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On a research paper

Trying to find independent and dependent variable


Can you explain this theory in simple english? thanks

The Mindfulness-to-meaning Theory (MMT) by Garland, Farb, Goldin and Fredrickson (2015) was planned as a representation of mindful optimistic emotion regulation to fulfill the gap of formalized... more


What specific characteristic sets Carl Rogers apart in his counseling technique?

Person Centered Therapy
Psychology Art Zoology


Is it too late to change my major after my junior year in college?

I'm a college student and just finished my junior year. I have a passion for animals so much, but I'm majoring in Drawing & Illustration and minoring in Psychology. I love art and understand... more


So let's discuss the ethics of mental health. 

Ethics and mental health are the topics of the week. So let's discuss the ethics of mental health. Some of the issues you might experience are data privacy, interpersonal boundaries, boundaries of... more
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Urgent!!! Help (Experimental Psych) im so confused with what should i use

Identify what is the experimental design for each of the scenarios, and/or identify the appropriate statistical test to be used. Choose from the options. Case 1: A team of psychologists is... more


I need help with experimental psychology :((

Mojo Jojo is conducting an experiment to see if removing the hippocampus in rats’ brains affects their memory. He first trains a group of rats to run a maze until they have all memorized their way... more
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Experimental Psychology HELP

A group of psychology students plans to have an experiment to investigate whether giving people material incentives makes them pay more attention. They use randomized stratified sampling to invite... more


Give two or more examples of combining multiple senses to work on something

Erik Erikson - Generativity vs.Stagnation - Fear of death declines with age. why?

Why does fear about dying or death typically declines in late adulthood?What relationship does (Erik Erikson's) Generativity vs.Stagnation have to a full sense of Integrity vs Despair?We can have a... more


Behavioral Neuroscience

While we usually view the reflective system as the ‘better’ decision-maker, describe situations—either from early evolution or modern-day—in which the reflexive system would be expected to serve... more


I can't figure this question out

Q.47 Hormone effects being limited to one sex or the other in mice, it illustrates what principle of hormone effects?A. Hormone effects vary across or between speciesB. Hormone effects vary within... more


Which represents it better?-Fundamental Attributtion Error

You just met your new roommate, Alex. Had a brief interaction, and then Alex said something rude to you. Which of the following best represents the Fundamental Attribution Error?a) "Maybe Alex was... more


Need help! Homework question.

Use an example to discuss the process of memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval.


what are the Implications of a study that found a negative correlation between happiness and academic achievement?

I have conducted a multiple regression analysis for a dissertation looking a the relationship between academic achievement and happiness, and academic achievement and self-esteem. The results were... more
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Using marshmallow experiment

1. Formulate a research question on marshmallow experiment and answer the research question.2. Formulate a null hypothesis or alternative hypothesis on the research question3. Find one specific... more


Using marshmallow experiment

1. Formulate a research question on marshmallow experiment and answer the research question. 2. Formulate a null hypothesis or alternative hypothesis on the research question 3. Find one specific... more


Babies fear of heights

Do babies have fear of heights? What can we learn from the visual cliff video about babies' motor development and sensory perception? 


Child psychology

Do childhood experience affect adults?


Based on the DSM 5 Criteria, what do you think? Do you need additional information?

David has a high sex drive and has always reached orgasm extremely quickly. He has a short refractory (recovery) after climax and is able to go for much longer the second time around. His... more

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