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Whats a good place to start robotics if you're a little above average with learning ability?

I have been in highly capable programs all my life, and (I don't mean to boast, I'm just giving whoever is reading this more insight into a good decision) they were pretty easy. I'm a fast learner, and I learn mostly from the internet, since I normally learn a whole unit of math in one day then doodle for the next two weeks xD. I'm wondering what kind of a place would possibly be good for my starting robotics? Thanks.

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Robotics utilize several disciplines.  The answer to your question is a function of what you are interested in.  If you are interested in hardware, you will want to pursue courses in logic design, power systems, servo control, Firmware design and Microprocessor programming.  Programming/debugging a DSP application is a world unto itself and will undoubtedly be required regardless of which path you take.
The software algorithms use everyday Physics and something called Control Theory.  Control Theory is a large body of topics which address stability/control of feedback systems.  It is usually an option under EECS curriculum.
Good luck with your career!