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Precalc question

A street light is 10 feet above a straight bike path. Olav is bicycling down the path at a rate of 15 MPH. At midnight, Olav is 33 feet from the point on the bike path directly below the street... more

Is the function True or False

Which of the following is true for  ?Question options: 1) There is a removable discontinuity at x = 3. 2)  There is a non-removable discontinuity at x = 3. 3)  The function is continuous for... more

List discontinuities for function

List the discontinuities for the function f(x) = cot(  ). Question options: 1) n(  ), where n is an integer 2)  n(  ), where n is an integer 3)  n(  ), where n is an integer 4)  There are... more

Is the function continuous

Is the function  continuous? Question options: 1) Yes 2)  No

Find where equation is discontinuous

Where is  discontinuous? Question options: 1) f(x) is continuous everywhere 2)  1 3)  1, 4 4)  4

Find value where f(x) is continuous everywhere

To two decimal places, find the value of k that will make the function f(x) continuous everywhere. Question options: 1) 1.88 2)  9.00 3)  3.76 4)  None of these

Find limit using direct substitution

Find the limit of the function by using direct substitution.Question options: 1) Does not exist 2)  −6 3)  6 4)  0

Find lim x --> 25

What is ?Question options: 1) 0 2)  -10 3)  1 4)  Does not exist

Find lim x --> -2

What is ? Question options: 1) −∞ 2)  ∞ 3)  0 4)  −2

Find the limit --> 0

Find .Question options: 1) 0 2)  Does not exist 3)  4) 

Find lim x --> 1 f(x) using graph

Using the graph of f(x) below, find .Question options: 1) 2 2)  −1 3)  −2 4)  Does not exist

arithmetic combinations

f(x) = x2 + 1 and g(x) = x - 41) (f + g)(2)2) (fg)(6)3) (fg)(5) + f(4)

Write answer as a + bi

Simplify and write answer as a + bia. (2 + 5i) + (-2 - 4i)b. (6 + 8i) (3 - 3i)

Synthetic Division

Use synthetic division to solve:x5 - 4x4 - 2x3 + 4x2 + x = 0

Evaluate the six functions without a calculator for the given angles using period as an aide

0= 8pi/3sin0cos0tancscseccot 0 = -13pi/6sincostancscseccot

Math calculus Question

Solve the following applied problem using a system of equations. The sum of three numbers is 35. The second number is twice the first, and the third number is twice the second. What are the numbers?

How do you memorize the Unit Circle?

The unit circle can be daunting. It is necessary in all higher math classes and I am positive you will have a quiz or test on filling in the X and Y coordinates for each of the angles in the Unit... more

Can you help me to solve this

A line has equation y=5x+4. this line has slope:any line parallel to this line has slope:any line perpendicular to this line has slope:

Volume of Cylinder

The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units... more

Find Maximum Volume

A 160-inch strip of metal 20 inches wide is to be made into a small open trough by bending up two sides on the long side, at right angles to the base. The sides will be the same height, x. If the... more
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