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Technique Drawing Education


Beginning with drawing?

I want to begin with drawing but I have literally no experience. I wonder if there are high quality video tutorials, like just for drawing?I want to start with hard surface... more


Where to find some good examples of combat or action scenes?

I always learn a lot about about writing by reading other works and following their examples. Right now I'm very bad at writing action scenes; the best I can do is write around them, describing the... more
Technique Writing Style


How to write more clearly and with shorter sentences?

I struggle with writing an awful lot and would like to improve. One of my main problems (and the reason why writing seems to take me a very long time) is that I seem to be unable to write in... more
Technique Writing Novel


Should you read your own genre?

In terms of novel writing, I tend to avoid my own genre, at least for the most part. Some of the reasons why:Genre Blindness / Genre Trap:Too much reading of your own genre blinds you to the... more


How to show a crying/sad scene without using sentimentalism?

Previously, I had no difficulty in showing a scene like that, and as for me, to show a crying scene I'd write something like "then a teardrop rolled by her cheek". However, I had read an article... more
Technique Language Writing


Colours of ultraviolet?

I need to write something from the perspective of a character who sees colours differently from humans, and in particular can see multiple shades of ultraviolet. This isn't unique, their entire... more
Technique Writing Style


Writing for an Audio book. What are specifics?

What are specific requirements, a writer should follow, when writing something that is going to be (or just can possibly be) not only read but listened as well?
Technique Writing Fiction


Do books have to be written in sequence?

So can we write the interesting action bits first, then add in the in between stuff, that maybe needed to understand the story or characters, but isnt so exciting by itself?For example the... more
Technique Writing Novel


What is a good methodology for researching a historical novel?

I'm having difficulty with the research aspect of my historical novel. This question was originally going to be "how much research should one do to write a historical novel?" to which, answering... more
Technique Drawing


What is the biomechanical motion to draw a straight vertical line?

To draw a straight horizontal line I basically pin my elbow and then move across the page from left to right. Easy. I can hit my marks consistently and everything is good.Vertical lines however I... more
Technique History Composition


What is the earliest known use or indication of "col legno"?

_col_ **legno** or _col_ **legno** _battuto_ meaning : strike (the string) with the **wood** (of the bow) is commonly found in 20th century chamber music. But I have heard it might have been used... more
Technique Writing Plot


How can I make an in-universe random event feel like it was really random instead of just RNJesus' will?

Some stories feature random events that bring about drastic change either to the characters or to the setting.A lottery draw, some gotcha that grants a special skill.Most of the times I find one of... more


At what point does a POV character noting their surroundings go from showing/telling to an infodump?

In a story I'm working on, at one point one of the main characters (also *the* POV character in this case) arrives at a new location which he has never been in before. This is the first mention of... more


How do I cleanly show the passage of time, with multiple, varying time scales?

I was re-reading *Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone* recently to get a feel for the way J.K. Rowling passes an entire year in a fairly short book that feels content packed, and I noticed... more
Technique Writing Fiction


How can I hide a second narrative within my story? (using time travel)?

I've been planning a story that follows two characters. At the end, one character (let's call him Joe) goes back in time and appears at the start of the book.I intend to explore themes of... more
Technique Writing Outline


I am overplotting my story - how can I figure out what is necessary and cut out what isn't?

I have recently discovered that the plot and cast of characters of my novel is so unbelievably complex that I am the only one who can actually understand it. I have too many characters, with too... more
Technique Writing Style


When can You Pause the Story and Speak Directly to the Reader?

## Note: This question was previously about breaking the fourth wall. I discovered that my interpretation of that phrase was wrong. I have therefore rewritten the question. ##*(The above is in... more
Technique Writing Style


What helpful writing exercises do you use?

The two I do most are dialog and description related. When I meet a person or I'm just sitting people watching, I try to write their description in my head as if I was describing a character in a... more
Technique Writing Style


What are the limits to description in story writing? How do I know if I have crossed them?

Time and time again, I have been told that my unfounded focus on description distracts from the main story line. I mostly write stories in English, which doesn't happen to be my first language but... more
Technique Language Writing


Will using real-world cultural vocabulary in a fantasy setting disengage readers?

__If I have certain minor rituals/garments/culture tidbits in a fantasy setting that mirror those of Earth, and I describe them using the real-world vocabulary, will that disengage readers from the... more


Techniques for memorizing a musical idea and "saving it to paper"?

Sometimes I have a very nice musical idea, with orchestration too, and I clearly hear it in my mind as if I was listening to a CD. But I cannot retain it. The only way is to play it over and over... more
Technique Writing Style


How do you avoid purple prose?

I try to watch out for bland, overused adjectives and I keep adverbs to a minimum but -- I hear this phrase a lot and I'm not even sure what it means?
Technique Proofreading Editing


APA Citation for a undergrad-level book review?

I'm writing a book review for sociology on the book *Sidewalk* by Mitchell Duneier.This book is the ONLY source for my whole paper. It is the only citation that I am using and the only outside... more


How to enhance details (like freckles) in Lightroom?

I searched over the web but all pages offers solutions via Photoshop. Is there a way to do it in Lightroom or is PS the only solution? I'd think something like levels would help, but there are no... more


When composing for oboe, how useful is it to think about recorder fingerings?

I'm always a bit anxious when writing for winds, because I don't really have much of a clue how passages will be executed on the specific instrument. (And I know how needlessly complicated some... more

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