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Help: Geometry Question

Triangle ABC has been rotated 90° to create triangle DEF. Write the equation, in slope-intercept form, of the side of triangle ABC that is perpendicular to . You must show all work to receive credit.


trig college question

Outside temperature over a day can be modeled as a sinusoidal function. Suppose you know the temperature varies between 75 and 85 degrees during the day and the average daily temperature first... more


Please Help! Geometry

The following is an incorrect flowchart proving that point L, lying on  which is a perpendicular bisector of , is equidistant from points J and K:What is the error in this flowchart?A. An arrow is... more


Fill in the blank for protons, neutrons, electrons, and charge

Fill in the blanks in the chart below with the symbol, mass number, number of protons, neutrons and electrons and charge. When you enter the charges, enter them after the number, i.e. 2+ or... more


Equillibrium of forces

Forces X, Y, Z act along the three lines given by the equationsy = 0, z = c; z = 0, x — a; x=0, y — b;prove that pitch of the equivalent wrench isIf the wrench reduces to a single force, shew that... more


Differential Equations

How do we solve the equation,(D^2 - 2D + 1)y = e^2x(cosh2x + cos2x)


College Major Crisis

I am a freshman in college completely lost in what I am going to study/major in. My test results point to INFP, and I got a list of careers that were pretty creative and enticing. However, I am at... more


True or False about Electrons

Select true or false for each statement below. True False  Electrons move in elliptical orbits around the nucleus of an atom. True False  The energy levels of all atoms are... more


Vector - Scalar Potential

Vector a = (6xy + z^3)i + (3x^2 - z)j + (3xz^2 - y)k Find the scalar potential Q that vector a =grad Q


Stoichometry Chemistry Question About Concentration Ions

You react 100.0 mL of 0.100 M lead(II) nitrate with 200.0 mL of 0.250 M potassium iodide. What is the concentration of I− ions left in solution after the reaction is... more


Will bad grades in Semester 1 of Freshman year of high school have an affect on college acceptions?

During freshman year, Semester 1 I received a C, 2 B's, and 5 A's. Semester 2 I had 1 B and the rest A's.Will the C affect my chances in getting to competitive schools for example the Naval Academy... more


Help! Chemistry Stoichiometry Question

I figured out how to balance this equation, and I think I figured out the answer to question number 1 for mass (I got 33.2 g of sodium carbonate), but how do you find the ions that are not... more


For all real numbers w and z, such that the product of w and 7 is z, which of the following expressions can represent the sum of w and 7 in terms of z?

For all real numbers  and , such that the product of  and  is , which of the following expressions can represent the sum of  and  in terms of ?


Finding Grams of Complete Reaction

I found the balanced equation : 4C + S8 = 4CS2, but I am confused about how to find the grams.Any help is greatly appreciated!Consider the following unbalanced reaction: C(s) + S8(s) → CS2(l) How... more


Help! Strange Question about empirical formulas and naming

An oxide of iron is found to be 77.75% iron by mass. Determine the empirical formula for this compound and name it.Enter the formula with correct capitalization and subscripts (so "H2O" for H2O).... more


Finding Pressure (in atm) when volume is reduced

A gas at 379 K occupies 6.16 L at a pressure of 0.510 atm. What will its pressure (in atm) be at 250. K if its volume is reduced to 4.50 L? 


What statistical test would i ask

I will do a test to see if those with higher rebellious scores are more likely to have a higher level of aggression.(correlation?????????)


What statistical test should i use

i will do a test to compare gender results to the parental rejection scale One round for mother another round for father


Expressing P as a function of Q

Q as a function of P:1) Q = 25 - P2) Q = 12 - 3P3) 6Q = 14 - 2PI need help expressing those ^ above as P as a function of Q


I will not get my IRS papers on time for school, what should I do?

My school gave me until August 30th to get them my parents non-filing papers or else I will not start the semester because my FAFSA cannot be processed without it. What should I do?


College Transcripts

I’m at a community college and plan to transfer to a university in the fall of 2020. I have 2 Fs from the community college but I’m retaking those 2 classes to get a better grade and so the Fs... more


School and future concerned

I need help, no one in high school gave the information or the right guidance for me to form a solid path towards college. So I end up with nothing or barely on the limit requirements for even... more



Beer: The following table presents the number of active breweries for samples of states located east and west of the Mississippi River. East West State Number of Breweries State Number of... more


Should I apply to college after deadline?

Long story short a college emailed me say even through the fall of 2019 application deadline has passed I could still apply. I wasn’t expecting this at all so I’m completely stuck on what to do. I... more
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