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Which one of the following journal-article titles most likely represents an applied research study? Select one:a. Measurement of reaction times to different colored lightsb. The influence of a food... more

Who is considered the father of Psychology

Wilhelm Wundt. He noted psychology as a science apart from philosophy and biology, was the first person ever to call himself a psychologist . He is widely regarded as the 'father of experimental... more

Psychology Research Paper Guidance

What norms are the results to be compared with when studying the relationship of birth order and big five personality traits?Big Five Inventory is used to get the data and is divided into 3 classes... more

can you join 139f Developmental Psychology at the same time as 101 f intro psychology?

I want to see if i can take the two classes at the same time.

How do you find the value of a score with this given information?

A population of N=8 scores has a mean of μ=16. After one is removed from the population, the new mean is found to be μ=15. What is the value of the score that was removed? (Hint: Compare the values... more


Can decay, interference and displacement theory affect long-term memory?

If most of our personality is controlled by our long-term memories, can we forget those memories that control our personality, therefore forget most of our personality?


how would I write about a fictitious experiment paper based on the choosing of my hypothesis?

i need to write a fictitious experiment paper based on a hypothesis I choose but how would I start it and what should i include in it ?


How to break down defense mechanisms

I am trying to find ways to break down defense mechanisms that someone builds up for so long.


How am I able to use my own body?

This may feel weird and maybe stupid to ask this question but I sometimes wonder this in my mind and makes me afraid a bit more and more when I start thinking more about it. I ask myself as to how... more


I need help answering this question

The video "What is History For?" argues that history matters because it provides solutions to the problems of the present. Recall the statement "Those who don't know history won't be able to... more


Lying/mental health

I have this friend that I asked how she did really well and says that she placed 3rd and when I challenged her about she really did place 3rd and she got defensive and when I finally asked her... more


Energy in Empty Spaces

What is the word or experience you feel when you’ve been in a place filled with people, but then once you realize everyone is gone, you think about the “potential” energy there was in the room??... more


Psychology questions

Which of the following statements are true? Select all that apply (partial credit will not be awarded for selecting only some of the correct responses). Laboratory experiments are capable of... more


What branch of psychology is this?

In my English class my teacher mentioned a branch of psychology where you read annotations people make in a book, and you figure out what the person who made those annotations is like. What is this... more


How do you experience stress.

Everyone experiences stress physiologically as symptoms within their body. Discuss the ways that you experience stress physiologically and what has been successful for you in combating these symptoms? more


sometimes researchers struggle to maintain the same wording when asking survey questions in various formats such as by phone, paper, e-mail, and text. this is important because:

A. questions need to be worded in a way that can be understand.B. wording of the questions need to be appropriate to the form of communication. C. assistants need to be able to translate questions... more


in a company that polls people over the phone, what should a supervisor stress to assistants about calling participants?

A. assuring potential subjects that she means no harm.B. adjusting how questions based on the audience.C. modifying how questions are asked based on initial responses. D. being consistent in the... more


Do you believe in the visionaries of Medjugorje? What do you think they saw on the mountain?

There is a lot of conspiracy about these events that have lasted for 30 years. What do you think that the visionaries are experiencing? I am just curious of what educated professionals think about... more
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