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What are some educational problems that can be used for research purposes?

Details about the question:The problem or subject that is going to be used for research can be related to the current events going on in the world; how the events and issues going on in the world... more
Education English Language Essay


essay help in english language and linguistics.

i need a little help on an essay which i have to do for my class speech on Thursday. Topic : Social Media has improved human education.i need key points that can be included in it, whilst... more
Education Math Precalculus Tutor


Find the exact value. sin 𝜽 = -2⎷13/13 where 3𝛑/2 ≤ 𝜽 < 2𝛑 Find tan2𝜽

I am confused and would appreciate some help with work showing please.
Education Math Precalculus Tutor


Find the exact value of each. cos 𝜽 = -5/13 where 𝛑/2 ≤ 𝜽 < 𝛑 Find tan 2𝜽

I would appreciate any help with this. Preferably, showing the work so I can better understand it.
Education English Language Esl


What do you think about the internalisation of higher education? Why has it become necessary in a globalising world? What's in it for students and teaching staff?

i need this for my finals tomorrow id appreciate any sorts of help


How do you measure success?

Is it by the grades you earn?Is by the scoreboard at the end of the match?Or something else?As teachers what should we be focused on?As coaches what is our ultimate goal?Let me know in the comments!

what college course best fits this description

For a while I have been wanting to fulfill a duty in business/ corporate. That duty is catering to employee needs within a company. We all know what it feels like to feel like just another employee... more
Education Special Needs


Special Education

If you (as a teacher) assign group projects to your students about researching your town's history (interviewing, research paper, etc.), and in one of those groups, there is a student who has a... more
Education Special Needs


Special Education

If you are a special education teacher and a parent guardian arrives at an ARD meeting with an uninvited guest. What is the next best step to take?
Education Braille Code


Braille Education

How long does it take to learn the braille code?
Education American History


In the story off "Mc Guffey Readers" discuss the impact his series of readers had on American education and on society.

In the story of "Mc Guffey Readers" discuss the impact his series of readers had on American education and on society.

How do you develop and where do you get information from?

I try to develop in my profession, but there is a problem with where to get information. Something interesting, I bookmark, but I do not always go back there and there is no synchronization and... more


What are 10 daily activities that people participate in every day and how they relate to the functions of government.

The functions of government are providing leadership, maintaining order, providing public services, providing national security, and providing economic security and economic assistance. I was... more


What is a "visual library" and how to work on it?

Reading through concept art forums, Ive met an opinion, that one of the most important things for a concept artist is to have a vast visual library. Out of the context of that opinion I take that... more


What are the fundamentals of human figure drawing? How to improve in each of them?

I'm trying to break down what skills I need to develop to draw a realistic human figure.At the moment I got: 1. **Gesture** I have no good idea on how to exercise this, I mean, I have no good way... more


Beginning with drawing?

I want to begin with drawing but I have literally no experience. I wonder if there are high quality video tutorials, like www.digitaltutors.com just for drawing?I want to start with hard surface... more
Education Praxis Mtle


Of the following, which is not something a teacher should consider when formatting a selected response assessment?

A. Starting with easy itemsb. Presenting all questions of like format togetherc. Leaving out point value information

Are Americans More Obsessed With the Military Aspect of History? If so, why?

If there is anything in my mind that has been particularly pronounced about American historical interests it has been an overriding interest in the military aspects of history. This can be viewed... more

Where did United States colleges rank internationally during the 19th century?

I have read that the USA was far behind Europe until maybe the 1930s. But just what were the limitations of US colleges prior to that?
Education Astronomy


What are good resources for someone looking to become an amateur astronomer?

What resources would you consider to be essential for an amateur astronomer?
Education Geology Rocks Soil


Making a local geological field trip an interesting and educational event for children?

I have no expertise in geology or earth science, but I would like to do a "field trip" with my home-schooled young children (under age 10) where I could teach them about geology from a hands-on... more


How or why do your eyes move away from a focal point to other elements?

In studying composition, we're told to pull the viewer's eyes into the frame using a strong focal point, and then lead his/her eyes into moving around inside the frame and hold his interest inside... more

How to prove oneself if company tends to reward Harvard/Princeton/etc graduates rather than performance?

I have been with my current employer for two years and over time noticed a trend (or bias) where recent graduates from top-ranked universities, sometimes with little experience, were hired to... more

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