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Identify and explain what type of solar event has just been described. Are the dangers from this solar event more likely to damage satellites, ground-based power grids, and/or unprotected astronauts.

We have detected a major increase in the solar wind from the Sun. The density and speed of material headed towards Earth has increased rapidly. Shortly before this satellites in orbit of the Sun... more


Independence Day Movie Question

In the opening scene, the alien spacecraft is seen near the Earth's Moon. The Moon is shown to be vibrating due to the mass of the spacecraft. Is this scene plausible? Explain your reasoning? 


What is the luminosity of this star?

A star observed has a brightness of 0 W·m-2 and has a distance determined to be 6.41×1017 m (16.60 parsecs). Use the equation: B=L/4(pi)d2 to solve this problem.Thank you!!


If light takes millions of years to reach us

...are we seeing black holes feeding in the past?


What is an Astronist?

I just heard a person call themselves an Astronist, but not sure what religion they are following and what they actually believe? I guess its something to do with astronomy and space!


Examine the force of gravity between the two cases below

Case A: Two objects, one with a mass of 8 kilograms and the other with a mass of 1 kilograms, are located 40 meters from each other.Case B: Two objects, one with a mass of 37 kilograms and the... more


why can't we attach messages to moving stars that will eventually leave the system

Recently a high velocity star was discovered in Australia. I read a National Geographic article that said it would reach another galaxy in 100 million years and that led me to wonder, what if we... more


Surface of the sun

At what altitude from the surface of the sun does space begin?


What state of matter is a black hole?

Is it an absence of matter? Or what?


White Holes mistaken for Quasars??

Could a quasar be a white hole? If a black hole pulls in everything including light, while breaking down time as you speed up through the accretion disk till you reach the event horizon, could a... more


Astronomy Help With Question

What is the final "ash" at the core of a high-mass star, which cannot fuse into anything heavier?


How is the Earth not the center of the Universe?


A star produces a continuous spectrum from its what?

Precise terminology, related to Astronomy, stars, spectrums


Calculate redshift of a Galaxy using recession velocity and distance

A galaxy is receding away from us with a recession velocity of 100,000 km s^−1. What is the distance to this galaxy? (Don't input the distance, just calculate it.) What is the redshift z of this... more


Flux of sunlight on Earth

The luminosity of the Sun is 4∗10^33 erg s^−1, and its distance to the Earth is 1.5∗10^13 cm.What is the flux of sunlight on the Earth, in units of erg s^−1 s^−1 cm^−2?


Is it possible for two black holes to collide perfectly?

If two blackholes with exactly the same mass, are traversing the universe on a perfect collision course with no other gravitational force effecting either black hole, what would happen to both... more


What happens to a star when its binary star goes supernova?

Taking into account two binary stars, if relatively close, what would happen when one star goes supernova before the other? Does that binary simply rip apart?


How large does a star need to be for its supernova to produce element 115

How large does a star need to be for its supernova or hypernova / collapsar to produce super heavy elements like 115?Also, how abundant are these stars in the universe?


distance from the sun in 47 years

what would be the average distance from the sun in astronomical units of a comet with a period of 47 years?
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