,1)  
Translate English Language


Find an appropriate English phrase to insult someone who is cruel

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm having a problem when translating a story to English. I'm trying to find a phrase to insult someone who is cruel and inhumane. If I translate word-by-word, it will be "you... more
Translate Quantity


the sum of two times the quantity three minus 6 and 8

translate evaluate
Translate Variable Expression


a number plus twice a number

Translate into variable expression.

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