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Does literary theory have a technical term for a writer publishing the first version of one of their works in a foreign language?

Does literary theory know a **technical term** for the following:> An accomplished writer intentionally publishes the first version of one of their texts *in a language which they neither know... more
Terminology English Poetry


What is the distinction between Imagism and Symbolism as poetic movements?

I have recently been reading about symbolism and imagism and they seem to me to be connected in that they were in some ways the opposite of each other, one being the movement to add greater... more
Terminology Drawing Painting Education


What is a "visual library" and how to work on it?

Reading through concept art forums, Ive met an opinion, that one of the most important things for a concept artist is to have a vast visual library. Out of the context of that opinion I take that... more
Terminology Drawing


How can I define the three axes and their purpose in an isometric projection?

I want to give definition to the x, y and z axes in terms of projection. Everywhere around the web, I see complicated definitions. Some use world coordinate space and some say they represent the... more


The name of this grammar structure?

> It is a serious, ***and sometimes fatal***, disease that may become epidemic in crowded, unsanitary living conditions.I'm trying to find the name of grammar structure (a very technological... more
Terminology Grammar


What is the opposite of the perfect aspect?

Most tenses exist in a perfect and non-perfect form, e.g. present vs. present perfect and past continuous vs. past perfect continuous. What is the group of tenses that are not perfect called?
Terminology Grammar Nouns Modifiers


In structures such as 'football manager', is 'football' a modifier or a complement of the head noun?

I thought I'd post this as it illustrates a problem often encountered on ELU.> In structures such as 'football manager', is 'football' a modifier or> a complement of the head noun?I've seen... more

We can see the shrine "become/becomes" big?

I'm correcting some writing and the student wrote, > We can see the shrine **become** big, little by little, from the ferry.As far as I'm concerned, it's grammatically okay, but I'm having... more
Terminology Physics Work Forces


Work done by the Magnetic Force?

The magnetic part of the Lorentz force acts perpendicular to the charge's velocity, and consequently does zero work on it. Can we extrapolate this statement to say that such a nature of the force... more


How do these differ: Politics vs Political Science vs Political Philosophy vs Political Theory?

I've Googled several sources that compare two of these, but none that contrast all four:1. This [Reddit... more


When does thousand turn into thousands?

My boyfriend and I are arguing whether *thousands of miles* means 1000+ or 2000+ miles. The first argument is that 1000+ is over 1000 and therefore 'thousands of miles' by rounding up. The other... more
Terminology Vocabulary


What is the word that describes someone as person who's easily forgotten by other people.

I wanted to know that one word or term for a person who's easily forgotten by other people over time.


What is the difference between negative rights and positive rights?

What's the difference between negative rights and positive rights? Can negative rights co-exist? Can positive rights co-exist? Can negative rights co-exist with positive rights?


Impression and pseudomorphism in fossils?

In a book on invertebrate paleontology I have (Treatise on Invertebrate Palaeontology, A) there is a diagram showing possible fates of a shell after the death of the organism. One of the possible... more
Terminology Film Anime Cinema History


What characteristics tie anime styles together?

Anime seems to be a broad subject, but it also tends to be fairly easy to identify something as anime, even if it is dubbed very well. The only exception that I can personally think of where it's... more
Terminology Biology Meiosis Mitosis


Are there verbs for "undergo mitosis" and "undergo meiosis"?

From my experience on SE sites, I believe this is the right site to ask this question under "terminology".I've been trying to find out whether English has one-word verbs for "undergo mitosis" and... more
Terminology Film Pilot


Why is the first episode of a TV show called 'Pilot'?

What is the meaning of the word 'Pilot', as used for the first episode of a TV-show, implied here? Does it have anything to do with a smooth take-off?
Terminology Film


What is it called when a movie breaks the illusion of fantasy?

What is it called when a movie breaks the illusion of fantasy? For example, a character talks to the camera or otherwise breaks character so the movie violates the illusion of the fiction.
Terminology Film


Is there a term to describe this plot characteristic?

I've watched shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob, etc. wherein each episode feels somewhat disconnected. In shows like Arrow, The Flash, and others, each episode builds up to a series... more


What is a "show" in petroleum geology?

Is a *show* when naturally ocurring oil seeps out of a fracture on the surface? Or is it when engineers fracture rocks in order to extract oil?


How is 'flash fiction' a distinctive genre?

***Flash Fiction*** is an umbrella term used to describe any fictional work of extreme brevity, including the *Six-Word Story*, *140-character stories* (also known as 'twitterature'), *the dribble*... more


What is the difference between a protein and a factor?

In terms of nomenclature/semantics, why are some proteins named proteins, and some named factors?I've been revising on eukaryotic DNA, and I've come across some proteins that seem to serve roughly... more
Terminology Composition Jazz Theory


What is the Lydian Chromatic Concept?

I've recently found out about George Russell's book the _Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization_ and I've been curious about exactly what the Lydian Chromatic Concept is and how it can be... more
Terminology Film Editing


What is it called when sound from next scene begins before the current scene is over?

Sometimes, in films the sound for the next scene will begin while the current scene is still playing.For example, in Episode 3 of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, Arya is washing a corpse for the first... more
Terminology Film


Is there a term for a character only there to die?

In some movies, you can tell when a character is there only to make a dramatic moment when he/she dies.Is there a term for a character written specifically to die for dramatic purpose?

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