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study advice pls

hi, i am struggling so much in school. i procrastinate a lot. i hate studying. and i have done my research on how to stop procrastinating. goal setting, calendar, breaks, do the hard stuff first,... more


Which Study Strategy is the Most Effective?

Which study strategy from the list below is research-based to be the most effective for long-term memory? Rereading Notes or textbook Do practice problems Flashcards Rewrite Notes Study with a... more


Do you think other students understand all the time?

Most of the time you are not alone in having a hard time in school.


What is the best way to prepare for a test

Preparing for a test in an organized fashion can make all the difference in the outcome.


As a basketball trainer how do you select the right drills for your athletes?

Getting the drills to translate into real game situations.


Are there any SAT study groups here on WyzAnt?


How do you develop and where do you get information from?

I try to develop in my profession, but there is a problem with where to get information. Something interesting, I bookmark, but I do not always go back there and there is no synchronization and... more


What are some key characteristics of executive functioning?

Executive functioning skills are the "how to" to school and ultimately life. There are some some key characteristics that are behind solid executive functioning.


Do you give homework!?

so for SAT math do you ever give the child homework so they can get better at the concepts?


x+y=7 y+z=9 z+t=13 what is the value of x+t?

X+Y=7Y+Z=9Z+T=13What is the value of X+T?Please show and explain your answers. This question is from the Clep study guide.


How can I feel motivated to study for tests?

Tests can be daunting and studying can be tedious, but how can I feel determined to make the time to study for a test when I have other things I want to do?


Gace Program Admissions

What are the best study materials for the Gace Program Admissions Math & Reading portion ??? PLEASE HELP !


How did the Spanish language develop?


How did coins get their names?


What's a food named after a person?


What foods are named after places?


What are the similarities between education and schooling?

Please give a couple similarities and examples


What is a person who explores people life and customs of ancient times

I have been looking for this question all day and still can't find it


How can I prepare for civil services exam?

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