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Why should I learn Executive Function Skills during the summer when I have no school?

When you aren't in school your mind is more relaxed and open to learning the very skills you need to succeed in college. Without the stress you can learn fabulous techniques and train your brain... more

How can I stop procrastinating when I need to study for a test?

Do you find that you cram before a test and your body sends you messages that this isn't the best idea? Well, that's because it isn't. New research shows that just studying 10-15 minutes a day on... more
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Can I still get off of academic probation while failing another class?

Last semester was my first ever semester of college, my freshman year. I took five courses and failed two of them. My GPA was a 1.7 and I was placed on academic probation this current semester. I’m... more
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How do I get into Ivy League schools?

What do Ivy League schools require from applicants? What kinds of students get accepted? What should I do if I want to be admitted to an Ivy League university?
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How do you help international students succeed in university?

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How do I write my college admissions essay (Common App)?


Looking for support in executive functioning and time management skills?

After working with various learners over the course of my 15+ years of education, I have come to understand the need to capitalize on each individual's strengths to create individualized realistic... more


Looking for help with your special needs student?

I have been working with differently abled students for over 15 years. I am a certified general education and special education. I currently am a professor of special education for both... more
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Need help with microbiology, pharmacology, nursing, or med school admissions?

I'm here to help! I'm new to Wyzant but have years of tutoring experience. I just finished medical school and would love to help you out with science of any level! Let me know if you think we'd be... more


Need help deciding where to go to college!

I know I should look at academics, financial aid, etc., but besides that what is important in your opinion?I'm deciding between a small liberal arts school in Massachusetts and UCLA.

What do I write about for the Personal Statement on my school application?

What's a compelling topic?What should I not say?Can I write about being assaulted?Does anyone care about my cultural identity?Should I explain why I messed up in a class/school?
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How do I ensure my college application sets me apart? What do I need to do to be the strongest college applicant possible?

For students looking for help distinguishing themselves in the college application process, including the Common App, personal statements, supplemental essays, etc.
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Please solve this step by step and explain how you got it *IMPORTANT* GEOMETRRYYYYY MATHHHH

The biconditional statement p <---> q is true. Which of the following are also true?please copy and paste and search the link to see the problem.https://imgur.com/ECzlQs0
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how can you differentiate between ontic and ontological anxiety?

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What do you find most stressful about the college application process??


what college course best fits this description

For a while I have been wanting to fulfill a duty in business/ corporate. That duty is catering to employee needs within a company. We all know what it feels like to feel like just another employee... more
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How do you spark an interest from an admissions counnselor?

Imagine a stack of applications sitting on your desk with an admissions deadline 30 days away. You are already drinking coffee, staying up late and have a "to do" list that is longer than her... more
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college Admission Help

Looking Tutor Help for My Son, who can guide him in :GPA/SAT/ACT Evaluation.career choice guidance,Right fit colleges for choosen pathIVY colleges/differences in US/CSI/community, admission process... more


Completing College Applications? Essays? Need Assistance with the College Search?

It's already mid-June! Many of you may be thinking about your college plans, such as where you want to attend, how you should organize your college searches, or maybe you need some assistance with... more
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What are some study skills tips a tutor would give to a struggling student?

What can I do to help myself study better? What would a tutor say to someone who is very far behind and getting discouraged?
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How can I strengthen my academic curriculum vitae (CV)?

I want to get into a psychology graduate program. In addition to publications, can you provide suggestions for how I can strengthen my CV? Thanks :)

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