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Hello, can I use Golden GAC 900 as a paint medium?

I have always used GAC 800 when thinning down my paint for pouring, which yielded nice results but I accidently grabbed the 900 at the store. I wasn't sure if this level of medium would work since... more


What is a "visual library" and how to work on it?

Reading through concept art forums, Ive met an opinion, that one of the most important things for a concept artist is to have a vast visual library. Out of the context of that opinion I take that... more


What are the fundamentals of human figure drawing? How to improve in each of them?

I'm trying to break down what skills I need to develop to draw a realistic human figure.At the moment I got: 1. **Gesture** I have no good idea on how to exercise this, I mean, I have no good way... more


How can I make a sketch under a watercolour painting and have it not be seen?

I usually use a regular pencil to sketch what I would like to paint very faintly, but I find that no matter how light it is, it can still be seen under the painting. Once the paint is dry, I can't... more


Uv resistant paint

Can you tell me a paint that is transparent and hold onto glass and has a uv rejection rate of 99% that I can buy. Also the name of the product. Thank you


How to convert RGB colors into CMYK (real paint colors)?

How can I convert an RGB color into a real life color?If I mix equal amounts of red, green and blue paint together in real life, I will never achieve a white color, in the way you do when setting... more


How to overcome the fear of imperfection?

In all of my art classes, and virtually anywhere I encounter new artists, the number one obstacle I see holding them back is a "fear of imperfection." So I'd like to submit this question to any/all... more


How to determine the "correct" scale for your art project?

The very fist step in traditional art painting, drawing, sculpting, and such is: 1. Determine the scale of the work!The painter must select their canvas, a drawing requires the right size sheet of... more


What are the benefits of making gesture drawings?

As far as I know, most art schools have exercises or even whole classes focusing on making gesture drawings. But actually, I'm wondering, why bother with it? While it probably has some merits, but... more


What does it mean to "push your values"?

When I used to frequent art-critique forums, I would often hear senior artists advise people to "push values", generally with little to no explanation beyond that. I gathered that in many cases it... more


Does anyone know how to add color to a piece of art (paint, ink, art)?

I know this is an odd question, but I get really confused and frustrated when I try to add color to something I draw. I don't ever get any farther than line art because I get confused as to how to... more


Can anyone explain the mechanics of “varnishing day” at academic art salons?

My understanding is that it takes weeks or months for artists oil paint to dry completely so that is ready to be varnished. Did artists really time their work so that it was ready on a specified... more


How to study anatomy as an artist?

I am painfully aware that nearly all my paintings and drawings seriously lack in terms of proper anatomy. The figures ofen look unnatural, twisted, deformed etc. More advanced colleagues told me I... more


how long would jeff need to do the job alone

matt and jeff need to paint a fence. matt can do the job alone in 12 hours. if together they work for 5 hours and only finish 7/8 of the job, how long would jeff need to do the job alone


Who signed there paintings Dahl

Who signed there paintings with simply Dahl? And painted abstract.


Art appreciation question

I was asked this question based on Fra Angelico's "Annunciation" painting and I am unsure how to answer:"Fra Angelico created a setting for the Annunciation that was very similar to the... more


painting 12 rooms finding the total cost of paint needed to cover the room with 2 coats

Suppose a gallon of latex paint costs $31.00 and can cover 350 sq ft. There are 12 rooms that are needed to be painted with 30ft x 15ft with a 9 ft high ceiling. In each room all four walls and the... more


sally can paint a room in 6 hours and it takes steve 8 hours to paint the same room. how long would it take them to paint the room if they work together

it takes 6 hours for sally to paint a room it takes 8 hours for steve to paint a room  how long will it take them to paint a room if they work together


John can paint a wall in 30 minutes. James can paint that same wall in 20 minutes.How long would it take them if they worked together?

John can paint a wall in 30 minutes. James can paint that same wall in 20 minutes.How long would it take them if they worked together?

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