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Career Development


How does the STRONG Interest Inventory help your career plan?

Career coaches, trained in the STRONG find several in-depth 'snapshots' of your personality that help focus your career plan.
Career Development English Writing


Creative Essay Title

What's a creative essay title for an essay on my career goals for Nursing?
Career Development Career Transition Career Planning


How to prepare for a ZOOM interview in 2020?

What is the best way to prepare for the tough interview questions you may be asked in a ZOOM interview?
Career Development


How do I make a good first impression on a VIRTUAL job interview?

Career Development


Should my resume be one page long?

Some research says yes, some says no. What's the best advice on how long my resume should be?
Career Development Speech


What is an elevator pitch?

This is about presenting yourself.
Career Development Interviews


When an employer says "Tell us about yourself." What are they not asking about?

What are appropriate things to talk about in an interview.
Career Development Help Employment Agency


What are the potential employers of a surgeon?

Career Development Computer History


How can I make a successful career change, start, or transformation during these challenging times?

I'm asking this question to showcase what many are feeling at this time. The times are challenging but I have successfully managed career change over the last 30yrs. I can help and feel for you... more
Career Development


Differentiate among the various approaches to career development assessment.

Career Development Computer Science


What kind of Career should I pursue in technology?

There are so many categories of technology work how do I choose what is the best fit for me.
Career Development


about my career

Hi, I am Ahamed Mubin. I have M.Tech Structural Engineering and I am now working as a Job Performer Civil in an Oil and Gas Company. Is this a good platform for me or I have to change my career path
Career Development


Should i do the career my mothers feels is best (vet nursing) ?

Basically I cant choose a career ,so I ask my mother and she told me to be a vet nurse.I am creative and prefer to work on projects individually and have the flexibility of where I work so I don’t... more
Career Development


how to add "pot grower" to resume?

What's the best way to add "marijuana grower" to my work experience on my resume? I've worked on a farm for the last year or so. There will be a pretty big gap if I just leave it out all together... more
Career Development


when a labor union and an employer cannot agree on the terms of contracts what often hsppens

Career Development


What is the answer

Jessa, tommy,and Gina are going hiking. What fraction of a gallon of water will each person get if they share one-half gall on equally
Career Development


What is the answer to this problem

Four-fifths of the swim team at kennedy high is girls . One-third of the girls are freshman . What fraction of the swim team are freshman girls ?
Career Development Job Help


What's the best job for someone like me?

Hi, so I have a bit of any issue.... I've always seemed to have a knack for the entertainment industry, whether it's animation, video editing, game coding, story writing, you name it, I've likely... more
Career Development


How can I develop my leadership skills?

Career Development College University


College Major Crisis

I am a freshman in college completely lost in what I am going to study/major in. My test results point to INFP, and I got a list of careers that were pretty creative and enticing. However, I am at... more
Career Development


Resume for an interview

I’ve never personally had a job a paying job before, all the “jobs” that I took while in high school were volunteer service or unpaid interning type of experiences. So the point I’m trying to get... more
Career Development


What career path should I take?

I really like to create things, but im not sure how I can use that to find a career. I would really like some suggestions on what to do and how to get said job.
Career Development Employment Job Search


How to do I make a great 1st Impression during an Interview?

Career Development Certificates And Documentations


What is the difference between these two and..

what is the difference between certificate of attendance and certificate of training.. and why do they say that certificate of training is better than and more acceptable than the other?
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