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AP US History Study Guide Question

What is the long-term outcome of the defeat of the Spanish Armada

What does this machiavelli quote mean?

“Severities should be dealt out all at once, so that their suddenness may give less offence. Benefits ought to be handed out drop-by-drop so they may be relished the more.”

Franz Stangl Question

What strikes you as the most important episodes in Stangl’s life at this time?How does it mirror the radicalization of how the Nazi’s implemented their racial ideology?

Holocaust Question

Is there a common thread in the materials that brings us from the Middle Ages, through the later 19th and early 20th centuries? Should we be surprised by the developments that culminated in the... more

What are they specifically asking me to write about in my History assignment?

What does it mean when they ask you to write and describe "the impact of government controls on the home front during World War One and World War Two"?

The Unites States should or should not have helped Germany recover from World War II?

Write five paragraph argumentative essay.


What has been the role of Christianity in the colonization of non-European peoples? What is the role of indigenous religious and cultural practices in decolonization?

What was this major foreign policy reversal by the Vatican in the Middle Ages?

I made a note about something, but now I can't find it. It was a major shift in the political situation of Europe in the late Middle Ages. Initially one country was the hegemon and the pope... more

How was the first official geographical border established in Europe?

In this moment of history, geographic state borders are defined in official treaties between countries. These treaties determine where the territory of certain state ends and where the territory of... more

How would Eastern European emigres have traveled across Eastern Europe to Warsaw in the early 20thC?

I was looking back at my grandmother's voyage to America, she made the trip from Zbaraz in the Ukraine through Warsaw and then on to Gdanks and through steerage class to the New York. I know she... more


Whose ship was the first to circumnavigate the globe?

Here's a hint: He was killed in the Philippines, but his ship and crew kept on sailing.

What was the origin of religious tolerance in Europe?

Can, anyone, please, give an overview of how the humanism came about in Europe, precisely, the main prerequisites and reasons for its origin. Given the ambiguity of the very term "humanism", I... more

What did medieval European knights do if they were defeated in battle?

I know that in medieval Japan, if samurai were defeated in battle or dishonored in any way they had to commit seppuku (killed themselves). I just wanted to know if medieval Europe had a similar rule.

How did people categorize each other in the middle ages, how did racism work?

I'm interested in the european high middle ages, about the 12th-13th century. I'm trying to understand how people sorted each other. Nowadays, some overlapping categories people use would be: *... more

What was the origin of the Classical Antiquity culture?

I many times heard a version that the advances of the Ancient Greek culture were in fact borrowed from Egypt or the Middle East. I will not buy this. Classical Antiquity civilization had a lot of... more

Did any major European country stay neutral during the Napoleonic Wars?

During World Wars I and II, many countries managed to stay neutral, like Spain and Switzerland. Was there any major country (e.g. not a city-state or a micronation) that did the same during the... more

First-hand sources for medieval urban life in central Europe?

I am a teacher and I would like to do an exercise with my students concerning the urban life in the Middle Ages. I am looking for original, first-hand sources who describe urban life from the 11th... more

What was the military makeup of the Baltic tribes/Lithuania from 1200 to 1500?

There is quite a lot written on the Teutonic order and it's military, but I'm having a harder time finding any good English sources on the military of one of it's chief foes, Lithuania and the... more

Was the Bosnian Crisis the trigger to WWI and not the assassination?

I've read that Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1908, much to the dismay of the Serbs. Russia backed this action and was promised to have access to the Straits but were later denied.... more

How effective was child labor legislation in Victorian Europe?

How effective was child labor legislation in Victorian Europe? Effectiveness being counted in 'percent of working environments that actually complied', with 'Effective' being... 50% compliance? Or... more

What were the main reasons that the Industrial Revolution happened in Great Britain?

What were the main reasons that the Industrial Revolution happened in Great Britain? I know there were at least a few other European countries with some of the same advantages that Great Britain... more
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