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Special Needs


need to know what b is

∠A and ∠B are complementary angles. If m∠A=(2x+18)∘ and m∠B=(6x+8)∘, then find the measure of ∠B.

How can I best help my Special Needs student while homeschooling this year?

Need help developing routines, schedule, and curriculum for my special education student who is homeschooling this year due to COVID-19
Special Needs Education


Special Education

If you (as a teacher) assign group projects to your students about researching your town's history (interviewing, research paper, etc.), and in one of those groups, there is a student who has a... more
Special Needs Education


Special Education

If you are a special education teacher and a parent guardian arrives at an ARD meeting with an uninvited guest. What is the next best step to take?
Special Needs Reading


What are your qualifications?

Brief Bio:I believe in a proactive approach to educating children. I am a firm and respectful teacher, but I can be flexible as I understand the needs of individual students may affect their... more
Special Needs


Jason has slept 5,040 minutes this week. Tonya has slept 4,670 minutes this week. How many times as great as the value of 4 in 4,670 is the value of 4 in 5,040?

Jason has slept 5,040 minutes this week. Tonya has slept 4,670 minutes this week. How many times as great as the value of 4 in 4,670 is the value of 4 in 5,040?
Special Needs


How many times as great as the value of 3 in 4,310 is the value of 3 in 3,297?

How many times as great as the value of 3 in 4,310 is the value of 3 in 3,297?
Special Needs


Early Childhood Special Needs

How can a play activity or everyday routine be turned into a specially designed learning opportunity for a preschooler with disabilities?
Special Needs Reading Elementary Math


How do I get my ADHD child to attend to online teaching/school?

With online schooling today, many ADHD and other needs kids are being left behind because the format is even less individualized than school! What to do??


What EXACT materials can I use to teach my early reader at home?

These materials are designed for early readers up to “chapter book readers.” Because students learn to read on different timelines, please avoid using grades or age levels as ways to identify the... more
Special Needs


Bloom's Taxonomy Example

I need an example of a Bloom's Taxonomy, (it can be made up) however, it needs to include a question and a response for all the categories (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis,... more


How can I help a struggling early reader at HOME?

Parents and caregivers, if you are reading this message you have reached desperation when it comes to supporting your Struggling Reader. It will be okay, I promise!I am a special educator, trained... more
Special Needs History Braille


The Braille System

How was the braille system for blind individuals invented?
Special Needs Art Elementary (k 6th)


What kind of assessment do educators do before before beginning private tutoring of a student?

Various ages, abilities and disabilities and subject matter call for flexibility in tutoring, what are some tools a tutor might use to make an effective assessment and know they are going to work... more
Special Needs Math Reading


If I have an A in my class and I get a 70 on and projects that's worth 100 points what will me grade be

what will me grade be? bc idk if it will affected
Special Needs Aba


What is the difference between tact and indemnify in ABA therapy?

Special Needs Elementary Math


Finding the median,Q1,Q2,and the IQR for each data set.

(6,12,8,15,9,7)That's question 1I need help with the answerMedianQ1Q3IQR
Special Needs Add/adhd Dyslexia


Why is ONLINE tutoring especially great for SPED learners?

Special Needs Reading Writing


Why is Learning Phonics Important?

Phonics is one of the stepping stones for students of all ages and levels to improve their reading comprehension. It's also a great aid in spelling.


What is an ARD?

A special meeting used in public schools that is conducted annually to evaluate and plan for an educational program for all students with certain deficits.
Special Needs Phonics Reading


What is an onomatopoeia?

Knowledge of onomatopoeia is for reading, phonics, writing, letter recognition.
Special Needs English Reading


What things should I look for in choosing a tutor for my son?

Sometimes a parent has a hard time in choosing the right tutor for their child from a list of possibilities. There are several qualities I believe should be taken in consideration.
Special Needs English Reading


Why is "color coding" useful when working with students with disabilities?

Color coding, specifically tutor outlining self-drawn boxes on a piece of paper, helps both the teacher and the student organize information according to the beginning, middle and end of an... more


I really don't get the terminology used on our kids these days. Terms like "slow" and low-functioning are so are so dinosaur age.

I heard the terms slow and low-functioning so much it makes me sick. I teach kids that have learning differences. .Despite being behind and to others low functioning, these children are bright and... more
Special Needs


Working with special needs?

My 17-year-old has a few learning disabilities that hold him back in learning. He has auditory processing disorder and dysgraphia. What that means is that moving things from short term memory to... more

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