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Prepositions English Reading Poem


Can you identify all the prepositional phrases in my poem? I need it for homework!

Please tell me every prepositional phrase I have put in this poem. I can't seem to figure out prepositions and it would help if you could identify each and every prepositional phrase because I need... more


A question about a quote from "Alice in Wonderland"?

Regarding this passage from Lewis Carrol's *Alice in Wonderland*:> 'No, please go on!' Alice said very humbly; 'I won’t interrupt again. I dare say there may be ONE.'> 'One, indeed!' said... more
Prepositions Grammar


Which is correct: "The facts are known by us" or "The facts are known to us"?

Which is correct?>The facts are known by usor >The facts are known to usI think _by_ is correct but my friends persist that it's _to_.
Prepositions Grammar


About the 'as in'?

> if "minus" is conceivably an operator, **as in** "the band reunited, minus one member", you would use the singular.Which is preposition? the 'as' or 'in' or both as a whole is preposition? In... more
Prepositions Grammar


at the floor vs. "on the floor"?

For the following sentences:> - He threw the book *at* the floor.> - He threw the book *on* the floor.I know the book hit the floor in both sentences but which one is more commonly used and... more


“To enable him to escape” vs. “to enable him escape”?

I have been coming across this kind of sentence more and more:>She gave him a key to enable him *to* escape capture. She gave him a key to enable him escape capture.Which sentence is correct?... more
Prepositions Grammar


Why do we say "in range" but "out of range"?

Is is the pair of expressions "in range" and "out **of** range" just an idiomatic outlier?Maybe not, as you can put something "in the list" or take it "out of the list".But I can think of other... more
Prepositions Grammar


Which preposition: "Write on/at/to this address?"?

My exam included this fill-in-the-blank question:>Please write __ this address. (on/at/to)I filled the blank with *on*.Is that correct?
Prepositions Toefl


You must wear a suit TO an interview vs "You must wear a suit FOR an interview"?

In the sentence-> You must wear a suit to an interviewshouldn't the **to** be replaced by **for**? Or what's the difference between these two here?
Prepositions Toefl Difference


I wish to speak WITH a British accent' or 'I wish to speak IN a British accent' - is there a difference?

> I wish to speak **with** a British accent?What is the impact of using **in** instead of **with** in the above sentence?
Prepositions French Articles Pluriel


“De” vs “des” in plural context?

I have a problem when I try to use *des*. For example, which of these sentences are correct: 1. *Je vois de lapins.* 2. *Je vois des lapins.* 3. *Difficultés de missions.* 4. *Difficultés des... more


Relative pronouns after prepositions: is it okay to use them in speech?

Consider the following usages of relative pronouns: 1. The lecturer introduces a study *in which* participants were asked to choose one attractive picture. 1. At the university I met famous... more
Prepositions Esl/esol Speech Adverbs


Why do people say "Go down this road" or "Go down this corridor" instead of saying "Go straight"?

I was wondering, when giving directions, is it correct to say "go straight" instead of "go down"? Does down and straight in the context of giving directions mean the same thing?
Prepositions French Articles Grammaire


Usage of “d'eau” vs “de l'eau”?

I'm confused about when to use “*d'eau*” and when to use “*de l'eau*”. For example, if someone asks “what is in that carafe?”, I think it is correct to answer “*c'est de l'eau*”. But if you ask for... more
Prepositions English History Latin


History of the non-rule that proscribes ending a sentence with a preposition?

Famously, if not accurately, Winston Churchill is supposed to have responding to an editor who had "fixed" a sentence ending with a preposition by writing, "This is the sort of thing up with which... more
Prepositions Vocabulary Grammar


At/on (the) weekend(s)?

Which expression is better? Which is right? Why? > A. Sorry to disturb you **at weekend**. > > B. Sorry to disturb you **on weekend**. > > C. Sorry to disturb you **at... more
Prepositions Italian Translation Verbs


Should I use the preposition before the infinitive verb form?

I am a bit confused about using the infinitive of verbs.For example: He used a map to find the village.Should I translate this as Ha usato una mappa trovare il villaggio.OR Ha usato una mappa a... more
Prepositions Grammar Meaning


At Night or In the Night?

Why do we refer to morning, afternoon and evening as 'in the morning', 'in the afternoon', 'in the evening' but not 'in the night' instead we say 'at night.'
Prepositions Italian Verbs


Dissuadere qualcuno "da" o "dal" + infinito?

Ho avuto il dubbio se, dopo l'espressione "dissuadere qualcuno" e prima di un infinito, si debba usare "da" oppure "dal". Per esempio, quale tra queste è la frase corretta? > Vorrei dissuadere... more
Prepositions Italian Translation Verbs


Should I use the preposition before the infinitive verb form?

I am a bit confused about using the infinitive of verbs.For example:> He used a map to find the village.Should I translate this as> Ha usato una mappa trovare il villaggio.OR> Ha usato una... more
Prepositions English Books Word Choice


Is the expression "as promised in the list" correct?

I'm reading the book Looking for Alaska by John Green and studying English grammar at the same time. As far as I know, we must use "on" with "list". Is it a grammar mistake?> As promised **in**... more
Prepositions French Usage Musique


« Jouer au piano » ou « jouer du piano » ?

Doit-on utiliser *du* ou *au* pour la phrase dans le titre de cette question ? Y a-t-il une différence ?
Prepositions Grammar Italian


Why are 'di' and 'dal' interchangeable in some cases, while they aren't in others?

> sono quasi morto ***di*** freddo> sono quasi morto ***dal*** freddoCan anyone explain what preposition I should prefer in the above sentence?And, always in reference to above sentences,... more
Prepositions Grammar Italian


About preposition in front of a time period?

> Lavoro la mattina.> > Lavoro di mattina.> > Viene a mezzogiorno.>> Bevo caffè alla mattina.Apparently all of them are correct! I am completely confused as to when to use... more

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