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College Math Sat Math


Math problem algebra

Stephen wants to build a rectangular enclosure for his animals. One side of the pen will be against the barn, so he needs no fence on that side. The other three sides will be enclosed with wire... more
College Math


Chapter 3 College Algebra 3

Write an equation in standard form of the parabola that has the same shape as the graph of f(x)=5x2​, but with (9,1) as the vertex.
College Sat College Essay


How can I write a great college essay / personal statement?

How do I start writing, and what makes a good university application essay stand out?
College Math Statistics


Let X = the average of the 49 races.

Suppose that a category of world class runners are known to run a marathon (26 miles) in an average of 144 minutes with a standard deviation of 13 minutes. Consider 49 of the races.Let X = the... more


Mathematics Question

A school sold 51 less children’s tickets than adult tickets for the school play. Adult tickets cost $1.25 and children’s tickets cost $0.75. A total of $129.75 was taken in. How many of each kind... more


College Chemistry Drawing The Structures for IUPAC Names

Draw the Condensed or Expanded structure formula for the following  4- bromo – 2-pentanone     Propyl ethanoate     2-chloro propanamine


College Organic Chemistry homework help

Draw structural formula for the following:Condensed or expanded NOT Line Angle.    Ethoxy propane     3 – chloro – 4 – ethyl hexanoic acid    N, N- diethyl butanamide... more


problem solving

The store is selling lemons at $0.39 each. Each lemon yields about 2 tablespoons of juice. How much will it cost to buy enough lemons to make two 9-inch lemon pies, each requiring half a cup of... more
College Algebra 1


absolute value notation

X is no more than 1 unit away from 6


Organic Chemistry College help

Im so lost on how to go about or even start these.Draw structures for the following organic compounds: a) 1,1,2-trichlorobutane b) 3-ethyl-2,4,5-trimethyloctane c) 1,3-butadiene d) 1,2-pentadiene... more


College Organic Chem

Please help me im having problems finding and Drawing 2 diasteromers of a single structure. can someone please show me in expanded form. thank you
College Geometry Algebra


Help me find the SIN and COS in these problems

Question 1. If θ=−1π3, then sin(θ) =   cos(θ) = Question 2. If θ=−11π6sin(θ) =  cos(θ) = 
College Math Algebra


Please help me in this Algebra homework

Caleb invested $9,400 in two different accounts, where the first account paid an interest rate of 8%, and the second account paid an interest rate of 7%. At the end of the first year, he earned... more
College Sociology Help


College Sociology 1101

What are some TV shows that depicts a character who is partaking in deviant innovation?Thank you!
College Science Biology


Anatomy and Physiology (DNA)

One DNA strand of Chromosome #12 has the following nucleotide sequence: TAC/CGC/CCT/TGC/GTA/CTC/ACT.What nitrogenous bases would be found on "the other DNA strand lying along side of it and why?"
College Math Statistics


Probability with Marbles

Suppose a bag contains 9 red marbles, 15 blue marbles, and 20 green marbles. If two marbles are drawn from the bag without replacement, what is the probability of drawing one blue and one green... more
College Chemistry


College Chemistry Help please

In a sulfuric acid solution, where [ H3O+] is 0.0001 M, what is the pH value?A) pH = 12.0B) pH = 2.0C) pH = 4.0D) pH = 11.0E) pH = 5.0
College Chemistry


College Chemistry Help please

What volume (mL) of a 4% (m/v) NaOH solution contains 15 g NaOH?A) 3.75 mLB) 375 mLC) 13 mLD) 120 mL
College Chemistry


College Chemistry help please

At STP, how many moles of helium gas would occupy 1.00 L? (R = 0.0821 L.atm/mol.k) A) 2.24 moles B) 224 moles C) 22.4 moles D) 0.446 moles E) 0.0446 moles
College Math Word Problem


College Algebra Question

The population of a small town in central Florida has shown a linear decline in the years 2001-2011. In 2001 the population was 25500 people. In 2011 it was 18200 people.A)  Write a linear equation... more
College Chemistry


chemistry help please

When lithium hydroxide reacts with hydrochloric acid the salt formed is A) LiCl B) LiHCl C) LiCl2 D) LiCl3
College Chemistry


Chemistry Help please

What is the mass number of Vanadium with 30 neutrons?
College Ged High School


Should I Drop Out of High School and Get My GED Instead?

I am a 17 year old junior in high school. For most of the first semester of this academic school year, I decided to take online classes due to recovery of personal matters. I found out during that... more
College Chemistry


chemistry help please

Phosphoric acid is an example for _______ acid. A) monoprotic B) diprotic C) triprotic
College Chemistry


chemistry help please

Which compound acts as both acid and base? A) HNO3 B) H2O C) HCl D) H3PO4 E) H2S
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