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How does a student with ADHD learn best?


Find an equation of the parabola with focus at (-4,0) and with directrix x=3.

Express your answer in the form x=f(y)So, I got (y-0)^2=4(3.5)(x-(-1/2))I simplified it to be y^2=14(x+1/2) and I solved for x which gave me x=1/14y^2-1/2 still says its wrong! :((

How or why do your eyes move away from a focal point to other elements?

In studying composition, we're told to pull the viewer's eyes into the frame using a strong focal point, and then lead his/her eyes into moving around inside the frame and hold his interest inside... more

Why do pro cameras still need to pull focus?

Big productions using pro cinema cameras (RED Weapon etc...) still use manual focus and still have someone who's sole job is just to pull focus for a camera.With today's technology, I would always... more

How do I determine focus points in Adobe Lightroom?

Not sure if this is possible or not in Adobe Lightroom. **I would like to see the focus points chosen by my Canon DSLR**. I am guessing this is stored somewhere in the EXIF, but I'm not certain. I... more

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