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Career Development


Why have I not been offered a promotion?

I've been working a corporate job for over a year. My superiors have told me how they recognize my hard work and how I am an amazing team leader. I feel great with the appreciation, but yet I have... more
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Professional Safety

If personal safety is protection from harm, hurt, victimization, carelessness, recklessness, violence etc., etc., then what might possibly be professional safety?
Career Development


operation mangement?

Operations management transforms inputs (labour, capital, equipment, land, buildings, materials and information) into outputs (goods and services) that provide added value to customers. It does not... more
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Good Sleep Habits are Critical

Many of my fellow Law School colleagues (and Attorneys that I know) state that they only need a few hours of sleep each night. How can that be?
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UPL- Definition, Delineation, and Enforcement

Someone told me that Bar Disciplinary Actions, particularly those dealing with UPL (The Unlicensed Practice of Law), are based on the "Rule of Men (and Women)" and not the "Rule of Law". Is this true? more
Career Development


Why should I hire you? How can I improve my odds in a job search?

Career Development


Why should I hire you? How can I improve my odds in a job search?

Your resume should state how you can be of value to the potential employer. Find a need and fill it. Employers have a need, and you must address this want, or the employer will read on to the... more
Career Development


Why should I hire you?  How can I improve my odds in a job search?

Find a need and fill it. Your resume has 15 seconds to achieve or fulfill this step. Employers have a need, and you must address this want on your resume, or the employer will read on to... more
Career Development


What is the most difficult interview question?

Career Development


What is the different between career planning and career development?

Career Development


Career Development

Why should you be confident and courageous yet respectful in your job interview?
Career Development


How do I handle a gap in employment on my resume?


Need help deciding where to go to college!

I know I should look at academics, financial aid, etc., but besides that what is important in your opinion?I'm deciding between a small liberal arts school in Massachusetts and UCLA.
Career Development


How important is identity in race, sexual orientation, gender and language to an individual

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What is the most appealing thing about pursuing a dance career?

Career Development


How do you tie tutoring to your career?

This is a great question because it allows the reader to understand my passion for remediation. I work for a Juvenile Detention Center. This means a majority of my students are in need of... more


Career Development

What are the top career development tools needed in 2021 to enhance your career?
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Why Is Being Trained in Human Behavior as A Coach Relevant to Helping A Student Get an A On A Paper?

Sometimes tutoring isn't enough. Sometimes the issues with the classwork are not the technical skills of the subject, but rather a lack of motivation skills.
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How do I get started as an actress?

I really want to start trying to become an actress once I graduate High School, and I'm only 4 years away from graduation. If anyone knows, I'd like you to tell me how you can get started in the... more
Career Development


How does the STRONG Interest Inventory help your career plan?

Career coaches, trained in the STRONG find several in-depth 'snapshots' of your personality that help focus your career plan.
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Creative Essay Title

What's a creative essay title for an essay on my career goals for Nursing?
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How to prepare for a ZOOM interview in 2020?

What is the best way to prepare for the tough interview questions you may be asked in a ZOOM interview?

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