Asked • 08/15/19

What is a "visual library" and how to work on it?

Reading through concept art forums, Ive met an opinion, that one of the most important things for a concept artist is to have a vast visual library. Out of the context of that opinion I take that this is about a "library" in your head, not on your hard drive.I would like to know what is a visual library, why is it so important and how to work on it.

Jonathan G.

A visual library starts for all of us at a very early age. Consciously or not we begin to accumulate "visual information" that is stored in our memory and collectively becomes a 'library" over time. This attribute has both a positive and negative effect. For drawing and painting purposes it can be for some a fairly accurate mental picture to be called upon as needed. The down side - and my main point here is that it can "generacise" objects / subjects we often see. A tree is a tree is a tree if you will, when in fact while things can be similar that does not make them the same. I have seen students actually draw from their minds eye (Visual library) while actually observing their subject in person. I hope I have offered a meaningful point of view here. If you seek drawing skills I beleive I can help.


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