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Ratio GRE question?

> Cashews cost 4.75 per pound and hazelnuts cost 4.50 per pound. What is > larger, the number of pounds of cashews in a mixture of cashews and > hazelnuts that costs $5.50 per pound, or... more
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Average question GRE?

The average daily temperature from 9th to 16th January(both inclusive) was 38.6 C and that from the 10th to 17th January(inclusive) was 39.2 C. what was the temperature on 17th January? I am able... more
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Combination problem with repetition. GRE Anagram Grid questions. Why do we divide?

If 7 people board an airport shuttle with only 3 available seats, how many different seating arrangement are possible? (Assume that 3 of the 7 will actually take the seats.) So I think the answer... more


Books to study for Math GRE, self-study, have some time.?

I just graduated from a regional university in the US with a minor in mathematics. There is a masters program overseas, for economics, that I want to attend but they require applicants to take the... more
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Combination problem with repetition. GRE Anagram Grid questions. Why do we divide?

If 3 of 7 standby passengers are selected for a flight, how many different combinations of standby passengers can be selected? So the answer to do this I think is 7! / (4! * 3!) The standby... more
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What is the one thing I am going to forget on the math subject GRE tomorrow?

As I finish up my final study session for the subject test tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone had some general advice/ often forgotten facts that might come in handy.


GRE quant question (hard)?

"I got this question from the GRE book. Central state college has three sections of Math 102. If four students, Bill, Jill, Phill, and Will decide to transfer from Math 101 into Math 102, in how... more


Ultimate GRE Prep?

I'm planning on taking the math [GRE Subject Exam](https://www.ets.org/gre/subject/about/content/mathematics) in April (~11 months from today). I want to start preparing now in the hopes of scoring... more
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Is Apostol's Calculus a Good Book to Use for GRE Math Subject Test Prep?

I am going to take the math subject GRE, and after looking at the main topics (calculus, diff eqns, linear algebra, prob, and algebra), I got to wondering if Apostol's text on Calculus might not be... more


Recommended resources for the mathematics GRE exam?

I'll be looking to start preparing for the mathematics GRE in a month's time. To that end, I am devising a study plan to cover the material in the span of approximately 4 months. I have decided... more

GRE textbooks question - calculus and linear algebra?

I'll be taking the Math GRE subject test in a few months. I know that it is best to focus on being able to answer all the calculus, DEs, and linear algebra questions (and quickly). I'm a pure math... more
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GRE Math Subject Test?

I am studying for GRE Math. I am looking for specific tips. What types of questions usually come up? Does anyone know any tricks (e.g. integration tricks) that might be helpful? Which theorems are... more


GRE General Test Math Practice Questions?

I am participating in the General Test next month. Can anyone please tell me of good source where I can get a lot of practice questions? Better if free! If anyone else is preparing as well, what... more

What does it take to get a job at a top 50 math program in the U.S.?

I'm a senior undergrad right at a small liberal arts college right now who is applying to math PhD programs in the U.S. I would like to eventually become a professor at a relatively good university... more

Math GRE: Calculus Textbooks - is Spivak + Stewart + Rudin sufficient?

Recently, I splurged and spent $1000 in math textbooks in preparation for the Mathematics GRE subject test. So far, in terms of calculus books, I have purchased Spivak, Stewart, and Baby Rudin.... more


GRE Mathematics Practice Exams?

I will be taking the subject test in the near future. Can you recommend me some sources (online or print) from which I can find realistic practice exams? I would like to get my hands on as many... more
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GRE General - How to get faster at basic math?

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Which classes do you recommend for the GRE math subject test?


GRE Permutation and geometry question?

How many heptagons can be drawn by joining the vertices of a polygon with 10 sides?
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Percentage evaulation Queestion from GRE?

A question from GRE book says: A candidate who gets 30 percent marks in an examination fails by 30 marks,but another candidate who gets 42 percent marks get 42 more marks than necessary for... more


Help me focus my study for the GRE math subject exam?

I'm preparing for the GRE Math Subject test, but I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, having never taken an algebra class or a probability class. Obviously I'm not going to learn a semester of abstract... more


Mathematics GRE subject test Prerequisites?

I looked at the Mathematics GRE subject test's website and it says the material covered is 50 % Calculus, 25 % Algebra, 25 % Additional Topics. I have taken two semesters of real analysis, abstract... more


GRE Mathematics Multivariable Calculus?

I'm studying for the GRE subject test on 4/5, and I've been going through the princeton review book, which seems to be the canonical guide. In the multivariable section the theorems are pretty... more


recommending books for GRE math subject test?

I wonder if anyone could recommend some books (other than Princeton Review) to prepare for the GRE math subject exam. I've heard that the REA books have lots of typos, though it has 6 practice... more

How to solve Work->Break->Work pattern questions?

Machine/Person A: Works for 20 hours and take break for 4 hours (repeated cycle) Machine/Person B: Works for 40 hours and take break for 8 hours (repeated cycle) In X amount of hours ( say x is... more

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