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College Research Help

Are you a college sophomore or junior (perhaps even a senior) getting ready to look at colleges/universities? I've created a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill out! I will thoroughly... more
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What are some great tips for starting my college essay?

How much time do I need to write my college essay? Advice for getting started with the common app personal statement.
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How do universities select applicants?

When someone is applying to a university, how can they be sure to stand out and gain acceptance?
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How do I get a degree if I’m poor?

I am 28 with no degree but I want to make my life better. I want to possibly study engineering in the lawn care field but I work at TruGreen and have to pay bills. Is it possible for me to get into... more
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A rate law is 1/2 order with respect to a reactant. Describe (quantitatively) what happens to the rate of reaction when the concentration of this reactant is doubled.

A rate law is 1/2 order with respect to a reactant. Describe (quantitatively) what happens to the rate of reaction when the concentration of this reactant is doubled.
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Consider the possible reaction mechanism below.

A + B ➞ C + D D + B ➞ C a. Show that mechanism is consistent with balanced equation. b. Show which is the rate-determining step (RDS). Explain your choice.
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The experiment is repeated at 500˚C. How would the following change (qualitatively) at the new temperature (explain your answer)?

This reaction was originally done at a temperature of 250K, but now it is being done at 500K.4PH3 (g) ➞ P4 (g) + 6H2 (g)a. The half-life of phosphine. b. The rate law for phosphine decomposition.... more
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Assume the rate of disappearance of PH3 is 2.5 x 10^-3 M/s at 20 seconds.

4PH3 (g) ➞ P4 (g) + 6H2 (g)a. What is the rate of appearance of P4 at 20 seconds?b. How will the rate of P4 appearance change (qualitatively) as the reactionprogresses?Justify each answer!
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How do I pick colleges to apply to?

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Assume that f(x,y,z) = x^2 +y^2 +z^2 +xz has a critical point at (0,0,0). Is f(0,0,0) a maximum, minimum, saddle point, or do we not have enough information to determine this?

Show all of your work and every step to receive full credit. If there is not enough information to determine if (0,0,0) is a max, min, or saddle, please justify your answer.
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Consider the function f(x,y) = x^2 − 2xy + (y^3)/3 −3y

(a) Compute all its critical points.(b) Find Hessian matrices and quadratic forms for each critical point.(c) For each quadratic form, compute the eigenvalues λ1, λ2 of the associated 2 × 2 matrix... more
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Let B = [201|020|102] (3x3 matrix)

(a) What does the Spectral Theorem guarantee about the matrix B?(b) Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of B.(c) Assume that f(x,y,z) = x2 +y2 +z2 +xz has a critical point at (0,0,0). Is f(0,0,0)... more
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density of gold

the density of gold coin and a gold statue are the same , even though the gold statue consists of the greater quantity of gold. WHY?
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How do I write a great college essay?

When thinking about how to write a college essay, so many people get bogged down! They write what they think admissions counselors want to hear, or they include a laundry list of accomplishments,... more
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What are the most important things to include in a great college essay?

When writing a college essay, students often get bogged down. They write what they think admissions counselors want to hear, or what their parents think will show them in the best light. Many... more
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How to get a tutor to respond?

Hello, I am new to Wyzant, and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong for me not to have received a response from two tutors who seem to have knowledge about the Marriage and Family Therapy... more
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mental health problems

What causes mental health problems someone does it mean to you? What’s the belief about mental health in your culture? what Should the world do about mental health? What something you would tell... more
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Where did I go to school?

College Counseling Psat


What is the biggest mistake juniors make on the PSAT?

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Defend your answer

1. we can be what ever or whoever we want to be agree or dis agree?2. our tendencies are completely controlable3. what we are right now, because we want to be like this 4. there are still many... more
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College Level advisor/tutor

Is there a college advisor/tutor located in Naples FL, close to zipcode 34119 who can work with a 22 year old college student to complete their 2 year degree. Only interested in in person meetings... more

Why should I learn Executive Function Skills during the summer when I have no school?

When you aren't in school your mind is more relaxed and open to learning the very skills you need to succeed in college. Without the stress you can learn fabulous techniques and train your brain... more


How can I stop procrastinating when I need to study for a test?

Do you find that you cram before a test and your body sends you messages that this isn't the best idea? Well, that's because it isn't. New research shows that just studying 10-15 minutes a day on... more
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Can I still get off of academic probation while failing another class?

Last semester was my first ever semester of college, my freshman year. I took five courses and failed two of them. My GPA was a 1.7 and I was placed on academic probation this current semester. I’m... more

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