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Psychology Statistics Spss


Research statistics question

I’m a research student and I have to do a statistical test for this project in SPSS. Basically I had people take three surveys that were scored, and I’m trying to see if there is a difference... more
Psychology Biology Social Studies


Which part of the nervous system begins the process for moving the muscles required to walk across the street?

A. Autonomic nervous systemB. Sympathetic nervous systemC. Parasympathetic nervous systemD. Central nervous systemE. Peripheral nervous system


Psych Final project question

Hello! I am currently working on a psychology final, and my project is on stress. What causes stress, how we cope with it, and how it affects everyday life. So my question to ask reddit is, What... more


Discuss your thoughts on teachers providing input on whether or not a child should be diagnosed with ADHD or medicated?

Discuss your thoughts on teachers providing input on whether or not a child should be diagnosed with ADHD or medicated? 


Explain your thoughts around physicians receiving incentives for prescribing certain medications? Do you feel this is ethical? Why or why not?

Explain your thoughts around physicians receiving incentives for prescribing certain medications? Do you feel this is ethical? Why or why not? 


Maddie gets a speeding ticket, and her parents take her car away for 2 weeks. This is an example of what reinforcement schedule?

Positive ReinforcementNegative ReinforcementPositive PunishmentNegative Punishment


Blinking in response to a puff of air directed to your eye is a(n):

Unconditioned ResponseConditioned ResponseUnconditioned StimulusConditioned Stimulus


Do I need to study for the psychology AP exam?

YES! And you should know most of the details such as which neurotransmitters do what, parts of the brain, etc. I can help you come up with mnemonic devices or understand concepts so well that. you... more


Adulthood and adolscence

Discuss the major differences in relationship formation, friendship, AND sexual behavior between adolescence and emerging adulthood10 sentences or so thanks
Psychology Science Biology


Sociology of Psychology Exam Review

Amy, Juan, and Jenn are interacting. Amy and Juan dislike each other, and the same is true for Amy and Jenn. If the situation is balanced, we would suspect Juan and Jenn toa. like each otherb. none... more


Which type of brain imaging would be best to observe specific mental functions by studying electromagnetic or metabolic activity in the brain, like blood flow?

structural imaging (MRI, CT scan, X-ray) functional imaging (PET scan, fMRI)
Psychology Social Studies


What do you think of Freud’s psychodynamic theory of personality development? What are the pros? What are the cons?

How much do you think our unconscious really influences our behavior? Why? Are the id, ego, and superego valid? Why or why not?  Is personality development fixed in childhood? Why or why not? What... more
Psychology History Latin


Why do you think that this significant proportion of the undocumented population that is not Latin American is generally ignored by the media and politicians?

Latin Americans make up 75 percent of all undocumented immigrants to the U.S. The other 25 percent of undocumented immigrants hail primarily from Asia. Why do you think that this significant... more
Psychology Sociology


Social media and dehumanization

How can social media lead or encourage dehumanization?


Tuskegee Experiment

Tuskegee StudyMost people's initial reaction to the Tuskegee experiment is to ask how it could have happened. What do you think? Could it happen again? What groups might be vulnerable to unethical... more
Psychology Anthropology Sociology


Gender-typed toys response

What do your observations suggest about how gender is constructed in our society through toy design and/or advertising? How might such constructions of gender influence popular ways of thinking... more
Psychology Logic


Complete the form of the above argument:

"If it’s right for me to lie and not right for you, then there is a relevant difference between our cases. There is no relevant difference between our cases. It’s not right for you to lie.... more
Psychology Logic


According to its truth table, which property best characterizes it?  

For this statement,"Either a tax reduction is feasible only if both education costs do not increase and the welfare program is abolished, or a tax reduction is feasible and either the welfare... more


Psychology Quiz Review

One of the videos we watched in class documents a research study that finds that people are less likely to help others when they complete a word association task about money than when they are... more
Psychology Body: Self And Mind


How do you lucid dream, and how does it feel to lucid dream?

I heard from some people that lucid dreaming is awesome and mind changing, but I have never done it. so my question is: "How do you lucid dream, and how does it feel to lucid dream?"


Attribution Theory question

Attribution Theory For the attribution theory provide a response to the following question: In your informed opinion, tell me what you feel are the pros, cons, and general thought about it as a... more
Psychology Sociology


Attribution Theory question response

For the Attribution Therory answer the following questions:Think about the theory, in your own words tell me what type of theory it is (i.e. intrapersonal, interpersonal, social, community, etc.)... more


Psychology- memory

An example of Episodic memory related to driving a car
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