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Sketching Drawing Sketch Draw


How do you make a perfect circle?

Sketching Art Drawing Pencil


What types of drawing do you teach? What tools and techniques?

Will I be able to use pastels, colored pencils, and other mediums?


Does grid drawing help with drawing from imagination?

I've taken art classes in high/middle school where I did a couple of grid drawings and I've even done a couple on my own. I also had an art class in college last semester and everyone there loved... more
Sketching Drawing Workflow


Going from gesture sketching to a final drawing?

I'm trying to understand the process of going from initial gesture sketches to a completed drawing. Most of the instruction I've seen talks about the gesture phase and the late detail phase but... more
Sketching Drawing


What are the key disciplines of realistic drawing?

I hear a lot of drawing instructors say to "focus on the fundamentals", but I am unclear as to what the fundamentals of drawing are. For many of the other arts, the fundamentals are clear, in... more


Beginning with drawing?

I want to begin with drawing but I have literally no experience. I wonder if there are high quality video tutorials, like www.digitaltutors.com just for drawing?I want to start with hard surface... more


drawing & sketching

how to draw and sketch from live objects and landscapes in pencil and or pen?


Shading dark scenes?

I frequently find myself sketching scenes that have dark lighting, but I'm never quite sure how to go about shading the subjects of the drawing when it's supposed to look dark, especially things... more
Sketching Drawing Paper Fine Arts


How strong lighting should I have in a studio where I work with only paper and pen?

I have a studio where I never use a computer. I only work with paper and pencils. How strong lighting (how many Lux) should I aim for if only using ceiling lights (LED at 6000K)?Is 1000 Lux enough?... more


Uploading Fast sketches to Internet with Wacom Drawing Board and Phone?

Suppose I have some phone and some Wacom drawing board (I have actually many Wacom boards so suppose any of them). I do not want to plug the Wacom board into my computer but to plug it to my phone... more
Sketching Drawing


learning to draw but hates proportions?

i draw from time to time, just as a stress reliever and a hobby. i'm into very basic sketches, nothing to crazy honestly, but i always shied away from drawing people because i get intimidated. i... more


Sketch the graph of g(x)=arcsinx where g(x) is the inverse of f(x)=Sinx

So I'm given a graph where I am supposed to sketch/plot this and I have no idea as to how to go about it. If someone can guide me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!  


The graph of f(x)=ax^2+bx+c has two distinct zeros. Explain how to sketch the graph of y=1/f(x).

12th grade advanced functions math
Sketching Curve Sketching


Sketch without using technology?

0.16t/(t^2+t+2) How do u get that weird looking curve without technology?
Sketching Graphing Functions


Sketch the graph of each function.


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