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What are some educational problems that can be used for research purposes?

Details about the question:The problem or subject that is going to be used for research can be related to the current events going on in the world; how the events and issues going on in the world... more


phonics- Science of teaching reading

Options: Pre-phonetic, Phonetic, Transitional, or correct U for you bik for bike mite for might would


How do you measure success?

Is it by the grades you earn?Is by the scoreboard at the end of the match?Or something else?As teachers what should we be focused on?As coaches what is our ultimate goal?Let me know in the comments!
Teaching Music Clarinet


How does your service stand out?

Mr. Sérgio was awarded a prestigious Artist Diploma and a Master Degree in clarinet performance by the University of Southern California.He has been teaching for more than 10 years and is a... more


Professional internet job assistance.....???

I feel like there is a real term for what I am looking for but I am not sure what it is so I'm going to try my best to describe what I mean. A lot of people these days are making money lots of... more


How does one teach a subjective art form like music composition in an objective manner?

As someone who has never taken composition lessons, I've always wondered how one teaches composition without straying into the purely subjective. In other words, how does one teach composition in a... more

In teaching, what are the advantages of using slides over doing board work?

At my university, most lecturers and professors use slides in teaching. This is true for most engineering, mathematics and science courses. I am more comfortable with doing the board work and then... more


How to obtain an evidence of teacher effectiveness when I never was evaluated?

I have spent my career working in the field and have recently been approached to teach some classes that are specific to what I do. I have been asked to turn in an “evidence of teacher... more


Recreating the rock cycle?

I want to recreate the rock cycle using some item that can behave as a rock. The purpose of this is to get a point across to my students about how really there is a reason why the rock cycle is... more
Teaching Toefl


How to prepare enough material for my class?

I have recently been admitted to teach some TOEFL courses in an institute and the course I lecture is reading and writing. According to the institute policy, each teacher is free to have his/her... more

Giving a test lecture, what should I keep in mind?

I hold a PhD in computer science. I've been travelling to conferences presenting my papers and sometimes as part of my teaching assistance duty, I had to give some very simple lectures to students.... more


Books on composition as insightful as Goeschius?

I've been a magpie for books on composition/orchestration, and it seems to me that the books written by Percy Goeschius are the best, most insightful and well-written that I've come across. Hia... more


What should be put in the final slide when preparing teaching presentations?

When preparing my PowerPoint slides for a lecture, I often find myself wondering what to put as the final slide.For presentations in industry, when not in a university setting, I often have a final... more


How to learn the different types of rock?

I would like to be able to point to a piece of rock and say that is rock type *such and such*. I have tried learning but it literally seems like an endless list of types and sub types and the... more


How do I teach on wyzant?

How do I teach? I signed up but there is no way to start teaching.


Tea question

A merchant has tea worth $7.25 a pound that she wishes to mix with 6 pounds of tea worth $9.45 a pound to get a mixture worth $8.50 a pound. How many pounds of the cheaper tea should be used?
Teaching Career


do teachers get paid for the extra hours they work

like the hours they don't teach students

1 trillion grains of rice?

What are the dimensions of a container that i could use to show my students 1 trillion grains of rice? what familiar object could it be as big as?

1 million grains of rice?

Describe the dimensions of a container that I could use to show my students 1 million grains of rice?


what do they mean by teaching is a choice and an adventure?

 Im in the teacher program and this is the question they asked me
Teaching Prealgebra


how can you make math seem fun when you are trying to each someone?

I am 13 and i am trying to help my friend out with her math because she is teaching me art.

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