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Poems about Budapest

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student, who try to search poems about Budapest, but not by Hungarian poets. Why? Because I try to write an essay about how Hungarians poets see their city and how... more

anyone can help please

Why do politicians make promises and should the politician be bound to them and if and when it may be proper to break their promises?


Why Burgundians are named like that ?

Hello! I'm Alexander from East Europe interesting in dark age. And so, I'm curios what is meaning of german tribes' names. I know that Saxons get their name from blades, Franks means something like... more


Communism & Capitalism

Compare and compare and contrast communism and capitalism


Unification of Italy & Germany

Explain explain the process of German and Italian unification. What is nationalism have to do with these movements


what cultures helped to shape the renaissance


roman civilization

What did politicians do to make people like them


What is absolutism and how was it justified?

What is absolutism and how was it justified


World History: New global connection

Discuss how the scientific revolution and renaissancepaved the way for a European exploration and colonization. In addition, identify some potential reasons why Europe became a world colonizer... more


Do you agree with that outbreak of the Cold War was virtually inevitable, given the ambitions of the two superpowers and their ideological differences?

How would the Cold War might have been avoided? Why did the Cold War briefly flare up again in the 1980s, and why did it come to a definitive end at the end of the decade?


What was Emperor Claudius known for?

What was Emperor Claudius known for? ancient rome


Elizabethan England!

I have some questions that need to be answered ASAP!first off, what is the difference between the privy council and the parliament?
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