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What Is A Word For The Outer Ring Of A Lake That Is Drying Up?

Once water levels drop in a lake or pond, there is a ring of exposed mud, or rock, almost like a beach surface that appears. What is the name of this?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. How does this work?

Radioactive rocks can release a gas called radon when they decay, which can build up in the basements of buildings with serious effects on people's health. Does anybody have information on how... more

what is a transverse isotropic rock?

I know isotropic means equal properties in all directions , but the term "transverse" is not making it easy for me to understand.

What is the difference between subvolcanic rocks and plutonic rocks?

I'm studying Plutonic (Intrusive) rocks and i really dont understand the difference between PLutonic Rocks that form in Sills and Dikes from the so called subvolcanic rocks, also known as a... more


When metamorphic rocks undergo pressure, how are they changed?

When metamorphic rocks undergo pressure they are changed, but how are they changed? Do they become fragments of rocks? Doesn't that mean that the difference between sedimentary rocks and... more
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How long does it take for a stone to decompose?

We see stones and they appear to be the same throughout our life time. Mountains also appear to not significantly change. So do mountains and stones decompose? What is the life span of a stone?... more


Can rocks have pressure signatures?

Since rocks can have magnetic signatures, as is the case with paleomagnetism, can they store past pressures also? For example, when researchers are trying to determine past ocean levels, they... more


Why are most minerals so rare?

There are 4,660 known minerals, so why are most of them so rare? Is it to do with the structure of minerals?


Making a local geological field trip an interesting and educational event for children?

I have no expertise in geology or earth science, but I would like to do a "field trip" with my home-schooled young children (under age 10) where I could teach them about geology from a hands-on... more


Recreating the rock cycle?

I want to recreate the rock cycle using some item that can behave as a rock. The purpose of this is to get a point across to my students about how really there is a reason why the rock cycle is... more

What is the earth made up of?

What was the first rock in the rock cycle?

I am an undergraduate student but I am a tutor at a High School, and one student asked me. Attempting to explain the rock cycle "if one rock turns into the other then which came first" my gut is... more


How can a non-geologist identify a rock?

I found a rock on a beach in north-east Evia, Greece. Half is light gray, and half is dark gray. There are white (or very light gray) thin lines that form swirls throughout, crossing the light/dark... more

How to learn the different types of rock?

I would like to be able to point to a piece of rock and say that is rock type *such and such*. I have tried learning but it literally seems like an endless list of types and sub types and the... more

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