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Find someone consider part of the cast-offs of society. Give this person a story in poem form, just like the speaker does for Miss Rosie. Write your poem following the same form of "Miss Rosie."

Please at least give me some specific details of a cast-off person in society. I really need help !

Why was shakespeare important for the world?

I am doing a presentation in school where we got to choose a person who we think is or was important for the world and then we have to explain why so I would like to ask why he is important and... more

Given the list of genres included, which short story genre most closely matches "The Red Shoes" by Edna Buchanan?

Horror storyAdventure storyModern story "with a twist"Crime and mystery story

How do the similarities and differences between Rainsford and General Zaroff drive their conflict?

Formulate your thesisProve your thesisAnswer in 2 paragraphs

Does Tim Burton's 'Edward Scissorhands' revive or threaten the life of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'?

Does Tim Burton's 'Edward Scissorhands' revive or threaten the life of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'? Please answer using evidence from both texts. This is not a request to engineer an essay in... more

Bias question literature

What advice do you have for people reading articles?


In "The £1,000,000 Bank-Note," why did Mark Twain most likely create the character Henry Adams as an American living in England?

A. to better compare and contrast American and British ideas about money B. to better compare and contrast American and British eating habits C. to better compare and contrast American and British... more


What are some situation to write a play in which the main character face private-self and public self like Brutus in Julius Caesar ?

I would be really appreciate if you can give me some more details to write a scene like that.


What Makes Epic Storytelling In Novels/Film?

The world is full of brilliant artists & storytellers- but what makes writing truly unforgettable? Think about your favorite books, movies and characters and explain why they're truly epic!


In the Book Wonder by R.J Palacio, how did Auggie pullman change from being the shy and timid kid to being a brave kid.

can you please help me find a quote from the book near the start about Auggie being shy and a quote at the end of him stamding up to himself and what he believes. if this is answered in time it... more


The Purloined Letter by: Edgar Allen Poe

From The Purloined Letter at what moment in the story might he seem less than truthful.


importance/relevance of the Victorian Literature to the society and students

significance of the victorian literature to the society/students and how it impacts us


Is it difficult to understand sentence structure?

Can you utilize quick and easy tips that allow you to write in a structured format?


What is the difference between first and third person when reading?

In reading and then writing, a story is told by authors either in first, second, or third person. Do you or your child know the answer?


How was American Literature shaped?


Nonfiction does not contain characters, plots, or settings.

Is this statement true or false?


What does Pudd'nhead Wilson's joke about half a dog mean?

In _Pudd'nhead Wilson_, by Mark Twain, the character David Wilson makes a remark that results in the townspeople writing him off as a "pudd'nhead". > He had just made the acquaintance of... more
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